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Head pressure, dizzy?

Hello, I'm a 23 year old female and for the last week I have head head pressure and dizziness. I've always had anxiety,but the last few years it's gotten worse. I've tried different meds and all works for a while but it starts coming back. The newest symptom is when I go to drop my fiance off at work and step out of the vehicle my head feels like its going to pop,my ears throb, I get light headed. I've also been having tension headaches more lately as well. It only lasts around 30 sec to a minute or so but It worries me thinking it may be something more serious but my doctor says it's anxiety. I mean I have random episodes frequently. They curtly have me on Zoloft, and kolonipan for the random stratus. Even people knocking on doors, bright lights, strange cars, strange people, sounds, even random objects I don't recognize can set me off. Is this just anxiety? Is it something worse? I google symptoms(shouldn't have done that) and seen Alot of unsettling stuff.. then I found this page. Please someone shed some light on this for me

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Well it definitely sounds like the same symptoms I have. And yes while I'd like to say anxiety is totally it and feel confident. I'm actually just as bad thinking it could be something else. But yes from what I'm getting from others and last doctors visit they definitely say anxiety can be like this. Well honestly I've learned all the possible symptoms from off of Google as well which like you say, is the worse thing to be on is google. But yes I'm dealing with the exact issues. I can't even go outdoor and then I get light headed easier I get dizzy I feel like if I walk a normal pace I may even fall out. I've began to notice tention headaches as well these past few weeks. They are not terrible but I noticed it more. It'd very frightening and I don't know sometimes. Even now I'm having another moment of slight dizziness, my eyes are heavy when I move my head in certain directions to fast I feel dizzy. Right now I'm having slight shallow breaths. And I'm trying not to get nervous and say to myself I may be having a slight anxiety attack now. But it's hard to coach yourself through those moments when the physical syptoms are so frightening. Also today I kept getting muscle twitches right underneath my breast and it won't stop. That's making me paranoid too. My throat is dry right now as well. So trust me I know how you feel.

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Hi IceFox, with our anxiety comes sensitivity to many different things around us. Even certain odors can send me into anxiety (smelling paint or varnish) I don't recommend going to google symptoms, rather use the forum as your "go to". There are many caring, understanding people who not only have the same problems but will support you as well. x


It's nice to know others have what I have. It a struggle going day to day not know what may trigger it. Right as I'm typing I'm having a full blown panic attack because of some in settling news I found out from a actually a very nice cop. He said he wouldn't arrest me but I'm scared. I wanna hid, I feel like I'm going to pass out. Heck, my chest it hurting. I'm not a bad person and I do what I can but after being harassed really bad by a cop in different town, and even got arrested for something my ex did , it's still my worst trigger. It feels like I'm just going to up and die(I know I'm not). I'm just glad others know how anxiety can mess up ones life. I wish I could be like everyone else.. I wish I wouldn't get in trouble for things I have already felt with. I feel like I just fail... No matter how much good I try to do.. nothing. I don't want this anxiety, I can't handly it right now. I just don't know what to do


I've had these things, and with me they were caused by Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, i.e. Cipro, avelox. If you took any of those, even a while ago, that can do it--and it's important that you avoid them in the future, okay? Meanwhile, one thing that helps with those symptoms sometimes is a magnesium supplement, whether you have taken an antibiotic or not. I wish you lots of luck, those symptoms can be such a bother.


If you can get to yoga classes it should help. I did them at 18 and was taught full relaxation and breathing for relaxation. I still have anxiety attacks now but l still practice what l learned and just sometimes it works. Hope you feel better soon.


Have yu had your vitamin B12 level checked. Deficiency in this vitamin are common and dissiness is a symptom and can also mimmick aniety symptoms.

Also check out the Pernicious Anemia Society. That's a condition where you can't absorb B12 via tour stomach from your food and so docs prescribe injections.

Hope you find your answer xx


Completely normal, I have the same thing. Very annoying symptom. Try essential oils to calm your tension headaches? A brand called ameo is the one I use. 😍


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