Head pressure only on right side

So ive been having this weird feeling only on the right side of my head.it feels like theres pressure or something stuck in there.and also my right eye feels pressure behind and around it and ive noticed its been more blurry than usual.which that eye has always been more blurry than the other but not as bad as it has been here lately.I keep thinking I have a brain tumor or something else is seriously wrong inside there.ive had 2 cat scans done within 5 months and both came back normal even said my sinuses were fine.does anybody think that if it was a tumor it would show on a cat scan?it feels like I can't think on the right side of my head (I know that sounds weird but its the only way I know how to describe it)it really scares me,I have 2 kids ones 3 and the other is 5 months.I want to be able to watch them grow up and be here for them.it terrifies me.ive been to the doctor so many times these past couple of months ive had my doctor to reffer me to so many places like an allergist,a neurologist,and thinking about calling and having him to send me to an ent doctor,I have to be at the neurologist in a couple of days,I'm so scared there gonna tell me something bad.ive had anxiety all of my life but never this bad and it all starts as soon as I wake up.please does anyone know if this could just be anxiety or does anybody else have these symptoms? I really need someone to talk to.


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  • 2 cat scans I am certain you are fine! You most likely hold tension on your right side also you most likely are very focused on it there for making it worse. I also was worried about a pain in my chest for months on end I was so focused on that area. Finally I got it checked out and it's fine do you believe I have barely felt any pain since then. I suggest you get a neck and shoulder relaxation massage possibly visit an osteopath or physio coukd be related to issues with the neck.

    You need to try your best to stop focusing and worrying about it and it will go away. I wish you well

  • Thanks so much for the reply.it really does help to have someone to talk to.I just really hope its not a tumour.I have to be at the neurologist thursday and I'm gonna see if they will do an mri,and if that comes back normal I think I would feel a lot better, but I really have a bad feeling about it and it terrifies me,I can't drive or anything anymore bc of my anxiety and use to id always be on the road.but now I can't doananything but go to the doctors or sit in the house.and worry all the time.Im I'm counseling but only once a month which doesnt really help any,and I also take klonopin just take a little piece when I need it,ive been on it for about 4 months now and the whole head pressure didnt start untill after a while of me taking them.you think that could be the problem?but it just doesnt make sense bc its just on one side?I was looking threw the posts on here a min ago and I seen one called cat scans,so of course I clicked on it and this guy was talking about how he had a couple cat scans done to his head and they showed nothing but then he had a mri done and he had a tumour the size of a golf ball!!I went to his profile hes from the united kingdom. Wonder if they have different kinds of cat scan machines?shew I hope so I was kinda calm untill I read that.sorry for talking your head off but I'm just so scared. I'm really scared what there gonna say Thursday. Hopefully everything's okay

  • that is scary and of course you just had to come across that story! Lol try not to look around at those kind of posts until you get your scan done. Majority of anxiety sufferers believe they have brain tumors, ms and all those types of illnesses and almost always they dont. You will be fine get the Mri for your own sanity and nothing else then hopefully you can move one. You will be ok xxx

  • Yea hopefully the cat scan I had done was right,I hope they just use different kinds ofmmachine's in the united kingdom. I just gotta make myself believe that to feel better. I know my grandpa had cancer in his neck and his medical card wouldnt cover a petscan so he had to get cat scans and they worked for him,I didnt know that untill just now,so that kind of eases my mind a little bit.

  • It could be stress ... try massage and exercise, it help you relieve stress and stay fit.

  • Same here......and I know exactly why too......I grind and clench my teeth on one side all night long.....just didn't realise until a few years ago when I woke up with excruciating tooth pain....went to the emergency dentist and apparently I had fractured a tooth from grinding and clenching......was given a split to wear at night and it helped a lot.......if you think about it this way......clench your fist as tight as you can......then keep clenching till it aches......then imagine doing that for 8 hours a night and pretty soon you'd not be able to use your hand because of the pain and stiffness.... !!!!!! Same with the muscles in and around your head and neck...

  • Thanks everybody for the reply,but I dont think I clench my teeth while I'm asleep.and I think stress may be the cause of it (hopefully) I stay stressed all the time and plus I think I have postpartum depression/anxiety.I was fine untill about a month after I had my baby,but now I feel like I'm loosing my mind.like now I justwoke up having another panic attack,i have them every morning bc as soon as I wake up the thought is there. I try to not think about it but its almost impossible. I just wish I could go back to normal.I feel so hopeless.

  • After I had my second. baby I went thru post natal depression but I did not realise it at the time was always at the doctors and felt their was something wrong luckily he gave me Valium which was the med at the time and I began to relax a bit try not to stress I know that is easier said than done

  • You know not too sound too scary or to even make you nervous! But I'm 28 and for the past week and a half have had this pressure on the right side of my head just on the corner above my right ear. It feels like muscle strain or as if stress has accumulated in that spot. I too am worried just like you were and know exactly what that worriesome feeling feels like. I do not have children who depend on me but I have a 20 yr old sister who is wheelchair with CP who requires my attention constantly in a daily basis and my mother who is 55 and is more worn out bc of her old job she can't do any of the heavy lifting for my sister. I may not be a parent but I have loved ines who depend on me and I love them dearly! I am Christian and depend on God for strength. For encouragement. For comfort. But sometimes my weakness as a human tends to make me feel a bit worried at times. Bc I want to help my family as much as I can to lighten the burden per-se...... I have decided to go get domes MRI's done this week just to see what's going on in my head. I also felt this pressure/ache in my right just behind it once this week and that caught my attention a bit as well. So I can completely understand you in soooooo many ways....... bc I'm there as well! And if ever you need to talk about this just send me a message! Hope everything goes well for you!

  • Even I have this very feeling of strain/pressure on my right side of head. I am a 26 year old male from India and I work in a bank till late hours. This problem often makes me really sick! I am unable to think the way I used to. I met with a doctor of general medicine, but he was unable to resolve my problem. Now he has directed me to visit a neurologist. I will get to a neurologist, for sure. But I have serious doubts that even he would be able to diagnose and treat my problem. I have read somewhere that most of the CT and MRI scans are unable to diagnose such problems and would declare you 100% fit. Ultimately, all such scans go in vain with a waste of money. But still I am bound to have them as I have no other option. If something comes out, then it would be good. If nothing comes out, then I won't go to any other doctor again and would accept that I am on my own now and this is my fate! I don't agree that its a pyschatric issue. It is very much a problem and not just mere imagination. Only a patient can understand what he is going through.

  • Aashishu, I agree that only the patient himself can understand what he is going through. I do think seeing a Neurologist is a good next step in order to rule out any serious issues. An Mri or CT scan it's true that it cannot diagnosis strain/pressure since that is an unseen feeling. However it could clear any doubt that something medical isn't going on.

    It might have a lot to do with being work related. Not only the long hours you put in but the repetitive movement you make all day. I wish you well in finding some answers.

  • Sir,

    The problem is that something medically wrong is happening, but I being a patient can't convince the doctor as I dont have any evidence. Afterall the doctor would ask me to go to a psychiatrist and he would declare me a pyschatric patient! Thats where the medical science fails. I am just looking forward to meet a neurologist today or tomorrow and whatever he says, I would post here.

  • Yesterday, I met a neurologist. He had prescribed me two tablets for one month to be taken one time on daily basis. Those tablets are Amitriptyline and Rejunex plus. He asked me to revisit his clinic after one month. If no improvement is shown, he would prescribe an MRI scan of head. So I would take these medicines and come back after one month with my experience.

  • I have also had this problem for a couple weeks now it seems to get worse i have been in the emergency room and to my doctor over 12 times in the pass month just to be sent home with pain medicine i know catscans and mri's are expensive but so are doctors visit i don't understand why haven't i been given one yet i wake up to this pressure on the left side of my head near my temple and go to sleep sometimes it feel like its moving especially as im being more active it was pressure at first now its beginning to ache i went to the emergency room again a day ago because I was also having chest pain he told me to focus on one thing at a time because he has 78 people in the waiting room and was in the room for 10 seconds never came back then the nurse came in with medicine to put in my iv i declined it 30 mins she came with discharge paper and a prescription

  • Did any of you resolve this issue or find out what it is because i'm going through the same thing

  • Hey your not alone. I'm sure if you go and read my posts you will see we are in the same boat. For over 4 years I've been having a numbness in my face that I swear is a brain tumor. I also just had surgery done and got my tonsils removed and now I have loss of taste and smells are weird. So of course my anxiety has led me to believe that I have a tumor that is growing and pressing on that sensory nerve. I also go to the neurologist in a month and I'm so scared. I had a cat Scandinavian of my sinuses but not my whole brain. I also want a MRI done to help ease my mind. Your not alone and if you wanna talk more you can message me. My right side is affected ands feel heavy on that side. I use that side a lot. I lean on it, I lay on it, I think it might possibly be nerve damage. Mine seems to ease up if I wear my contacts or glasses but it's still there.

  • Hi 1994smilelove, when I use to get exactly what you are having, my neurologist told me it was a migraine type headache. I never even thought of a tumor. I suffered for years with it and one day it just stopped happening. Let us know what you neurologist says in a couple days. Good Luck with your appointment. I hope you find an answer and some relief. It's not fun to have. x

  • Hey guys, so ive dealt with this for three years now. MRI and CT scan done multiple times ( so many times infact i wouldnt be surprised if i had cancer later on in life). The head pressure on the right side comes and goes but one thing is for sure, we all have anxiety. I've found out that i sleep on my stomach and as a result my neck lower back and teeth are jacked yp but whats more is that i have tension building up in the side that i almost always favor ( the right side of my head while asleep). Ive have bad circulation from sleeping this way. Its tension in your head and neck muscles guys. I saw a neurologist and he prescribed indocin which relieves these cluster\ tension type headaches. He also said it could be feom wearing right hats . So over the past months ive gotten a tooth split ( it helped). Ive gotten to sleeping on my back ( it helps. Ive gotten to taking indocin when the headaches do come ( it helps and have all but eliminated the headaches. I once too thought it was life threatening but its not. Its just very poor anxiety management and muscle tension. Thinking about it makes the headaches worse . Try focusing on the headache then feeling as if its not even there and it will go away almost instantly for a few seconds leading me to believe that it is also stress related. MRIs and ct scans all came back normal. Ive since come to the realization that my anxiety might be with me for life but i know now that its managable. US navy vet here, 27 year old male and ive dealt with the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS. So hold on guys and take it day by day because its not your time yet, it just sucks for now but well get stronger. If anyone finds anything different please let us know. Bless you guys

  • Ryshm Sumicad here from the Philippines. I've been into the same situation where there is a pressure or tension in the right side of my head that is connected in my right eye. It doesn't attack everyday and sometimes it is just a minimal feeling. But one time came into me that I am worried about it. I haven't gone into a doctor yet. It is just irritating that I have this feeling because I am totally normal before and I was never an abusive person on my body. Do you think a massage can or therapy can heal me? Thank you very much.

  • Hey everyone I’m going through this tightness / heavy feeling in my head on the left side for 4 days now... I am so scared, I’ve been to the doctors twice and they have said it seems muscular and tension and try to relax, well I can’t relax I always dread something is going to happen and I’m always thinking about it, constantly!!

    I hate this :(

  • I’ve had it for a few years and I keep hoping and praying for when it ends. I now have trouble with lights at night too.

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