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Weird head eye sensations



I have been feeling very strange the past couple of weeks! I get weird sensation through my head and my neck really tightens up that it affects my face and my eyes. My eyes go all weird and I get dizzy and lightheaded. It only last a little while but it comes and goes. Sometimes I have good days and the next it’s all back again. I have been having anxiety for a while but these feel like new symptoms that I haven’t really had before. Does anyone else get any of this?

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Hi Lisasums, This symptom is actually one of the last symptoms to have gone away.

I carry all my tension in my upper shoulders and neck. Those are the muscles that

work the hardest in offering us balance. The tightened muscles in the face react to

how we hold our anxiety. The eyes are affected as well because the muscles in the

eyes tighten. Even the ear canals have muscles that squeeze down which can cause

dizziness. (I had this last night) Finding different tools that may work for you are the

answer in keeping the muscles less tense. As for the eyes, looking away from the phone

or screen can offer some comfort in stretching the muscles in the eyes that make it

feel so weird. They get overworked just as the face does. As we understand more about

the functions of the body, it gets less frightening when it does happen and it can be more

short lived. Taking out some "me time" for yourself each day can help. xx

JAYnLA in reply to Agora1

I get several of these symptoms Agora, and your post gave me more info than I had previously about it. Thank you!

Lisasums in reply to Agora1

Thankyou so much! It’s so weird and extremely scary when the symptoms come on. This has helped!

Hi , I get the same thing matter of fact now I get the dizziness with the tight neck and shoulder muscles with sometime forehead as well . I think the tightness gives us the dizziness . I even get pain in my scalp . We will be ok

Agora1 in reply to Dee075

It is the tightness Dee that makes us feel dizzyheaded. I have it today including

the canals of my ears squeezing tight which causes some off balance. Heat and

meditation has helped me. xx

Dee075 in reply to Agora1

Thank you I’ll try heat and I’m about to try to relax

Lisasums in reply to Dee075

We definitely will be alright!! 👍

Thankyou for responding.

Hi I’m new here!

I also get all of these symptoms including my ears, where they feel full/I need to pop them.

But my symptoms seem to come on or get worse when I’m anywhere bright and busy or driving at night... strange I know!!

I do suffer with anxiety but I really struggle to think that everything I’m getting is caused by anxiety when I don’t even feel anxious :(

When will it actually stop? I try my best to ignore it and carry on but 9/10 I have to stop what ever I’m doing and go home xx

yep, I get them too..

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