Vision problems from anxiety anpossibly derealization


My name is Jose

I'm a 25 yr old man

I always had bad anxiety in my life . a few that ruined relationships with former gfs and even family members , but this past year it has been a living hell / nightmare . doctors think I Need to see a shrink, I believe I need to also . but since when does anxiety get this terrible ? Where I can't cope with life anymore. I can't go outside , I have a new gf and im a little distant, and get angry fast, I feel like I'm in a dream, I've had sleep apnea for about 10 years now and never used my cpap machine because I sleep in an unorthodox position. Maybe its from that? That I'm always drained . I tell people around me and they say your fine . its just anxiety . its not just anxiety I am living a nightmare!! Any suggestions??


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12 Replies

  • I know how you feel. It makes new relationships so hard. I'm sorry your feeling this way. What symptoms are troubling you most?

  • Fatigue . sore eyes . and feel like I'm stuck in a dream all day. Just been ignoring it but I just tell my self I wish I was normal again. I always have been a negative person. Maybe its just that idk

  • It is not easy but seeing your doctor is always a could choice. People say seeing a 'shrink' like it is a bad thing- or an insult. But it is not. Anything that helps you is good. Specialized doctors can help you even more. Have you tried any medication to help you feel better? My doctor gave me medication and it helps me sleep and helps stop my anxiety. I hope you feel better soon. Please keep talking about how you feel. It helps to talk and people on this board really are kind and listen

  • Yes the doctor offered me medication like xanax . I just don't wanna take it because I'm a nervous person when it comes to meds. I get scared . thanks for your replies . I appreciate it

  • Hi Jose,you sound just like me,my anxiety is very high,got tingling in my feet,head light,wake up panicy,constant anxiety,can't leave the house on my own,and to top it all,I am afraid to take I feel nobody can help.It's 2 o clock a.m. now and my eyes are blurry but i'm not tired.sorry I cant give you advice,but I know how you feel.thinking of Miarose xx

  • Its just crazy . Its hard to sleep. I have bad vision. My eyes are always hurting. there has to be a way to get out of this

  • Hi,

    Lack of sleep causes anxiety to rise, so your sleep apnea needs addressing. Also how bad is your sleep apnea? If you need cpap it can be dangerous to not sort this out. You are obviously starving your body of oxygen which it so desperately needs. Plz get this sorted. Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Yes I have server obstructive sleep apnea I wake up multiple times in my sleep. I stop breathing so many times while I sleep. I know I need the machine its just a long process to get another one and I'm just like in the house all day afraid of real life

  • It's depersonalization... Believe me u will be fine... I had it too... I am okay now masha Allah... U feel like u are in dream.. It's because ur adrenaline increase and ur dopamine decrease and this is state ur mind aquire to keep itself calm while u are suffering from unbearaBle stress... Just keep ur positive vibes alive and try to stay calm as much as possible and sooner u will be back to life... All the best...

  • Thanks for the positive feedback. Its been almost a year. I know I'm weak in my mind. And it may make me take a little longer ttn an average person to get out of it. I'm just tired of living like this

  • U know it took me almost 4 years to recover... Start relaxing for few mins in the beginning and the mins add up to make hours and soo on... Just know that u are suffering from disease and u have to cope up with it... One day fog will be lifted Insha Allah... Have faith in God

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. So fast they appeared . I need to speak to people that have been going thru what I went thru because it seems like no one understand me. My mom / family anybody . its like I'm alone. But thank u everyone much appreciated really looking forward to hearing more ideas and stories . I feel a little better after reading all this today...

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