Feeling a little weird on propanalol

My psychiatrist prescribed propanalol to me for my anxiety symptoms. I used to take it for a bit then stopped. I started again yesterday. I feel weird. It's probably cause I'm used to my body feeling all worked up. It feels like I take few breathe per minute and like my heart will just get too slow. I'm taking up to 30 mg per day.


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  • Hi. Well that medication is designed to slow your heart. If you feel really worried by it then talk with your doctor and see what can be done.

  • It's only been 2 days. If it continues for a week then I will. I took my pulse and it's 60

  • 60 is within the normal level for people who are not very young or very old - 60-90 is the average.

  • You are exactly the same pulse as me. I'm 60bpm and taking propranolol. I'm on 30mg a day allowed to take 60 if I feel the need. I've only taken double dose 3 times so far. I've been taking this since last Thursday night so 7 full days and 2 doses x

  • Hi Katie: What you are on is a beta blocker used for heart related issues as well as

    anxiety. It is not meant to go "off and on". Maybe that's why you feel weird. Talk

    to your doctor about dosage although it is too soon especially since you didn't take it regularly. It interesting in how we don't like the panic feeling and yet don't like the feeling that we are too calm. At one time, I was on it. Good Luck

  • You can take propanalol as and when you need it.ive been taking it on and off for 7 years.people even use it for fear of flying or work presentations! I definitely recommend it.ive not had a full blown panic attack since I was prescribed them!

  • I didn't know that jojo. Thanks for letting me know that.

  • Hi again jojo. I'm glad that taking the propranolol on and off works for you and I would assume because you use it like you say for flying or speaking.

    I would think that when you have generalized anxiety on a daily basis, the doctor would want you to take it regularly to control the adrenaline rush.

    The best thing is just go by what you doctor directs. We are all different.

  • Hi there! Propanalol works by slowing the heart...it works just about instantly.i started off with 40 dose .3 times a day.i now take a 10mg tablet.usually in the morning.and then another if I start to feel anxiety building up.ive lived with anxiety and panic attacks formany years.ive tried all the usual anti depressants and they have made me 100 times worse.WHat people don't understand is the physical pains.it causes me pelvic pain.back pain .muscle aches etc. That's apart from all the other symptoms.i have felt that bad I've had weeks and weeks off work.i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy x

  • I've suffered with anxiety.panic. And all the trappings that come with it for 20 years plus.....

    Foggy brain.shaking fits.trouble swallowing.chest pain.weak muscles with pain.headaches(like all the energys been zapped away) Stomach and indigestion probs,dizzy.nausea,palpitations.sweating,uncontrollable shaking fits.back pain.fatigue.itching.........and I'm still here despite googling and reading every medical book on sale! My remedy is propanalol when needed and the love of a good family.The good days far outweigh the bad as I've got older but I sympathise with all you fellow sufferers.

    Keep strong 😀

  • Thank you for all this feedback ! I took 10 mg today. I try to keep it to a minimum. It causes me to get really sleepy . I probably just need to get used to it again. Ah at least there is something that helps. It is such a low dosage that I'm not all worried about side effects.

  • I think getting used to it may be the key. When I was first put on propranolol I was a wreck even physically I probably looked like I belonged locked up sitting in the drs waiting room. I was exhausted before taking it so figured I'd not notice that side effect if I got it. I was so tired I just couldn't do anything. I have taken between 2 and 4 10mg each day. Most days are 3 but occassionally I have skipped the middle of the day dose (maybe 3or 4 times) and 3 times I have double dosed once a day. The last few days I haven't been as tired at all. Everything is still a massive effort but I'm not ready to fall asleep each time I sit down x

  • Propanalol was the only thing that worked for me and I've tried everything! I don't go anywhere without it.as soon as my heart starts racing I take one and it goes almost instantly .everyones different and it's a case of finding the right dose/method for you! It's Defo worth asking your doc about if anyone's run out of other options .its enabled me to get back to work and live a normal life.....ish .happy Monday😊😊

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