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Feeling weird inside

Hi I'm feeling shaky inside, and getting horrible thoughts that I'm gonna stop breathing I'm trying to keep busy, I've been brilliant for a few weeks but had an argument with my partner daughters mum last night and she's really got under my skin, I know I should let it go over my shoulder but I can't, and I'm so tired and can't relaxed any got any advice x

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Hi Claire. Reading your post reminds me so much of how I react to arguments. They make me feel horrible. I get anxious and the argument goes round and round in my head. The other person has stopped thinking about it,but I'm still fretting! I'm sorry that you have to put up with your partners daughters mum(been there done that) Hope you start feeling better about it soon xx

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Thanks Sam, she's a horrible thing one of the lasses who thinks its somat but not


Hi Claire. I know the feeling. Arguments are a trigger for my anxiety as well, they take so much emotional energy.

I try and go on walks to clear my head. Sometimes it's hard to let go, but we can not hold on to things. Meditation is helpful as well as it is useful to just let the thoughts pass. I hope you find something that works for you. Hope you are able to relax soon.


If only I could go out for a walk I find it hard to leave my house.even when I'm feeling good I don't really go out. I know it's all in r minds but it's hard to turn it off. I was on meds but come off email as I felt spaced out all time and didn't like it I was on email from August last year till a month ago. But my doctor doesn't know I'm goin no to see her and ask her for some different meds xxx


Hi Claire, I know what do you mean, sometimes I get angry and frustrated for an event and even if I am trying to get off for it , well is not easy actually because I became more sensitive to events and changes.My method is to try to change my thought to something pleasurable, like going out and buying a piece of cheesecake,just an example, or going to have a chat with your neighbor...something you really like to do even having a relaxing bath or listening your favourite music...keep try


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