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Another day, feeling okay

Made it to work today. The journey was pretty much uneventful as was most of the morning. Made it through a team meeting. Felt a little odd at times, palms a bit sweaty but still made it!

Started feeling a little off balance and dizzy around lunchtime so took a travel sickness pill. Bad bad bad move. It must have reacted with the tablets i've just started taking and made it ten times worse and made me feel rather ill, off balance and not at all with it. Managed my way through another meeting and then had to come home at 3pm.

Still, thats 6.5 hours in the office which is good and i'm proud of that.

Man rang about counselling when i got home and am now waiting for a letter, which will take a couple of weeks to come though.

Needed to take some boots back to a store in the shopping centre this evening so made my other half come with me. Very quiet in there so parked near the door went in, took them back and felt surprisingly okay so made it into another shop before coming back. On the way there i wasn't sure i was going to be able to do it, my tummy started warning me, but i tried my best to let it just wash over me and it worked! We were only in there about 15 mins but every trip like this is a step in the right direction.

So two reasons to be proud today, work and making it to the shops.

Hope you all have had a good day :)

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hi daisy, give yourself a big pat on the back, thats some achievement. when yo feel a anxious tap the middle of your chest just on the breastbone, that always helps me to calm down, it gives me something to focus on. hope you continue to move forward.xxx

stay positive.


Hi Daisy

I m very happy for you ;-) It s sounds like u getting back on truck...well done!!I know it s not easy but you are doing it!!!great!!;-)


Well done you. What a great achievement. Stay calm and take lots of deep breaths. I have been off Cipralex for 9 months now, and have had a very rough time. I just kept on going and only took it day by day. I am still getting used to the effects of not being on them, but it is getting better every day. So to all of you who want to try to come off the tablets, there is a life after stoping taking them.


WELL DONE a big step forward keep it up and good luck x


Hi and well done, those 'little' steps are what gets us through.


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