Pre surgery anxiety. I really think I'm gonna die

I feel like I'm going crazy. Ive had gallbladder pain for years but never knew what it was because I didn't have insurance. I recently got married and my husband who is military gave me benefits. I had a gallbladder attack one night super bad I finally went to the ER where they said I gallbladder stones. They made a surgery appt, I didn't think much about it till today.... I went to get lab work done and had to fill out consent forms. They were consents saying the risks of surgery, and getting put to sleep. I had a full blown panic attack in the office the Nurse was trying to calm me down. I was in a daze and kept saying sorry and crying. She kept saying it will be ok the surgery is only 30mins but that doesn't matter to me its getting put to sleep. Im freaking out and I'm thinking of not going on Monday for surgery because i keep thinking I'm gonna die. I keep thinking I'm not gonna wake back up. Ive took allergy medicine before and i get soon sleepy and knock out to sleep. So imagine something as strong as a gas mask. I feel so trapped.


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  • If you don't have the surgery you could die because I nearly did from gallstones. I was lucky they found out what was wrong with me in time and that was 25 years ago. These days it's keyhole surgery and done with in 30 mins or so. You need to stop thinking negative thoughts and start thinking if you don't have the surgery you will get very sick and you don't want that. I wish you all the best and know you can do it. Keep us informed of how you go. Goodluck and wishing you a speedy recovery X 

  • Thank you for that reply, I've never thought of it in that aspect. 

  • Hi Elecktra92,  I'm sorry you had a panic attack today.  I can understand.   They have to tell you the risks of surgery no matter how minute they may be as well as putting you to sleep.  You will be okay and you will wake up.  What I do is ask the anesthesiologist after being wheeled in to please take good care of me, that I'm afraid.  It is so comforting to have him say not to worry you'll be okay.  That's the last thing I remember, a positive calming thought.  You will most likely be given something in your IV and what seems like moments you are awake again and it's all over.   I wish you well on Monday, please let us know how you did.  Use some deep breathing before the surgery to try to calm yourself down.   xx  P.S.  will be thinking of you.....

  • Thank you so much for that response, it feels very comforting. I will have a chat him before my surgery. I hope it makes me feel better.

  • I truly wish you my best.  x

  • Hi Elektra92, 

    I can understand your fears. But believe me, you want that surgery. I get palpitations because of an MVP, anxiety, panic attacks...and I welcomed the surgery because my gallbladder was killing me. You will be fine. Mine only took 20 minutes and it was Laparoscopic. Please let us know how everything went. I will be expecting your post next week. You can do it!!!

  • I understand as I'm going to have surgery myself in a few weeks. What you need to remember is they have to tell you the worst that can happen in case you sue if it does but the chances of these events taking place are very small.

    I'm very anxious about my surgery but when the wave of fear comes I go and do some deep breathing or meditation. I do meditation anyway for my chronic pain . There are very short meditaions, some about three or four minutes if you need it. There are free apps on line. I would highly recommend trying it.

    Focus on how the surgery will stop your gall bladder problems . they weren't going to go away by themselves were they


  • You will be fine, I remember when I went for an op 6 years ago, I was in such a state crying and pleading with the surgeon. I really didn't want it done, then I remember him saying he was giving me something to relax me and then I woke up the op was done. It's not nice at all, but I was fine, I had all your fears. I too have got gallstones and have got to have my gallbladder removed, it is scary but just think once it's done you will be pain free, most people go home same day too, I havnt been booked in yet as I've been advised to lose weight, let us no how you get on x

  • Hi elecktra, i have suffered G.A.D and other related issues since the death of 2 of my kids. I totally understand the thoughts and fears u have as i had to have my gallbladder removed and i promise its the best thing i done! Its normal to be anxious in these sotuations the difference after having my gallbladder temoved was amazing! Please speak to the nurse and other staff as they can ease your mind, best wishes x

  • Thank you guys so much. I wish I could of messaged you guys earlier but I've been on the meds they gave me and I'm sleepy ALL day but I feel better now. The surgery was very fast and easy. I feel so silly for being so scared and overwhelmed. Especially when I was in the pre surgery room and I see children and elderly people going in for surgery, and I'm being so crazy for something this small. I really appreciate all of you being so kind. That was my first post I've done on this website and i can't believe how much support i got. You guys are amazing.

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