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Weird heart feeling

I feel like there is this cold feeling in my heart. I can't feel my heart beating but I feel this weird cold watery feeling when I breathe in. And when I drink water I feel it in my chest. It comes and goes but it's here a lot these days. And it's terrifying. I'm also heartbroken because of my life issues. Idk how to deal with this symptom. I can't think it away or keep calm anymore.

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Hi .. I think you should talk to your primary dr about it , to rule out any ACTUAL medical issue. I don't want to worry you , because I , too , have health anxiety , but it's best to check on certain things. Not every little thing , but looking at what you wrote I'd check , ask questions . Then if he/she says you're fine , you could say it's anxiety & find ways to relieve yourself from something annoying as that. That way you could calm yourself .


I have this feeling sometimes too. Watery like you say. I also get a thing where my heart seems to judder instead of beating, have it right now in fact which is why I'm on here! I got checked out years ago and they found nothing. Get your doc to check you and set your mind at rest.

Good luck and I know just what it's like to sit there worrying. Horrible and frightening.


When I feel panicky I feel like my chest and heart is itchy and tingly. You get some weird weird symptoms because of anxiety and they are so scary. I'm so frustrated as I am only 18 and my arm goes dead w lot I always think of th worst such as a heart attack. My anxiety has started right now at this time in the morning hence the fact I'm on here. I would try not to worry as it makes you 100x worse. It's so hard not to worry I know all about it. Hope you're ok xxxxx


Yes I'm trying to get better.


When we experience any symptom that makes our heart feels weird we stress immediately we go in panic and no matter how much and many people tell you to relax that just aint happening. I had my first panic attack 5 years ago went for all test possible and all came back its now anxiety. I have been doing so well these days so positive but seems like something has triggered my anxiety and as I type here its back in full force. I feel physically sick. My heart even hurts. I am so tired but can't fall asleep. I get sudden sharp pains in my right sids of my chest and immediately it scares the life out I feel miserable and just fed up. But please go for a check up and get some sort of comfort hopefully

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I feel the exact same way. I had blood tests and everything is normal. When im super depressed it gets bad. And when I am happy and positive it's okay. but the thing is I can't be happy and positive. I'm trying but failing.


Not nice I know


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