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I've had derealization in connection with my anxiety for probably the past 8 months. I feel like I'm in a dream like state, I think people often call it brain fog? It's a lot more manageable now, but it does make my anxiety worse as I just don't feel there. My body is there, but it feels as though my mind isn't. I suppose it could be the freeze response, but I get it all day, every day. Even in doors at home, whilst watching TV. I can't help noticing it, though when I don't pay attention to it, I don't notice it. Anyone else had this? And has anything helped with it?

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Same old thing Chellebells, a tired mind from too much thinking, its normal to get the foggy head.

Accept it, relax the mind by focusing on the now, the present, IT REALLY IS THAT simple.

And it will all slowly balance of its own accord, the day will open up, you will see things clearly.

How ? by not trying to make it better, just focus gently on the present.

Our bodies and minds have evolved over millions of years, we dont need to do anything, the essentials work by themselves if we let them, they are designed to find balance even in a anxiety ridden person.

Face do not fight

Accept do not fight

Float do not tense, and stay in the present

Let time pass do not be impatient with time. It took time to make us like this, give the mind time to relax, recharge, and all will be well.

Not perfect that takes a bit more time :-) but GOOD ENOUGH

Be well



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That's very true. I do think it's from a tired, overworked mind.. and another symptom of anxiety. Thank you, I will certainly take your words on board. :) xxx

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Well saiid

Hi Chellebells

Unfortunately I feel the same !!it s really uncomfortable feeling !!


I know this is an old post but I think I've had derealisation for the past 10 months, did yours ever get better?

I'm afraid it hasn't gone/gotten better. I personally think there's some underlying issue, I've just started going to the doctor about it. I've just learnt to deal with it and just ignore it. I find it's worse if I eat junk food, gluten, sugar, white carbs etc. I hope it gets better for you. Have you had blood tests?

yeah, I've had blood tests, mri scans too because at first I thought it might have been a vestibular problem as the whole derealisation worsened when drinking alcohol and I've suffered depersonalization disorder before which actually went because of drinking alcohol ironically but back to the question, the results came back fine, I just hate it because conversations or events that happened yesterday seem like they happened a few days ago and it's making me so forgetful :/

I'm glad the results came back normal for you, though it is frustrating isn't when everything comes back 'normal' when clearly it isn't. I absolutely hate it. By far, the worst symptom I've had since having anxiety issues. I feel the same, someone will be talking to me and it just goes right through me. I can't concentrate, my short term memory isn't very good and I'm having to put notes down all the time. Just can't function and live a normal life with this. This started for me when I tried Prozac/Fluxoteine(?), I just woke up one day and my mind didn't feel the same from then on. That was about October 2012. And then I went on to Mirtazapine because I was allergic to the other.I've been off meds about 9 months now, but it's still here. The thought of it never going is unthinkable. Hopefully we find a reason and cure for it soon.

thanks, it's funny though because when I first suffered with anxiety I went through depersonalization but that went after 4-5 months and that never effected my memory but thinking about it throughout the 5 years I've had anxiety for I've had derealisation all the way through it but not to this extent (I used to get it if i'd go shopping or travelling) but once out of that situation 'd be fine, i'm sorry to hear you've been suffering since 2012, I know someone that lives near me who has been suffering the same for about 30 years now which just sounds debilitating but hopefully they do find a cure or a way of controlling it atleast.

Mate dont worry! And do not google symptoms, they will feed your anxiety. You have to ride it out. Ive had it before at the age of 14! For ages! Just ignore it and think positive and even though you will experience these symptoms and they effect you daily just ignore it and dont retaliate unless you want to have anxiety for longer.

I know this is an old post but did you ever get better? I been suffering from this for 6 weeks now and it's hell.

How r u doing now?

Me? It’s hard to tell who you are talking to since it doesn’t really say but it notifies me. If is for me, I’m going ok but it still have this hell. It’s been 9 months now

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