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Incontinence surgery.

Iv`e been having problems with stool leakage for several years now, & the colorectal consultant that Iv`e seen has told me that this is the result of a very weak sphincter muscle as a result of an episiotomy during childbirth many years ago. He`s already done a collagen injection that didn`t work, so now I`ll have to have a more complicated procedure which will mean either an epidural or a general anasthetic, plus several days in hospital. I`m just wondering if anyone here has undergone this kind of operation, & is it as bad as it sounds. I`m stressing about it even though it`s months in the future.

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Hi, just to say I have read your post, but I don't know anything about this surgery.

Any surgery brings anxiety to the forefront and I can understand that your feelings are natural, you are apprehensive.

Sorry I can't be of any help.


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