Heart feeling weird

Hello, Last few days I have been dealig with some kind of flutterig in chest as if my heart does a hard beat or flutters. It is like it pushes my wind pipe. I also feel "popping" in my throat from time to time. I had some ecgs and an xray, as well as blood tests. They are all fine, but I never had anything like this while they were done. I had a few good days and it happened all of a sudden last night. And again and again, usually at night. Has anyone else had the same thing?


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  • Hello

    I have had the same thing & as well as it can be palpitations which all can be different in how they feel due to anxiety I have also found that sometimes it is indigestion that gives me those sensations

    Try not to focus to much on them & they will fade & be reassured you have been checked out & everything came back fine :-) x

  • Yes, but there are still more tests that can be done.. I am only 20, and these episodes sometimes come all of a sudden and sometimes i think I make it happen because I think about it. It really scares me that I cannot live normally...

  • Hello

    You are so young the chances that anything would be wrong are very slim indeed sounds like you have Health anxiety though

    If the Doctors are happy with the results & feel no more needs to be done you have to try & put your faith in them as they are the professionals

    What could be more help if you have not already is speaking to your Doctor telling them how you feel & some Counselling could really benefit you :-) x

  • I hate when I get these! You might notice your breathing is off when they happen or I know i get them when I lay down. They're palpations and I get the ones exactly like you described. I think it's all the adrenaline in our systems

  • Iv`e had these sensations on & off since my teens. Iv`e had all the tests, & nothing showed up, but this condition can be so annoying at times. I wish that i didn`t have it.

  • Hey, I have had these on and off for 15 years! And last years I had the full works, 48 hour tape, ECG's and an Echo. Everything came back fine. These things are called ectopic beats, something like 95% of the population gets them, but it's us unlucky souls that feel them! They feel horrible but they are completely normal. They get worse with anxiety, so believe it or not I just had one whilst I was reading your post because I was thinking about it! Try to forget about it, and believe me, I know it's easier said than done. If you concentrate to hard on it you will have more. Try some breathing techniques, they really do help

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