My anxiety is back again, just when I was feeling more upbeat. Help! 😢

Just when I thought I was feeling more upbeat, BAM! my GAD is back with full force

I've been on anti ds for 12yrs and have had counselling, CBT, been to group meetings. You name it I've tried it. I bought the Claire Weekes book, after recommendations on here, which was a fab read.

I was just starting to get my thoughts n feelings a little more under control, then yesterday it was back. I haven't been able to control my thoughts and it's scary. I get anxious about being anxious and am scared about what tomorrow holds.

Has anyone got any suggestions about what to do or try to get in control.

Have thought about burning oils to calm myself

I'm dreading work tomorrow, but WILL NOT call I sick as I will not give in. I also have two children who rely on me 24hrs a day

Any advice or comments will be gratefully received 🌸🌸


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  • I know what you mean. But unfortunately with anxiety it does take your mood on a rollercoaster. What I would recommend that works for me is try and think of why last week you felt better and now you don't. I tend to write the positives down as this helps me remember the postives.

    Do you have anything you use as a relaxation technique? I know these vary for different people, I personally use a bit of meditation when I'm having a particularly bad moment.

  • Thank you libertyb, I've thought about meditation, is this something I would have to do on a daily basis even when I feel ok

    I've been chatting with another lady on here who has recommended incense and also affirmations. I don't tend to have daily rituals, but I'm now thinking it is something that I must do 🌸

  • You don't have to do it everyday but taking 10 minutes a day to relax and switch your brain off won't harm anyone. I use an app called insight timer and there's loads of guided courses on there for free. It takes some time to get used to them but I find it so beneficial.

    I've heard about insenses too but it's all down to personal preference. I've always find they give me a bit of a headache.

  • Hi hun.i don't like it when anxiety raises it's ugly head either I can be great for weeks or even months then wham "here we go again" I get scary thoughts and physical symptoms im scared all the time my Dr has told me he thinks I've been on my anti d's that long (16 years) they stopped working so he said if I have another bad episode he's changing my meds to something else maybe you need to have a change have a chat with your Dr see what he suggests here if you need a chat

    Love NAT😀

  • Thank you that sounds like a good idea. I've been on them for a long time to.

    It's just scary n I can honestly say that I hate it, I hate feeling this way 🌸

  • It is scary and I don't think we should have to feel like that all the time I know it's anxiety but it's absolutely awfull when it comes around

  • Begentle51, you've read the Claire Weekes book, maybe now is the perfect opportunity to put it into practice. After all, you can't practice acceptance if you're feeling fine. So remember the imperitives: Face, Accept, Float and Let time pass. That isn't what you wanted to hear I know, you want an immediate solution to help you float through work tomorrow.

    You may well know the breathing technique to release natural tranquillising hormones: Breathe in, hold it 4 seconds, breathe out slowly, repeat.

    Also green tea contains the antidote to the stress hormone cortisol, try two teabags in hot water in a mug.

    Don't be anxious about getting through tomorrow, you know how to do your job, you can do it even with any bad feelings, you'll be fine believe me. Because you're experiencing anxiety you're exaggerating tenfold how bad it will be without realising it. We are all willing you extra stregth for tomorrow!

  • Thank you so much Jeff, you always know the right thing to say

    I was thinking I might read the book again. I marked a lot of pages when reading it so might go back through those

    I'm not in work today as my little one is poorly, so am going to take the opportunity to recuperate n rest my brain. I'll still do normal things though, like the washing and ironing

    It's all just so scary and when it takes control I can't stop it 🌸

  • Yes Anxiety can come back with a bang and catch you off guard I find accepting it and allowing myself some time to relax helps. I've been using aromatherapy oils in bath and in massage oil find it very beneficial. Also Epsom salts in bath. X

  • Thank you Nicki

    I'm going to spend half an hour this evening relaxing n listening to some meditation🌸

  • I suggested Clair Weeks book. The first rule of her book is.....UTTER Acceptance!

    Try that for now.

    Then hit your favorite music, and do something for someone less fortunate than you are.

  • I was not the one who suggested Clair Weeks, it was Jeff. Sorry

  • PS how'd it go at work yesterday?

  • Work was awful, spent the whole day feeling settled one minute, then panicking the next. It was like switching a light switch on n off all day. It's exhausting and scary. I just feel that I might lose control of it 🌸

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