Anxiety is horrible

When anxiety makes you think you have a life threatening disease, in my case I'm scared I have breast cancer. I'm so terrified that I can't even bring myself to make an appointment for a mammogram. I know that sounds crazy but just the thought of it scares the living shit out of me. My grandmother passed from it many years ago so being we have the same DNA I can't convince myself that I don't have it. I know I have to get this checked out because it's slowly driving me crazy & making me horribly depressed. I had a nightmare last night that I finally made an appointment & the doctor gave me the results and she said it was stage four. I was crying uncontrollably like I never cried before. I think thats why today has just been one of them days! 😒


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  • I have really bad halth anxiety mainly on the night time but one day i found a lump in my chest and that was it i went really bad went to the doctors they said they could feel more then one i automatically thought the worse n started cryin sayin i shouldnt have went,went for a scan at the brest unit and the found it was fat nacrosis nothing serious.

    Anxiety is really horrible but i have tried to find the things that triger it like hearing of a death, watching horror films or anykind of films like that, resding thr internet and ect try stay carlm ur gonna be ok xx

  • I have that too and always think its a tumor :(

  • Thank you for the response tee123 I know if I ever want a piece of mind I must make that appointment.

  • Yeah I did the same with brain Tumor and heart attack. Just making the appointment is the best thing ever once they clear u. Bloody anxiety. If u ever need a chat let us know. You'll be right

  • Oh I feel like sometimes I'm going to have a heart attack as well. All we can do is just keep yelling ourselfs it's not and calm down! I find it terrifying wish any kind of chest pains. Going through it all day so far.

  • Omg me and my sister always think we have breasts cancer and esp ovarian or cervical cancer. My grandmother had all and we are always terrified. My sister has lots of sleepless nights due to the anxiety and thoughts about it. I also always think Im having a heart attack or blot clot of some sort. Im so very afraid of sudden brain aneurysms. Health anxiety is the worst thing ever.

  • It really is. I have good days & bad days. Definitely around that time of the month I experience horrible anxiety I'm so sick of it all. Up until last year I was a normal person.

  • My grandmother had breast cancer also. It was my worry for a long time. Now, I have a new worry every month. Get a monogram, I'm sure it will be ok. I get them. I once was convinced I had lung cancer and had a chest X-ray. You will feel better if you get a mammogram.

  • I'm definitely going to make an appointment this new year. It's making me completely paranoid to the point where I feel like I'm going crazy. My right breast does get like a dull pain so that definitely led me with these horrible thoughts. I constantly get chest pains almost on a daily basis. It's a horrible life to live and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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