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Always feeling dizzy, wobbly and lightheaded


I am worrying about this now. I'm feeling so wobbly, dizzy and lightheaded. I don't know if it's the cold weather, anxiety or something worse! On Saturday night (early Sunday morning) I had to deal with my Aunt and her friend who got so drunk they couldn't walk or talk, in fact being in the back of a car with them did my head in. Ever since then I've been feeling this way, I stand up and go dizzy. I feel sort off off balance walking but no one can tell this when I ask them to look at me. I am going mad ?

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Not at all.

I get similar if I 'tweak' the muscles in the back of my neck or I get my neck very cold.

I got whiplash some years ago which started it all off.

It's strange, if I'm outside in the cold it gets worse but in doors and warm I'm fine. I am off to London on Friday for a weekend but don't want to feel this way then.


Hi Cardiff girl

you may have an inner ear infection similar to vertigo or as Bramwell says you may have tweaked a muscle in your neck.

I've got a appoiment to see my doctor but not till the 20th. I will wait and see what happens till then. I shouldn't panic but I do

Hello :-)

I too get this, don't worry too much but getting it checked would be the best, I had this for 7months, checked with gp he said all is fine, the more I worried the worse it got, I still have it now but try and react a bit different instead of freaking out xxxx

Any advice and tips on how to deal with this ? Had it for a year before and now 4 months now, feel wobbly walking about, feel crap when using the PC and phone

You are not on your own. Mine started after a vertigo attack in September, till now I still get off balance dizziness, lightheadedness, but not as bad as when it started.

Today it feels worse. I am really having trouble with dizzness and feeling lightheaded. Told my Mum who said ' I feel the same it could be the flu'. I am off to London in 2 days and don't want to feel this way then


Hello Cardiffgirl, I had this feeling of feeling wobbly, and being off balance when walking, and it was especially bad if I looked at the ground or at the horizon while walking. I also had the feeling of having a permanent hangover, despite not drinking any alcohol. It started quite suddenly and lasted for months. It was awful. One doctor said it was an inner ear infection, while the other doctor said it was stress. I'm still not sure which it was.

Acraig in reply to Hidden

Your symptoms are the exact same as mine any advice on how to deal with it ? I'm really struggling

HVM98 in reply to Acraig

Hi Acraig, do you still have this feeling? I'm going through something similar and it's horrible. Hope you are now feeling better.


Look into Vitamin D Deficiency

About four years ago I was rear-ended in a car from behind and I never went to hospital but went on my neck stuff started I was told as well that it could be Whiplash from years ago just catching up and not doing anything about it

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