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Panicking about ageing?

How do other older people on this site cope with the idea of getting old? I find myself getting more & more preoccupied with it as time passes. I can`t even bear to look in the mirror now because I`m so repulsed by the way I look.when I was in my teens twenties & thirties, all I heard from other people was how attractive I was, & it seemed that I was only valued for my appearance. I get the distinct impression That Iv`e outlived my use to society. then there`s the fear of all the diseases that lie in wait, Alzheimers, heart disease, stroke, etc. how do people deal with all that?

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Hi hairyfairy, think we all worry about getting older and all the disadvantages it brings, not much we can do about it , I do find the older I get the less I care what other ppl think of me so there are some positives, suppose we have to make the most of the time we have now while we can :)

Mimii xx


Hey Hun

do you mind me asking how old you are?? Im 48 and will be 49 in Nov, so the big 50 is looming....... I think arriving at middle age has really knocked me, as well as life events,children grown up, that sort of thing.... a realisation that some dreams are not gona come true,,,,, the menopause which im well into and on HRT .... I think in my early 40s even I wasn't bothered but heading down to 50, I really have been knocked. But I kinda think this is normal surely, its another chapter, I know its not nice to see the wrinkles appearing and our bodies not what they were, but this is gona happen to everyone, even the gorgeous 20 somethings as are now!!

So Im trying to come to terms with this new phase and look at it as a celebration of coming this far rather than how old I am!!

Plus IM gona have a big girlie celebration next year!! My friend and I have an ever increasing bucket list, that once she has her divorce settled, and I have my anxiety under control and back on track work wise, we will be working through,,, and were gona give them young uns a run for their money!!

Anyway Ive tried to be a little positive about it, just my take, not sure what youre going through but I hope Ive maybe cheered you up a bit!!

Take care

Luv and hugs Ker xx


I am 63 now and when I look in the mirror I am no impressed. Still we can't stop it. Just have to keep going. Take care


I`m 60 years old, That`s the official birthday when people are classed as old. When I was 18 I used to think that anyone over 40 was a waste of space, & should be humanely dispatched. I imagine some people are thinking that about me now!


They take the mick out of me at work and I say how many years have you still got to work forty something. That shuts them up


I'm just turned 56 and worry about my health in the future. I wasn't too bad until I turned 50 then all the literature telling the over 50's to watch for all the warning signs of diabetes, cancer(s), and multifarious other debilitating illnesses has got to me big-time.

I've always had health anxiety and all the warning literature has done nothing but set me off on Googling and worrying sprees.


I sympathsise hairyfairy and totally understand where you are coming from. I will be 60 next January and I am dreading it and wondering where all the years have gone. It's shocking when you realise that you have had moist of your life and certainly the most active part. I console myself with some of the benefits of aging. Nowadays 60 is the new middle age and 80 is old. We are all generally living longer due to better health care. I congragulate myself for having lived so long and it's sure better than the alternative. Finally I am happier in myself now than when I was young. I feel more settled and secure and I find I don't give a damn about what others think about me any more.

Bev x


Hi hairy

And here I am all worried that the big 30 is the :)


Hi there,

Well I'm 47 and entering the "twilight zone" ( menopause):)) It just smacked me out of the blue.. One minute I'm having fun the next I'm a wreck:) Getting old is something I think we need to use to.. I know I am:) It is hard to think that we are but that's life and our next chapter:) xxx


I look back on my life and think how fast time has flown by. But, I am reasonably happy and healthy at 64. I go for a walk everyday, try and watch my weight but still eat yummy things from time to time. I am much slower than used to be but my brain is not bad, ( love quiz nights).I try hard with my appearance , try to dress well and always wear make up. I am now older but wiser. Financially we are ok.... no mortgage. I wish I had done a little more with my life but that's in the past now. Have two lovely daughters and son-in-laws.My Mum was 94 when she died and my Dad , 91 so I have longevity on my side. You can't do much about growing old except embrace it. Julie xx

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I have never really been bothered by my apperance and tended to rely a lot on my personility but then I am very lucky to have a loving partner who I have known for 31 years and believe me we have had some ups and down. I believe as I get older I try to have as many positive experiences as possible. this can be as simple as watching a film with my loved one and eating dairy free chocolates. So I'm not talking utter razz matazz I am 51 and have decided to live life as full as posible during my 50's and 60's. I do sometimes consider mental illness as both parents have been hospitalized with this `but if it happens my family, friends and I will deal with it as best we can. I have not had a good year this year and Have been on long term sick so it has given me think to about what is important. I 'listen' to people on this site and just count my blessings. I can go out, money is not especislly an issue. I have friends and family who love me and who I love back. This is not to bragg but just to say there are positives of being older. At 50 I was taken to Amsterdam . It was so beautiful all the canals were frozen over and people were skating. We went to museums including Anne frank's which was so moving and we even had a bit of time for...


I have good reason to worry because no-one in my family has lived much beyond 70, so I don`t have good genes. If i follow in my parents footsteps, I don`t have long.


Yes, 62 in May 2014. I feel young all the time. I used to teach adults. Today I teach adolescents whose age is between 13-17 years old. They can stay with me for more than 3 hours and never get bored. Why? There is no other justification than because they feel they are with someone who can understand them. The secret is that I see life has a school and each day as a New Lesson. I am always receptive to new and bright ideas. Yesterday I was learning some insights of Freud, Adler, Fritz Peris and Carl Yung.


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