Is this really anxiety I keep getting dizziness, head pressure??

I am 24 years old and always been a worrier however on a flight back from Japan in October last year I started feeling really odd. I honestly thought I was about to die up in the air! I worked in quite a stressful role and as soon as I got in the car after work and switched off this tingling started In my head. It felt like ants all over my scalp. I didn't do anything about it at the time and then I went to Japan for a month in November. 2 weeks into my trip I started having panic attacks in the evening after googling my symptoms (I know I shouldn't!) Since I arrived back home I started having 24 hour dizziness and a variety of horrible symptoms. Just to name a few I get a really heavy head, dizzy zaps, I feel like I can't see (floaters), vertigo like sensations, body and face tingles, my face goes numb right under my eyes, pulsating head and the feeling of fullness in my ears. I have this awful problem with driving or travelling as when I stop moving in the car or on the train I still feel like im moving forward. I ended up seeing lots of doctors and an ENT had an MRI scan, they found a cyst but I was assured this was causing no problems. I have also had a ECG which showed a short PR interval but nothing else. I was then diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression and offered CBT which helped a lot! I wasn't leaving in the house in the fear that something would happen and spend 90% of my time thinking about my symptoms. Its not July and I am still having these symptoms! I am well and truly fed up.. The only thing the doctor thinks it could be is possibility of migraines without the headache. My symptoms seem to flair up in the evenings when I am relaxing.

I am just not sure whether this is anxiety or something else. Feeling dizzy is the worse symptom and im finding it hard to cope.

Any advice would be appreciated :)

Thanks :)


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  • Hey

    What you are describing is Anxiety.

    I get dizzy spells just like you are describing! Im starting to feel a little better now.

    I think the first thing in conquering Anxiety is acknowledgement..excepting whats happening is happening and that you will be ok. Try and keep things on a level ...write things down like how your feeling..what you feeling. I personally write things down...take a herbal tablets called Kalms they take the edge off so you can focus. I also go for long walks and keep busy. Do you have a close friend or family member you could talk to?

    You could also google ''Mindfulness" a few of us on this forum have tried this and i recommend it. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Hi im getting the same thing head pressure did it ever go away?

  • Thanks for getting back to me... I understand I have anxiety, especially health anxiety. I just don't understand how it can cause such physical symptoms. I'm clutching at straws thinking its something more serious. I mean just now I popped into Asda and suddenly I get a pang of dizziness and I feel like I'm walking on a trampoline and my vision goes all blurry. I'm petrified that I'm going to faint or collapse and I'm just finding it very hard to cope. I have a lovely fiancé who listens and can see its anxiety but I'm always thinking it may be something else and when will it end! I will have a look into the mindfulness and let you know how I get on. Thank you

  • Sounds exactly like I experienced many years ago while working as a guest worker in (then West) Germany. My mother had just died suddenly aged 60 and it was a tremendous shock. I visited several doctors, had many tests. Nothing physically wrong. Eventually the GP referred me to a neurologist who diagnosed anxiety disorder. I had been taking prescribed anti-depressants and tranquilisers, but he said medications were not the long-term solution. He prescribed a 6-week course of autogenic training. Once a week a group of us would meet and the neurologist guided us through deep relaxation methods. We were encouraged to practise this a lot at home. Eventually I came off the meds and now I am anxiety free. But like you I found it increasingly difficult at the time to visit shops for fear of fainting on the spot. I now know that this was probably caused by hyperventilation, and a paper bag to breathe in and out of would probably have helped a lot. But I didn't know about hyperventilation back then. Anyway, autogenic training pretty much cured my anxiety.

  • hello

    has anyone come up with a relief or a solution for this .... i too have the exact symptoms and it is ruining my life. i am a different person because of these feelings and it is causing me secondary depression of course cause i cant be who i am and do what i like. PLEASE help and if any of you has found something to help with this please share with the rest of us, as you know how horrible this is.

    i too went to many doctors and scans and after spending 1000s of dollars, i am told its just anxiety.

    i am light headed, dizzy and spaced out 24/7 and i cant cope anymore.

    i wish all of us good health and to come over this horrible feeling

  • Hi. Me too. We are thesame when it comes to dizziness and lightheadedness. Im really anxious about this feelings for i feel it everyday. Its so sad that everytime i feel it im so depressed and nervous. So sad also that im a mother of a 4 year old boy that i should play and takecare of him and enjoy every moment with him but i cant because of this dizzy feelings everytime. I hope someday theres a cure for this depressive feelings we are experiencing right now.

  • Hi

    I know how your feeling! It's terrible!! I've had all the same symptoms as you and all the tests done too, and just to be told it all anxiety!! I had enough and went to my doc and got on meds! He put me on escitalopram! 5 days in I got my appetite back- my depression lifted and the lightheadeness and headaches were going! I had a lot other problems too such as tingling and burning sensations all over my body and feeling like pressure in my ear! I'm now into week 3 on meds and feel a lot better!

  • Good to hear that you are feeling better.. I cant wait to get a proper diagnosis and get back to my regular life..

  • wooo really ? , i have preasure in my head , burning sensations and tingiling in my head sice coming of medication 8 months ago . its drivig me nuts . also preasure in my ear !

  • Hi did u ever get rid of the head pressure?

  • Hello

    I suffer from Anxiety disorder and it comes and goes usually with years gaps in between. I suffered for a while went to the doctors was put on anxiety tablets, felt worse with them, then turned to holistic tablets, helped a little, but takes a while to feel little benefit. Then I discovered Kinesiology and tried it after 4 sessions it worked and went through 4 and half years of life without a re accurance.If I feel slightly anxious I will book with my local kinesiologist and just have some more sessions so it does not escalate. I hope this is of some benefit to you and hope that it gives you the release that it gave me.

  • Hello glad to see your feeling better & what & how does autogenics training go/work example please

  • You find any cure yet mate?? Please fill me in if ya have

  • New to this group. Was googling my symptoms and found your post. Please tell me, or anyone else having these symptoms, did you find an answer? I sure hope so for you and for me and for everyone else. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    My symptoms are a little different from yours but I too have cyst in right side of my brain. The doctors said that my lightheartedness, head pressure, balance issues and nausea is not related to the cyst. I just wanted to ask you, it's been 3 years since your post- have you got a cure for your dizziness and does the cyst bother you at all ? Was it all related to anxiety? Please let me know.


  • Hi do you still get the head pressure?

  • Hello I just seen the post you made , I knows it's been 5 years since this post lol , I was wondering how are you doing ? How are you taking the anxiety?? , I also been really making my self more sick by thinking of my symptoms all the time and makes me more feel bad , I have head pressure it's dull feeling and always yawning and feeling tired and my eyes feel so low all the time . My anxiety makes me feel like something's always wrong if I always focus on my symptoms

  • My symptoms, tingling in the left hand and left leg. Really, really fast heart beats, dizziness, and vomiting. You thing you are going to die some times. Also, I get very jumpy when I listen sudden loud sounds.

    I'm still dealing with it but I'm being proactive. I have a healthy diet and go to the gym a day in between. Also it seems that no having enough sleeps triggers the episodes. Also, cold showers are very good ( and the app "Insight Timer" is absolutely awesome, it has hundreds of guided meditations and breathing exercises. Always remember that your mind is playing tricks on you!

    I must not Fear! Fear is the Mindkiller. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over and through me and when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

    Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I Will Remain! - Paul Atreides(Dune).

  • Hi Labanino, a good insight to your anxiety. Being proactive is a good way in not staying stuck and moving forward. You've certainly done your homework and it will pay off. Believe me. Thanks for sharing this info. Meditation and deep breathing are a part of my daily life. It's gotten me far. Hope to hear more of your positive thoughts on the forum. Welcome to our group.


  • I feel the exact same way and I'm frustrated no one understands

  • Hi, just so you know, I have had the exact same symptoms, I've had panic attacks for 3 years now but in May 2013 it all started, exactly as you described it, all blood works came back normal, brain, neck and spinal MRI normal, numerous neurologists, ruled out MS and basically they tell me the same thing that I have anxiety and that's the reason, main thing that's bothering me is the brain fog and the dizziness, I've had enough and finally started taking Mirtazapine few days ago, it's supposed to kick in in about two weeks, I'll be sure to tell you whether it helped.

    I can tell you though that all my life I've been the quiet type, always thinking (can't stop overanalyzing and thinking all the time - thus I'm a programmer now hehe ^_^) anxious and had a hard time having fun of small things that people usually like.

    It's just that the panic attacks made it harder for me but I made it through(or so I thought).

    Basically what I'm saying is you're not alone, I think it is the anxiety / panic attacks to blame.

    I'm 26yo male, no other health issues other than Helicobacter Pylori that I've been dealing with, by the way, there are numerous articles that link H. Pylori to depression and anxiety, you should check whether you have it or not, if not for the anxiety so for your health, as it may cause trouble in the long run.

    Feel free to contact me for questions and get well! :)


  • Hey, Daniel! I too am the quiet type, prefer my own solitude, even as far back as aged seven I didn't like going to parties or mixing with other boys and girls, and, yes, I was a programmer for several years prior to retirement in 2001. See my earlier response above re anxiety and panic attacks. Given that you're 42 years younger than me, you need to get it sorted (if you haven't already), else it will become a real burden.

  • Hi daniel

    Are you able to beat the dizziness and head pressure? Do youfeel like there are waves inside your head or the wavelike sensations? I hope to hear from you.

  • has anyone come up with a relief or a solution for this .... i too have the exact symptoms and it is ruining my life. i am a different person because of these feelings and it is causing me secondary depression of course cause i cant be who i am and do what i like. PLEASE help and if any of you has found something to help with this please share with the rest of us, as you know how horrible this is.

    i too went to many doctors and scans and after spending 1000s of dollars, i am told its just anxiety.

    i am light headed, dizzy and spaced out 24/7 and i cant cope anymore.

    i wish all of us good health and to come over this horrible feeling

  • Still feeling this way?

  • Have you been checked for Lyme disease and all co-infections including Babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia? Have you been checked for POTS syndrome? Does your heart rate increase more than 30 beats when you stand up? 

  • I get wave like sensations, they feel like they are the nerves in my face or something and I feel faint. Is this like what you mean??

  • I get wave like sensations, they feel like they are the nerves in my face or something and I feel faint. Is this like what you mean??

  • I had the same exact thing did you figure it out?

  • I'm in the same boat. My son turned 3 yrs old in November. Last year my husband had an accident at work and hasn't been back since. My father in law is getting Alzheimer's and its hard on my mother in law. My brother in law and his wife is losing their house and my job is super stressful. Since wed night I've had head pressure and dizziness. I'm tired all the time and my periods have been pretty light but on time seeing I'm on BC. I noticed that I clench my teeth all the time. My son was never a sleeper and is a spirited child. I'm thinking its stress/anxiety. I thought that maybe it was my BC so I asked my gyno but he thinks that maybe not enough vitamin d. My blood pressure has been normal and I get occisional heart palpitations. :-(

  • My blood pressure fluctuates too much. Dizzy constantly. Feel nervous constantly. Had thyroid checked 2 years ago. Fine. Had blood work done in September 2016 its fine. I feel that anxiety is contributing to this feeling but I don't know how to stop it. Maybe I should go to a Cardiologist

  • Hi fedup36,

    It has been a while since your post and I hope you are coping better. I've had panic disorder since I was 12 and have lived with anxiety for more than 20 years now. I've learned to manage it through CBT but there are times in my life, usually through tough an stressful times, that I relapse and have quite severe episodes? I have in the past taken medication for it which has really helped just to allow me to be Ina place that's more objective and detached from the strong emotions and feelings of anxiety so that I can practice more 'mindfulness'. The last 2 years, I've had similar symptoms as to what you describe when I go through stressful periods of time. The feeling of fullness in the ear, like there's fluid in there, pressure on the front of my face, the giddy feeling that seems to come from nowhere, especially when I stop moving. I just feel like I'm going to collapse. All these sensations, for me, make me feel nauseous and so triggers my panic attacks because I'm emetophobic too. I am very aware of these sensations and logically, I know what it is but yet the over riding anxiety still gets me. I am beginning to get those sensations now and am considering medication again as I need to be functioning normally for the sake of my family? I don't want to be unavailable to them. medication is a very personal choice, it has to work for you so, consult with your therapist. I am sure there are a lot of new medicines but I stick with what works for me as I've found success with it for the times I have taken medication over the last 20 years. I personally prefer not to take medication but sometimes, it's necessary for me in order to function.ion normally. What you are going through is more common than you think and you are not alone. Just take the time to take care of yourself, do your homework on therapies both conventional and alternative that are available, and trust that you know what is best for you. Don't force yourself to do anything that you don't feel ready for and take one moment at a time. I have found that to be a great coping technique and a great way to live life. But it takes commitment and daily practise. I really do hope you are coping better these days.

  • Hi Battybee

    What a great reply

    fedup no longer is a member & I can see you have just joined us so wanted to say Welcome :-)

    As you get used to the site you will pick up things , unfortunately sometimes members leave , you can pick up if they are not active anymore as their profile pic will be grey like fed up's

    I am sure your reply will benefit others as they see it though :-)




  • Ok, thanks!

  • I also have same things going on in my head. I get this weirded sensation like sharp pain to head, a big wave of heat and also feel sick in stomach. I get so scared that it is something bad have had one head scan months ago but wonder if I should see someone else. My doctor tells me it's anxiety but im not sure. It is great to hear other people have same things happening to them.

  • Did you find out what it is

  • Hello, I know how you feel I suffer with the anxiety as well .

    I had it for three years now I thought something was wrong with me, my started with a frightening feeling then follow with feet weak almost wanted to passes out then pounding heart beating that I actually heard it .

    Definitely was frightening experience went to doctor examined me had ECG heart test done prognosis came back good also had a thyroid gland test it came back excellent ,then they told me it's the anxiety attack ,I just want it to go away some times it comes on with out warning head heavy tingling in face bloats stomach and plus it fills me up with a lot of gas so I drink a lot of hot tea plus I'm using this relaxing tea called chamomile relaxing tea it helps me be calmn try it see if it worked I use it at nights it helps you sleep and drink plenty of water.

  • I've been feeling this way for about a year now. It seems to come and go in periods. Mainly worse in the winter it seems- when I have to walk in the cold wind. Weird. I'm wondering if it could be sinus related as nose is always congested... Maybe effecting my head? I do think about it way too much though- probably contributes to the symptoms. I find it worse when I'm sitting still- like I have to constantly move to keep from feeling like I'm moving! Sucks!!! Also when getting up from laying I have to sit for a moment to get my balance because I feel so spacey and off! What is this?

  • Hello. After looking at many (too many sites) I found your post and your symptoms are most similar to mine. I get one sided-headaches (that change between a stabbing pain and an annoying throb, to even a burning/ants crawling sensation), frequent nausea (sometimes its hard to eat, cannot drink things I usually like such as coffee), neck tingles, face numbness, dizziness, and a brain fog where I just feel out of it. Nothing has changed in my life to cause me panic attacks, but after a bad bout of head pain/nausea/dizziness I panic and my heart rate/body temperature shoot up. I stayed at home in bed with a cold towel for several days and forced myself to eat. I tried to drive and couldn't. I saw a doctor who said it does not sound like migraines and thought it was only a mix of a bug and muscular/skeleton driven headaches. He joked that the symptoms sound like pregnancy which I am not. I have been going to a chiropractor hoping that the headaches causing nausea could be stemming from nerve issues in my neck. I have days where I feel not bad, and days where I can barely function from the brain cloud. My doctor recommended extra strength Tylenol which cuts the head pain but obviously does not help anything else.

    I had reoccurring, daily headaches a couple years ago and had an MRI that came clean. As happy as I was it boggled me, as chiro/physio therapy and massage therapy did not help the headaches then at all-I swore I had a tumour. My doc never thought it was serious because the pain was not "the worst ever", I did not lose any motor function, eye sight, have seizure, etc, all the super serious stuff. I tried all kinds of painkillers, anti-depressants and allergy meds all which did not help. Than, right when my neurologist was considering doing a nerve block injection (thinking they may be chronic) the headaches stopped. I noticed them drop away after being told my MRI was clean. I had a stressful last year and no weird headaches (just tension). Now, suddenly, they are back with more symptoms and my life has not changed (diet, food, stress, exercise,etc wise). I am going to return to my doctor if they continue because its nearly impossible to carry on day in/out with dizziness and nausea with a side of headache. Even if its not something deadly, simple Tylenol is not doing it for me.

  • Im havin same symptoms. . Bad not so much pain its like tension pressure one side more other. . My head feels like 100 lbs neck hurt. .Nd back head swollen lil bit. . Niw soft spots on my head ..but most of all cant even lay flat n on sides is now problem. .. went to hospital and dey say migraines .NOOOO its not im scared now .

  • Hi solucid & Welcome

    I saw your answer on this post & realized you were new to the forum & wanted to say hello :-)

    The member is no longer on this forum as when the picture is greyed out this means they have left , hopefully because they don't need support anymore

    Maybe when you feel ready you may want to do a post & members can say hello to you :-)

    We are all very friendly :-)




  • I feel the same as you do! :(

  • My physiatrist wants me to get a cervical epidural & my neurologist says anti-inflammatories are the answer. I'm not in favor of either, so I'm hoping to hear something that has worked for others.

  • I have similar symptoms. I also suffer from anxiety but I've never had these kind of symptoms before. My symptoms started 8/17/16 I woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous. I first went to Minute clinic and she said it was sinus infection. Gave me antibiotics. A week later I went and saw my PCP who gave me a steroid shot and antibiotic and something for nausea and vertigo medicine. Three days later I went to ER. They did CT scan and it was normal. Symptoms got a little better than returned. Went to ENT and they ran tests. Said I needed to see Neurologist. My symptoms consist of headaches, dizziness, nausea, numbness in right side of my face, hands and feet, my speech is slur, heavy pressure in the back of my head . I get brain zaps then the dizziness is more intense and I can feel my pulse and face and chest get real flush and my BP goes up. I had MRI on my brain and he said I had spots scattered throughout the parietal lobe. He said I think you could have one of three things. Anxiety, vertigo or MS. I said I've had anxiety all my life never had these kind of symptom. I know my body and this isn't normal. A about a week ago I had lumbar punch (spinal tap) and blood work. Everything was normal. Went for a follow up appointment today and my Neurologist has no clue what is wrong. Two days before my symptoms started I hit the back of my head twice and I told him that on the first visit. Still unsure but wants me to take antidepressants to see if headaches and my symptoms go away. Why do all Doctor's think it's anxiety or that your depressed? That's always their solution. Who isn't on antidepressant these days?? My husband wants me to get a second opinion.

  • hi there, i have been getting these symptoms for the past few years pretty much since i had my 2nd child. pressure in my head foggy like, dizziness of and on nausea feeling like im going to pass out, heart racing, shaky. lately i haven't been able to drive cause im so scared im going to crash with my children in the car. my doctor told me it was depression but i seriously couldn't understand why? i have a fantastic family and job i really couldn't be depressed i took meds to help me sleep but that was it. im always on edge with things but iv always been like that i have been trying to be more calm but i just cant seem to relax. I'm so grateful reading others story's noing that im not the only one. Sometimes it feels like friends and family dont understand. At the moment i am trying to eat better (less fatty food) takeing vitamins, i just need to sort the sleeping patterns out, i am on meds for that but i wont take them till late as im to scared to even sleep sometimes so that makes me extremly tired the next day and i start getting anxious. id really like to no what everyone else is doing in there lives that helps with all this BS haha

  • Still feeling like this?

  • Good post. I have had the exact symptoms as you and my doc says it's stress, anxiety, and I drink too much coffee

  • Hi are you still on this site? Ive head pressure & wanting to know did urs go away? X

  • Hello all! I came across this obviously looking up answers on why I feel this way! I just went to my doctor and he says I have vertigo and there's nothing that can be done and it will subside. I'm so angry! I have always had issues with the fear of getting sick. Some years much better than others. These past 12 months have been horrid for me! I planned a wedding, quit my job to prep myself for a baby, and bought a new home! Starting in November, I noticed my period was 12 days late and I started feeling sick and was getting dizzy. Went to my gyno and noticed I have Polycystic ovary syndrome and that explains my late period, not pregnant. Then in January I went to the ER for immense stomach pains, resulted to an upper GI and I have a herniated valve so the acid is quite bad. I have had lots of blood testing. I go to my gyno and then I find out 2 weeks ago I need to start seeing a fertility doctor and there is really not much chance of me getting pregnant on my own. As of Friday I got a headache late afternoon, then went home and took Tylenol. Woke up Saturday and still felt nauseous and noticed dizzy spells. Sunday woke up and felt better, had to go to the store and freaked out! Everything was bouncing and spinning that I ran out of the store in fear of fainting and I needed fresh air. I was petrified to drive home! Yesterday I felt good all morning, and then around 2:00 it hit me after getting some food, I had to breath in and out and monitor myself because I felt like I was going to faint! It was awful! I went to go pick up Dramamine to help. Did not help. So now I'm here today, my head feels heavy... Still dizzy, sick to my stomach, neck hurts and hating life! I'm really upset and I just wanna enjoy my life! I always knew I'm never the only one experiencing things and I'm glad I have something I can post on! I'm not sleeping, maybe 4 hrs a night. I explained to my doctor today and he says I need to schedule another appt to discuss that! I was there then! Grrrr! So angry! I do not know what to do! :( my husband believes I have anxiety about getting sick, and I do. Just throwing up. With how I'm feeling lately, I feel like throwing up all the time, am I making myself nuts? I'm also home all the time alone, and so I've been told I have depression. Help! I'm confused :( thank you everyone! And I hope all of you are starting to feel better and are the mend to healthy and happiness!!

  • Hi & Welcome

    This is an old post & not many members will see your reply maybe & how you are feeling

    If you felt up to it ( no pressure ) if you wrote how you felt by doing a post I am sure you would get lots of support & it would get noticed more !




  • Hello why why!!!! I have another appt with different doctor Friday :( ok I certainly will!! :) thank you so much!! :)

  • are you doing better?

  • Hi,

    What you have is anxiety and phobia. Each time I am nervous, my head feels light and loaded with pressure. At first, I thought it is my sugar that is low or my blood pressure. I checked both and they are at normal levels. If you can take a walk with someone along the beach or in open areas, you will feel cured completely. I also have a benign cyst in my Pituitary Gland which messed up my hormones at time. With medications, my symptoms are under controlled. I know it has been nine months since you last posted. I just want to let you know it is the anxiety that you are having. Make sure you do a physical check up yearly and get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep will stir everything up. Best wishes.

  • Hi you should look into MDDS Mal de Debarqument Syndrome. Feeling like you are moving when you area still is a classic MDDS symptom.

  • Hi, I think anxiety and physical problems can be linked. The physical symptoms of a condition are often accompanied by anxiety because we are worried we've got something awful, being anxious makes symptoms from an illness and the illness itself sometimes, either worse or more noticable and so the merry-go-round begins. Physical symptoms should, in my non-medical opinion, not be ignored, and I've kept on going to the doctor for the same physical symptoms but also at the same time been having treatment for anxiety. I have a diagnosis now for the physical symptoms and I have anxiety, which is also being treated. Anxiety is worse when I am physically having a bad day but also, I have panic attacks and anxiety when I feel physically well.

    What I am saying in a long way round, I believe that you should never give up on seeking treatment for physical conditions! Or blame physical illness for anxiety. I'm not sure I'm making a lot of sense. I have fibromyalgia and Arthritis!

  • I too experience this pretty much on a daily basis. People typically view me as an intellectual/super nice guy..I've always been willing to talk to anyone about anything. However, when I'm experiencing these attacks/symptoms/alien feelings I don't feel like myself. I feel anti social and dumb. The brain fog effect seems to render me dull-witted and also tends to make me slur my words like I've been drinking. This began when I was in college however, I am unable to narrow it down to any particular event that triggered it. I have a wonderful girlfriend of 5 years who is understanding to a degree, but always insists on my finding help...well...I've tried, and it's not easy to get help with something that your own brain/emotions control. I'm new to this chat btw, and as you can tell, had no problem laying it all out there. I guess my whole point of this rant is that you're not alone. Sometimes when the symptoms are in full force I know it can feel like you're the only one with this ailment...try your best to just stop for a second, take some deep steadying breaths, and realize that you are NOT alone.


  • Thank you for this post if you are still reading these please reply if you have had any success with treating this.

  • I am so glad I came across this forum. I too have seen a few doctors to try to understand the fogginess/pressure that I feel in my head. I often feel my heart racing, my hands are always clammy, and I tend to over think/analyze situations. Friends and those close to me are always telling me to relax and just enjoy life, but I find this incredibly hard to do. Blood tests came back normal and doctors always seem stumped as all my other vitals are within normal range. I'm seeing that others are noting their introverted personality types which I consider myself as well. I recently went to an optometrist because I thought maybe the feeling in my head could've been a prescription that was too strong or a change in my vision. This was not the case. I will now go talk to a psychiatrist but hate to think that I may have to take medication for the rest of my life. I am 28 years old. Can anyone shed any light on what treatment might look like for anxiety disorder? Can people learn to cope as they wean off of the medication, or are anxiety disorders permanent and only able to be controlled?

  • Hi booya1,

    Sorry you are dealing with this anxiety too it sucks I know.

    Depending how you take the anxiety and what effort you put to it will determine how long it takes you to recover.

    I know people who have recovered completely, they used meds for a few months years learned calming techniques and now they don't have anxiety issues and there are others that have done it just with therapy or physical training it doesn't have to be a life long thing for some of us sadly it takes time.


  • I also feel like my glasses need adjusting as one of my more troubling sensations.... the ear pressure/pain, tingling face , and biting sensations in my scalp are petty awful too!

  • I Feel exactly the same way and knowing that others are too makes me feel like im not alone. It hard when you have the dizziness as i went to the doctor heeps of times and none of them could give me a solution other than you just have to relax. i hate that every time i need to get up for school or whatever i just caint and feel like sleeping. everyday now i have been so tired that i have been going to bed at like 8:30 just because the dizziness gets so bad i feel like if i dont fall asleep i will faint. and i am extremely scared of fainting. one thing i know is that most of the dizziness is caused by not breathing properly and hyperventilating and also not drinking enough water can contribute too.

  • hi luv 2 smile , i have the exact same symptoms and its literaly ruining my life. female 32. i am spaced out all the time. have you found any relief?

  • I am experiencing exactly the same as you and it is freaking me out! They won't even give me an MRI scan as they are convinced it's just anxiety but my head fog as I now call it comes on when I wake up for no reason and lasts All day! It's been 8 days now where it has been constant And I to an at my wits end! I feel like I can't leave my house either for fear or something happening and feel as if I am going to pass out or drop at any minute whilst standing! I've been referred to CBT but cannot even get my phone interview til another 2 weeks! :(

  • I'm in your boat only I have had this exact symptom going on 2 years now. I'm 28 and have had anxiety for the past 8 years. When I wake up it just hit's me and it last all day this brain fog/pressure/lightness, fullness in an ear,headband around your brain.. Mind you I do have occasions where I will be fine for a couple of days here and there which helps me believe in my doctor's diag.(hardest part of health anxiety)

    Had blood works done recently covering everything, see my G.P a-lot. Been with her 4 years (Whom believes I'm A-OK and that it's anxiety/depression), had some moderate C.B.T, etc. I also take Cymbalta which I wanted off of years ago and is a horrible drug but the mood stabilizers I'm on now are top notch where they mask the depression of these symptoms well. I have learnt over this 2 year period that you just gotta push and push and keep yourself occupied.(Mind you I'm un-employed) and being home alone all day isolated makes it WORSE. Which is why I smoke weed.

    Just do what relaxes you and know your not alone. I'm scared everyday but as time goes on you learn some thing's. Oh and my doctor wouldn't give me an MRI scan either because she believes I don't need it BUT she did in the end only for my peace of mind.

    Anxiety wont let us accept what's going on or what our doctors say which is why we have to own it.

  • hi there

    i m in the same boat and desperate for help as i have spent so much money trying to find the cause but left with nothing. have you found any relief and anything that worked your way to recovery??? i hope so. plz reply. thank you .

  • Hi

    Im so glad I found this site- I'm going through this now and it's driving crazy! I've had all the tests done and there just doesn't seem to be any answer! My doc believes it's anxiety- which I agree some days and then reject other days! But after reading all these posts I know I have to except that it is only anxiety causing all these symptoms! My doc put me on sertraline- which I started today! So hopefully in a few weeks I'll be feeling better! I'll keep u posted!!

  • Hi foxy 36. Please keep me posted on what works as I'm struggling as well. My doc put me on Sertaline a few months ago as well but unfortunately that didn't work fir me. Now I'm switching to celexa. I hope this one helps.

    Keep me posted. All the best for you :)

  • Any luck on this? I am having same problems and have for 2 years. Need some support. Thanks Thera

  • Long shot but are you still reading these things? If like to chat I need some support. I've had this 2 years too. I'm female, 27. Having a hard time understanding all of this. It feels like I have a brain tumor but my MRI is normal. Thanks Thera.

  • Are you feeling any better, @Thera?

  • hi Aimeee in the same boat as all of you guys. and the symotoms are so bad that i have become a diff person. i cant stand being dizzy anymore. i feel spaced out all the time. have you found anything to help with the symptoms yet?

    i hope we can all stay in touch so we come up with a few solutions....

    sorry im desperate for help and i just found this log.



  • Any updates on this stuff? I have all the same symptoms and have for 2 years now. Any reply would be great. -Thera

  • Any updates on cures or causes for this?

  • Hi fedup36,

    I understand that your post was a year ago but I am hoping to hear from you as the dizziness and head pressure was also my main symptom. Are you able to get rid of it? If so,how did you do it?

    I keep on hoping that there will be a better day but everytime the head sensation comes I am back to square one. Scared and losing all the hope.


  • Hi i know this was 4yrs ago from you posted this comment i was wanting to know if ur head pressure wen away as ive the same thing thanks

  • Hi Lisa36,

    Yes! It was totally gone now!

    Can you tell me exactly how you feel? Maybe I can coach you on what to do.😊

  • Hi i started taken panic attacks 6 months ago then started get head pressure shortly after. I was on citilapram they took the head pressure away still had panic atticks then the head pressure came back after a month. My doc put me on fluoxcine just over 4 weeks ago & they took the head pressure/panic attacks away. But just 6 days ago the head pressure came bk thanks for replyin 2 my post x

  • all the symptoms you described were the ones i had including some other ones more on top of those that you didn't have i understand that its truly hard to accept the fact that its anxiety i also had gone to many doctors to make sure i was fine i had many ct scans on my head done and blood but everything always came back normal at the end my doctor send me to a neurologist and he prescribed me an anti depressant that made my life so much better most of the symptoms i had stopped and i felt so relived hope this helps

  • hey az121996 ... i too have the exact symptomes and i feel like im loosing my life because of it. what ssri did you take? and how long before you felt better?


  • I'm going through the exact same thing right now and it's been freaking me out. I get these head sensation/waves and the feel like they are getting worse and I really want to get a CT scan so bad for assurance. I also am afraid to go out because I feel like I might have a panic attack. Please reply

  • I'm going through the exact same thing right now and it's been freaking me out. I get these head sensation/waves and the feel like they are getting worse and I really want to get a CT scan so bad for assurance. I also am afraid to go out because I feel like I might have a panic attack. Please reply

  • I seem to be feeling the same as you all. I am 30 yr old female. I have been having problems for 2 1/2 years now. It all started when I was in the process of moving and I came down with the flu or what it seemed I never went to the doctor. I got feeling better with that then about a week or two later I woke up one morning with horrible brain fog, walking felt weird I couldn't remember anything couldn't hardly carry on a conversation, could hardly drive but when I would I would forget where I was going or forget how to get there and was extremely tired. The only thing that would make me feel better was to just lay down and close my eyes. This lasted for a week straight. Then slowly got a little better but symptoms would come and go.

    I have been to many doctors in and out of walk in clinics you name it. Pretty much everyone has told me anxiety when they examine me. I have had lots of blood tests, 2 EKGs, a ct scan all came back normal. I have gone to some natural doctors and was told that my adrenal glands were not functioning properly and that can cause major problems including anxiety. I am currently taking adrenal support. I was also told that my patuitary gland was not functioning properly also, so I am taking natural stuff to help that. At first I did notice that I was about 50% better but now in last 2-3 weeks have gone down hill again.

    Currently my symptoms are: dizziness, lightheaded,extreme fatigue,fullness in ears and sometimes light pain in ears, I get weird pains in my head all different places like shooting pain. My vision will get weird sometimes ( especially when driving) I get headaches on and off. I get very anxious feelings at times, heart palpitations. These symptoms come and go a lot. I usually feel my best first thing in the morning then when I get ready to go somewhere it starts to bother me. The car really gets me that is usually when I feel my worst. And laying down makes me feel the best, I find myself just wanting to lay down all the time because it's usually the only relief I get. I am going to another regular medical doctor next week hoping to get answers.

    My hormones and period make it worse I definetly notice a different around that time of the month.

  • hi , im exactly the same and desperate for help :(

    have you found any relief?

  • Hi,

    I know this is an old post but hopefully you get email updates still. I am female, 27 and having your same symptoms. Only difference is mine is worse in the morning. I wake up with extreme pain and pressure in head. It carries throughout the day every day. My pain and pressure range on a scale of 1-10 from a 3-10. Some days are better but it's never gone. I get headrushes and dizzyness when standing up too. I get the shooting and stabbing pains everywhere too. I have ear pain and fullness but ENT says ears and sinuses are pristine. I have had all the test too. Scans etc. I hope you have found releif. If you have any insight into this Id love to hear it. Hope to be hearing back from you.


  • Hi i know this was posted 2yrs ago i was just wanting 2 know did ur head pressure go away? Thanks

  • I definitely think there is a connection to monthly hormonal fluctuations. do you have skin or scalp involvement?

  • I had vertigo, head pressure, tinnitus and hearing loss for about a year, which gave me anxiety and panic attacks, until I found out what it was. I thought it was Meniere's disease and that I was slowly going deaf, which was terrifying because I am a musician. I did loads of research trying to figure it out what it was, but the only thing that was coming up that made sense with all of my symptoms was Meniere's. For some reason that didn't sit well with me, so I did more research. I kept track of my symptoms for months trying to see if they got worse when I ate certain things, or with how much sleep I got, or if there was a pattern to it. There wasn't. I got multiple hearing tests done, but they all came back perfect. I didn't believe that, so I went to see an ENT, but they said that there was nothing wrong with me. Finally, I was down to my last straw, so I decided to look at one more search and that's where I found it. There was a lady who was told by the doctors that she had Meniere's disease and that she just had to live with it. For those who don't know, Meniere's is a disease that gives you symptoms of vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss, usually without warning, and no one knows what causes it, but you slowly go deaf over time. One night at a party, someone came up to this lady and told her that she may not have Meniere's, but it may, in fact, be temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. He suggested that she see her dentist and get a referral to a specialist to check it out. She did this, and she did find out that she had TMJ, and that a mouth guard would make things so much better. I took this advice and went and got a mouth guard and it makes all the difference. TMJ can give you vertigo, tinnitus, head pressure, tingling and numbness in your face from nerve pressure, and in some severe cases like this woman's and mine, it can cause temporary hearing loss from time-to-time. TMJ is usually caused by grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw when you're stressed, which I do a lot. Along with wearing the mouth guard at night, I sometimes sit with my tongue between my teeth during the day to keep myself from clenching and grinding my teeth, and I don't rest my head on my hands anymore, because that seems to set it off as well. I also keep very aware of how my stress is affecting me and I have come up with several different short-term and long-term relaxation methods to cope with my stress in a myriad of ways. If you've been to the doctor and had blood work and tests done and still can't find what's wrong, I would suggest going to see your dentist. It's worth a shot. :-)

  • I've had exactly the same symptoms as the original poster and you, and I went to my dentist at the recommendation of my mom who has TMJ and anxiety. My dentist could tell right away that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, something my orthodontist told me when I was younger but I never got a mouth guard. I'm having a mouth guard made, and I can honestly see this being the solution to my problems (along with therapy and medication for the underlying anxiety). Thank you for commenting on this post and providing a possible solution!!! :)

  • You will hopefully help a lot of people out by your post. I have had terrible symptoms on and off for years and went to so many doctors with no answers. After so much of my own research and listening to my own body, I came to the conclusion that it is my clenching causing these terrible symptoms. I mean, symptoms so bad, I thought I might be dying or just collapse one day. I started using a mouth guard and over time I started to feel better. I also went to a chiropractor once a week and that helped my nervous system a lot. It's the chicken or the egg thing really. People are so often diagnosed with anxiety or depression with these symptoms, but you can in fact get anxiety and depression FROM these symptoms. The mouth guard alone did not entirely cure me, but exercise, adequate sleep, hormone balance, and chiropractor combined did. We have to look at the whole package. People want a name for how they are feeling. Listen to your body and treat the whole thing from different angles. Thousands of dollars later, I ended up diagnosing and treating myself. I hope these posts give people a new direction to look in and hope because it is a terrible feeling and no one should have ex to live like that!

  • This is so awesome to hear, and I agree with you 100%. It is a holistic thing. People pay doctors thousands of dollars for a potential diagnosis that they're unsure about which doesn't fix anything. Or they spend years trialling medications which never fix the problem. I believe it is a mind / body thing. The most improvement Ive ever received is from my own life changes, and funnily enough not listening to what numerous doctors had to say. I think people have to learn to listen to their bodies..... there they will find simple answers :)

  • You are so right with the chicken/egg analogy!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to post this...I believe it is a big part of the answer for me. I have also been experiencing the tinnitis/hearing loss, pressure in my head, headaches, dizziness, neck pain, nerve pain, etc. and was starting to wonder what on earth was causing it. It's felt like something is oppressing my head off and on during the day and making me feel really out of it. Well, I was diagnosed with TMJ as a teen and have been grinding my teeth a husband says I do it a lot at night, and I catch myself doing it during the day, too. I never knew the TMJ could be a cause of all my symptoms. I have been under some stress for a while as well and realized that has not helped matters. I've since done more research on this and found that eating the right foods and doing jaw exercises is often a better idea than meds and surgery. Good idea on the mouth guard, too. Thanks again!

  • How long did you wear the mouth guard before it started making a difference?

  • I'm going to be honest, you might want to just go to the doctors about it.

  • has anyone come up with a relief or a solution for this .... i too have the exact symptoms and it is ruining my life. i am a different person becuase of these feelings and it is causing me secondary depression of course cause i cant be who i am and do what i like. PLEASE help and if any of you has found something to help with this please share with the rest of us, as you know how horrible this is.

    i too went to many doctors and scans and after spending 1000s of dollars, i am told its just anxiety.

    i am light headed, dizzy and spaced out 24/7 and i cant cope anymore.

    i wish all of us good health and to come over this horrible feeling



  • Hey guys. This is the first thread i have read that has had people that haveall the same symtoms as me witch include dizzyness 24/7 it never gets better or worse its always there feels like brain fog i gess. I have had this for the past 3 years now and it hasnt gotten any better. Ive seen everone that you can think of and they all say the same thing witch is there is nothing they can do. I did have an mri test witch said there was a bumb on the back of my brain but they said it was nothing. Has anyone got an update on how to fix this?? Please let me know.

  • My ENT sent me to an audiologist to do a VNG test. It showed a vestibular weakness, which can only be treated with physical therapy. if that doesn't work, it becomes my new normal :-(

  • look up menieres inner ear disease x for lifes big questions too xx

  • Have you been tested for Lyme disease? Or have you made dietary changes, such as stop eating grains and sugar? I have lyme and have some of the same symptoms...Also, cutting out grains and sugars have helped me. Best of luck.

  • Hi. I know this is an older post but I have been experiencing the same for mths now. I was diagnosed with anxiety March of 2011. Seems like new symptoms are constantly arising. Did you ever find out if it was definitely anxiety or something else?

  • Hi guys. I'm 30 and have been experiencing the same symptoms. It started with a numb patch on the top of my head than transitioned into a visual problem where I feel off and kind of dizzy but not like the room is spinning. The visual problems start after waking up and are worse at work where I sit at a computer. Then the anxiety kicks in which only exasterbates the symptoms. I have already scared myself into believing it is either a tumor or MS since I am getting some tingling in my feet now which only increases my anxiety levels. I have never experienced anything close to this. I have saw a GP and he took blood which was normal and told me to go buy some meclazyne, a dizzy suppressant that does not seem to help. I am currently setting an apt to see a neurologist but I am struggling with this mightily, since it seems my anxiety has caused me to believe and accept the worst tumor\MS already. I constantly have nervous breakdowns and it is taking a huge toll on my life. I get solace from reading all of your posts because they give me hope and let me know that I am not alone in this struggle. In all honesty I hope its just anxiety since I believe I can manage that. I am hoping for the best, can anyone relate?

  • Wow, your thinking is literally the way I feel everyday. I got an MRI done of my head, and thought that something was majorly wrong... Getting the sharp pins and needle pain, soft spots on my head (when I have never fell before) Thought maybe it was MS because I get the tingling feeling that you feel. And like you, I also get worse when I sit in front of the computer or stare straight at something for long periods of time. Did you ever find relief in going to the neurologist? I went to one a few times, he thinks I have postpositional vertigo? Something to do with my neck... he wanted me to see a PT, but I had seen one when I went to the chiropractor and that didn't really relieve my symtoms. Then I went to another clinic that specializes in balance/dizziness, and they stated I had vestibular vertigo and anxiety... I'm going back to that clinic next week since I hadn't been there since 2012 (I didn't follow thru with everything - as in the PT they suggested because of financial issues since I have been racking up medical bills like crazy). I'm going to go completely thru the tests AGAIN... and see where I wind up. I have to get rid of this :o( I feel your pain and what your going thru. Sucks! Hang in there!

  • This is exactly, pretty much word for word, what I am experiencing. I am now 29. I have struggled with anxiety for about five years - though probably also much of my life, but unrecognized. I have experienced a myriad of symptoms, including tingling in my hands and feet, numbness in my hands and feet, head aches, brain "zaps", feeling foggy and out of it. It seems like there's always something new and my brain gets away from me speculating what might be causing it. I have seen my GP many times as new symptoms arise and saw a medical internist twice. No medical diagnosis was found, other than anxiety.

    Starting maybe a year and a half ago, I was getting terrible headaches at work and feeling very dizzy with a massive pressure in my head. Like my head weighs 100 pounds and I can feel the pressure in my face and the back of my head. The computer for me too seems to trigger something and make it worse. It's come on and off since then. Over the last few weeks, it's kicked back in and I can feel the anxiety in my chest when I get up in the morning. Inevitably, after being at work and on the computer, by about 10am I'm dizzy and just feel like garbage. It is so disruptive to my life and who I am - and I am naturally a very outgoing person, but it makes me want to hide in my bed until I feel better.

    I want you to know I can relate to you exactly and it makes me feel much less lonely to know other people out there have experienced the same thing. I don't know how to make it better - though I'm going to start seeing a psychologist again to address my anxiety, as it seems like right now, exercise, eating well and sleeping aren't enough.

    I hope you're doing better!

  • Hi i know this was a few yrs ago are u still usein the site? Ive the same problem & wantin 2 know did ur head pressure go away? Thanks

  • Have your GP refer you to get a MRI it will ease your anxiety about it being a tumor. I have had this for 2 years now. I am 27 a female and in near perfect health besides this. I have had 3 MRIs of brain and spine. Also CT scans. It eased my mind to know I don't have a tumor but scares me that it's still a mystery. So all my scans were normal also all the blood test over the years. I am now trying to convince any and every doctor that they are missing something. I have never had anxiety before this so I have a hard time believing anxiety is the cause. I think it's a symptom. However I have not taken anxiety medication yet. I have taken anti inflammatorys, steroids, pain killers, muscle relaxers, migraine, and seizure medications. All offering no help. I am seeing a new GP next week. I am going to give anxiety meds a try. I'll try anything. Good luck to you. I hope you can get in for a MRI. Please let us know if you do. So what are all of your symptoms? I'd like to compare. And how long has this been happenings? Also when did it start? Can you remember the exact moment? Hope to hear back from you. -Thera

  • Hello again-

    Well I have reached my one year anniversary with this condition and unfortunatley little has changed. I have now seen 2 neurologist, 2 GPs, a rheumatologist (waste of time), an ENT, chiropractors, and a psychologist. Some of these visits have helped a little but nothing takes the scalp pain and wooziness awary (my 2 biggest complaints). I had and MRI and have been tested for Lymes, thyroid disfunction, and auto-immune diseases with no positive results. My main neuro thinks that this is a form of migrane/tension headaches that are dirven by my anxiety. I do not necessarily disagree but the pain and wooziness still persist after all the meds we have tried to fix this it can be hard to accept. I now know this is not MS or a brain tumor after I had the MRI and neuro visits but before that I was completley conviced it was one of the two. I was already invisioning myself wheelchair bound for the remainder of my life. Thanks to Dr. Google and my exceptional imagination I still have been having some difficulty shaking off the MS thoughts but I am working on that with the psychologist currently who diagnosed me as a hypochondriac obviously. I still struggle with going into stores and being at work under the white light and sitting at a desk behind a computer all day. I have currently started to take cymbalta so we will see how that goes. My new year resolution will have to be to give into the fact that this is completely anxiety related, because trust me, it has taken a long time to come to this conclusion because of the severity of my symptoms at times. I know that I will have to battle this acceptance issue many times down the road as I will no doubt convince myself that this HAS to something else, something sinister and deadly because that is just how I am wired. I have to have a better attitude when dealing with this. I hope to one day come back to this and tell you all that I am doing better and I hope the same for you all as well! I know that I may have to deal with this for a long long time but I will continue to fight it the best I can. I keep telling myself that, I SHALL PREVAIL!

  • I also get the numb spots on top of my head & visual disturbance with dizziness. My ENT said anti-dizzy medicines would be the worst possible treatment for me because my issue is a weakness of my vestibular function.

  • Hi Guys,

    I am surprised to see similar people like me in this group . I had the same issues from last 1.5 to 2 Years with head pressure, gastritis , Tickling of upper left chest ,Dizziness, pulsating nerve , concentration problem, A feel of Hypertension and worst thinking and all seems negative feelings.

    I did almost all the tests starting Complete health Test, Thyroid test, Vitamin B12 , ECG, Gallbladder, Liver , Kidney .

    Later 1 Endoscopy test Doctor found mild erosion and Pylori on my stomach and suggested to take medicine Sompraz HP (3 Tablet at a time).

    All other tests came negative :-(

    I swear that helped me a lot but the depression and chest pain and feeling dizziness almost remains for some time. The tension feeling come now and then and there is no end of it but it is no proper reason.

    I felt like when I think too much on a topic or personal matter it go for a toss and my brain alarms me that I am going to die but all are in VAIN and Makes No sense.





  • Hi,

    I'm new to this forum, and came across this thread in my Google Search. I've been a sufferer of dizziness/lightheadedness/foggy brain feeling for about 5 years now. I've had so many tests done that I could probably fill up a page... from ENT/MRI's of head/neck/sinuses, bloodwork. You name it I have gotten it done. The original post on this page just sounds cleary like me, and I just wanted to know if anyone has found any answers? I too have been told that its just "anxiety", but getting a weird floaty feeling and almost feeling like I have to faint everyday doesn't seem like it could just be anxiety. I know there are 100's of symptoms of anxiety, but I would never think that anxiety could control your life mentally AND physically. For me, it all started when I was at the gym on a stationary bike and BAM I felt dizzy and thought it was deyhydration, but it stuck with me since then, and it has only gotten worse. As of late just sitting here typing just makes me have a floaty/waves of dizziness in my head feeling. Even the right side of my head feels like it twinges :o( Any help would be much appreciated. I just wanted to add too that none of this runs in my family. My husband says since all my tests come back negative (which is obviously a good thing), that the only thing he can really say is that maybe the docs are right and that its anxiety? I just feel like its something more because its so strong and ruins my daily life... I'm 34, active female with no kids/pets, and exercise on a daily/weekly basis. Just sucks. All I want is to rid this for the rest of my life its so frustrating and scary.

  • Hello, I am 27, female and have the same stuff going on for the past 2 1/2 years. I too am very active, very healthy, and happy. I have had every text, scan, MRI, lumbar puncture, Ec. All turning up normal. I have 24/7 head pressure, fog, dizziness, and pain. I get pressure behind eyes and ears. My sinuses and ears are in perfect condition according to multiple ENTs. Whenever I stand up I get dizzy, lightheaded, headrushes and almost blurred vision. This is all worse when I wake up and stand up but it is constant. Someone's it's not as strong as other times but it is always there. Today has been a bad day. Constant head pressure at a level 10. Really strong dizzyness when standing. I'm stilling in a chair still and feel like my brain is floating in my head. There is a fuzzy almost styrofoam feeling in my head. Well enough about me. I am happy to have found a recent message board with other suffers. Hopefully together we can find some answers. Please keep posting anything and everything. I have a few doctor appointments next week. I will keep yall updated. Best wishes.


  • Hello,

    New to the site. Also came across this post while googling about dizziness related to anxiety and I am already feeling a little less crazy seeing that there are others out there with a similar problem that seems to have no answers. Five years? my heart goes out to you; i have been driven mad dealing with this for three months. I am replying to this post in particular because my first symptom was also at the gym; I got real lightheaded and woozy and getting off the treadmill and just thought i had overdone it, but the it never really went away. As it became more severe and constant over the next month, my anxieties about what it could be got worse and worse. Along with being constantly lightheaded, I became more and more fatigued as this went on and the terrible "brain fog" that people are referring to, it's hard to focus or concentrate on anything, sometimes feel like i can't speak. After the second month, I was to the point of not leaving the house from the fear of passing out or just collapsing somewhere. I went through several medical tests as have others and I ended up being admitted into the psychiatric hospital. The way this has ruined my life and kept me from doing anything I used to enjoy has caused major depression. I've been on Paxil for the past 6 weeks, but all my symptoms are still there which makes me more skeptacle that all this could just be anxiety. I'm 29, active male with no kids and apparently totally healthy on paper. I am just curious to talk to anyone out there who is also struggling with this. I am scheduled to see a new pych dr in a week to get off these meds and possibly try something else. I know a lot of these are old posts, but I will keep reading and posting, it's nice to know I'm not alone. thanks.

  • Hi ozwalt, welcome to the anxiety forum. While going to water exercise classes twice a week, I decided to work out in the gym on my alternate days. I used the treadmill and did a nice pace walk. When I got off the same thing happened to me, I got lightheaded and woozy. It scared the heck out of me enough so that I could never go back on the treadmill. I continued my water aerobics without a hitch and pushed that up to 5 days a week. I don't think it's that uncommon to feel that sensation when getting off a treadmill. It's mostly because I was anxious to begin with and that just fed into my fear. It's an unsettling feeling to have something moving under your feet. I think it was just something that might have happened anyway. You are not alone.

  • Hi ozwalt,

    Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Can I ask if you drink caffeine at all? I have noticed that my symptoms are stronger after I have some coffee in the morning. I think the more that I have gotten older, the more sensitive I have become to caffeine and alcohol. Weird but true. If you google symptoms I guess you can actually have "coffee brain" which is where the brain fog can come into play, and the dizziness. It definitely isn't uncommon to be dizzy after the treadmill or rather lightheaded. I know I get that a little bit after coming off of one because of the constant motion. I also feel that sitting in front of the computer (as I do for work) all day doesn't help. How's it going though lately? I believe you said you were going to try a different medication? Has that helped? I have also been seen a chiropractor again which I think is helping with my neck pain/symptoms of dizziness.

  • Hey pbjelly,

    Interestingly enough i quit drinking caffeine about a year ago because i had become really sensitive to it and would get anxious and jittery. I also stopped drinking alcohol about 6 months ago for quite the opposite reason; i couldn't get enough of it. I get what you're saying about the treadmill, lately i've been thinking that i just got that initial feeling after being on the treadmill and my anxiety just ran wild with it thinking of all types of serious things that could be causing it. I took an antidepressant for about a month and it didn't reduce any of my symptoms, just made me worry a little less about them i guess. I'm just trying to learn to function more with it, i still get that heavy headed/out of it feeling like i might pass out at some point about every day. it's still an awful feeling, but i just try to keep from going into a panic about it and it passes. I see your original post was a year ago, are you feeling much better now? someone else suggested seeing a chiropractor too, i think i will try that. I really want to get back into the gym, but am afraid to really push myself again. Have you been able to exercise regularly? or does it worsen any symptoms you have?

  • Hi ozwalt, that is really interesting that you quit the caffeine and the alcohol which could have played a part in your symptoms. I noticed that even if I quit caffeine for a day or two, nothing changes, I still get the full headed almost confused like symptoms and I get bad caffeine withdraws. I don't eat a lot of gluten/breads anymore... and exercise about 3-4x a week, I'm athletic and have always been. Some days are better than others, but typically I deal with my symptoms, like you everyday. I wake up not knowing how I will feel. I get the floaty like feeling. I work in front of a computer all day so I its like my eyes are so boggled from sitting at the computer all day its like they move faster than my head..almost like someone is hypnotizing you and you have one of those small pocket watches going back/forth, thats how my eyes feel somedays. As of late the fainty feeling/passing out, floor moving hasn't stopped and has gotten worse over the past couple of weeks. Not sure if I am more stressed out or? I have only been back to my chiro twice now. I go back tomorrow. When he does my adjustments, I don't get the manual adjustments as they are too aggressive, so I get whats called an activator. They give me relief as far as physicality but mentally brain fog, nope doesn't do anything, feels like i'm back at square 1 everyday. My head feels weird whenever I am concentrating on something... like when I'm walking I feel ok, but when it comes to looking at the computer, I feel like I'm swaying in a chair or rocking on a boat if that makes sense? I have never been on an anxiety med, but refuse to because pills freak me out. I feel like I'm still at a lost of who I should go and see. Just like you, healthy on paper and its like everytime I go into a doctor they think I'm crazy because they don't find anything on tests, but I have these symptoms pretty much 24/7, 365. Some days I just want to close my eyes because I've over dealing with this everyday :( How come you haven't gone back to the gym? that may take your mind off of things if you get back into it? Don't be afraid to get back into things. None of this has stopped me. Mind over Matter, right? :)

  • Hello everybody. I am a 30 year old male living in the UK. I am new to this forum and this is the first time I have posted on any such forum, possibly because I am quite bad at asking for help! But while it is quite distressing to hear how much you have all been suffering, I do find it comforting to know that I am not alone in my discomfort, distress and confusion, so for that I am grateful to all of you.

    Last summer I was diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis, which left both ankles, knees and elbows very swollen and painful with restricted movement - as somebody who usually does at least 10 hours of exercise a week and relies on this not only for enjoyment but to relieve stress, it was extremely upsetting to not be able to exercise at all for several months. But I have had injuries before and I had a diagnosis that it usually takes 6 - 12 months to recover completely from RA so I thought "okay, just do a little bit when I can and wait for it to clear up."

    However I had also started seeing a girl whose dad was terminally ill and around September he got really bad, so when she moved back home to look after him and her mum I was concentrating on being there for her, emotionally and physically. I was pretty much going to work during the week and spending weekends in the hospital with her for a few months, which of course was quite stressful and physically exhausting.

    Around mid-November I started feeling a little bit dizzy, like I was on a boat or something. I started to feel a bit detached, like I wasn't really all there, and my mind felt foggy like I couldn't collect my thoughts. I would pause for long periods in the middle of sentences. I have felt like this since then. I don't want to sound big-headed but I am usually quite quick-witted and very articulate, but I no longer make the kind of 'off the cuff' jokes or comments I usually make (like I realise that this is my 'cue' but my head just goes empty) and my words come out jumbled up or I use much simpler language than I normally do as I can't think of the exact word that I want.

    My girlfriend's father passed away at the end of November, which of course was devastating to her and also for me, to see somebody I care about so much going through that. Following the funeral things obviously calmed down a bit in terms of stressful situations and as she has started to try and get on with her life again I have been able to concentrate a bit more on myself (which was part of the problem - I felt bad for worrying about myself while her dad was so sick) and so I have been to see the doctor a number of times. Before I went away for Christmas he told me he thought it was anxiety and that I should try to sleep and relax.

    However over Christmas/new year I got the flu which stopped me sleeping! My first week back at work I barely slept (two or three hours a night) and I had horrible headaches around the top of my eyes/temples and terrible tension type pain at the back of my head, where the base of the skull meets the neck. Also when I close my eyes it feels like a strobe light is going off and my eyelid 'flickers'. I went to see the doctor and he said he definitely thinks it is anxiety/stress and tension that is causing all of this - the dizziness, 'brain fog', headaches and eye pain. He has put me on on Amitriptyline, which I have been taking 10mg of each night for a week now - it hasn't really affected the dizziness at all but the headaches have gone and it feels like the tension is lifting a lot. I am planning on doubling the dosage to 20mg each night at the weekend, as the doc said this would be okay. I have heard that these kind of drugs take a couple of weeks to 'kick in' properly so I am trying to be patient.

    The biggest problem I have right now is that (as quite a cynical person admittedly) I am having trouble believing that all of this is being caused by anxiety - this seems to be a common theme for a lot of us though! Although the last year has been pretty tough I don't actually 'feel' all that anxious, you know? Like I think I've been through worse before and I've had no problems like this before at all.

    So that is my story. I hope that any of you who have been in a similar situation take some comfort from it, in the same way I have from yours.

    If anybody has had a similar experience and is 'further down the line' I would love to hear from you and if anybody has been prescribed Amitriptyline or similar tricyclic antidepressants it would be great to know if you had any luck with them! Also, has anybody else been told that their dizziness/brain fog is being caused by anxiety but is having a hard time accepting it or doesn't actually feel like they are that anxious?

    I apologise for such a long post - if you have gotten this far then thank you for reading, as I said I haven't really told anybody a lot of this stuff! I wish you all nothing but the best as you look for answers.

  • I had this for 4 months in the end I gave in and took venlafaxine, first few weeks were horrid now back to old self. Hand trust and control over to your Gp, it's a chemical in balance in your brain, google stress and burn out that's when the penny dropped for me

  • How long were you on the meds before you felt better? And how long did you stay on them total? I'm considering trying this but I really don't like meds

  • I was exactly the same really reluctant to start, I thought I'm not even sure it's anxiety why would I risk taking these u less everything else has been ruled out. I got to a point where I thought I can't go on like this what have I got to lose. First few weeks were bad so I had diazepam also to help with affects, after a week I felt much happier and the physical symotons went after a month. I'm still on and honestly I have my life back I wish I would have done it sooner

  • I'm glad they helped you! Thanks for sharing

  • No problem. If u ever need to talk or want reassurance come back here

  • Hi folks I have similar symptoms dizziness/head pressure , being too aware of how my body is feeling, checking my pulse, balance constantly! I first got panic sensations at 24 years old , 13 years ago. I have struggled over the years to cope with work, some social situations (stuck at a dinner table in by a wall or something was my biggest dread) etc two years ago I came across a book which gave me great understanding of anxiety and how the thought process links to your physical feelings/sensation. I was sceptical at first but there was one exercise in it which convinced me the author knew what she was talking about. Basically it was introduced as a way to introduce the sensations you get during a panic attack in a safe controlled environment and then teaches you how to dissipate them. So what you do is force yourself to breath in and out as hard as you can for approx 45 secs ,then I started to feel the same type of dizziness sensation I felt when under anxiety, thenfby stopping this type of breathing and returning to 4 sec out 4 sec in using belly breathing I could get rid of it. It actually scared me so much the first time(the dizzy feeling) I stopped the exercise after about 10 secs. The book gives brilliant explanations for the physical sensations and what causes it by your breathing. My wife commented to me that I often hold my breath or yawn,exhale strongly when in tricky social situations and I believe this in turn brought on dizzy sensation which then turned my thoughts to 'uh oh' it's happening again. While I wouldn't say I'm cured, understanding the sensation and what causes it has hugely helped me to deal with it. E.g as soon as I notice my breath holding or irregular breathing when under pressure I change it to correct breathing and this really helps. Other things I've changed are organising myself a lot better, preparing things in advance( eg don't fill the car with diesel on the way to work, make lunch night before etc )) lots of vigorous exercise daily, don't let my life be run by ,always getting the news on the radio, or looking latest news up, in fact I make a point of not listening to the radio in the morning to try and have my brain relaxed with my own thoughts in the morning etc. the book I read was by a dr.aine tubridy( when panic attacks) it has honestly changed my life, as I said not fully cured but damn close'! Hope this might help someone else as it has me! Take care and good luck.

  • What was the book called? Thanks for your post. Offers hope!

  • Hi there. I am male, 29 years old.

    I'm from the Philippines and experiencing most of the symptoms you guys posted here. It's been almost 4 years since it all started. But I just wanna share what specifically I am experiencing:

    > head and neck pressure

    > pressure under my eyes and face

    > lightheadedness (as if i'm on a boat) and dizziness

    > on off vision problem (so many floaters)

    > watery eyes

    > dry mouth

    > tingling in my hands and feet

    > heartbeat everywhere

    > feeling as if im dying

    > always calculating my parents age, and would become worried

    > afraid of topics about dooms day,end of the world

    > lack of energy

    I really want my good health status back.

    I will be having my first baby this June and I want to be in good condition by that time.

    I dont know what else I should do.

  • Anxiety has a way of mainfiesting the strangest symptoms there are. I was helping someone recently who told me his toe started to go numb due to his anxiety, so most definitelu your symptoms sound quite normal. Here's my intro post if you'd like to learn what I did to begin the road to recovery... Take care.

  • Hello To All Who Understand,

    I have been facing the exact same battle as each of you has been suffering through as well. The onset of disorienting and debilitating dizziness, head pressure, and stiffness of the neck below the base of the skull; followed by a slew of anxiety attacks which are mistakenly interpreted as impending death in the moment. And after a year or so, as I'm sure most of you have realized, the terrible feelings of heart failure and brain jellification are eventually accepted as a non-life-threatening, mysterious condition that appears as if it is not subsiding anytime soon. After seeing many doctors and having many tests done... nothing. I wont go into all of the horrible details of being a prisoner of your own brain; not mind... but physical brain, because you all know how deeply and desperately you just simply want your "old life back," as well as an answer on how to achieve it. CLEARLY, the medical experts are at a loss for any legitimate answer or we would be talking about how our treatments were successes... not disappointments. I believe we can find an answer though, we must, because this is NOT living and I refuse to watch my life waste away as I am trapped in this Zombie-like mental fog, unable to truly experience life, anymore.

    I am 27 years old and have been suffering from this highly misunderstood condition for 8 years, most of which, I have been relentlessly compelled to seek answers and find a cure for this perplexing and terrifying mystery. I have noticed many strikingly frequent patterns between those who exhibit these very distinct symptoms. This is NOT all in our heads... well sort of... you know what I mean.

    This May 2015 I will begin a Scientific Study to determine the true cause and nature of this accumulation of life-altering burdensome symptoms. Like many of you, I am a parent, to three amazing children who deserve a Mother who is not "sick" day-in and day-out. More information on the study will become available in the coming weeks and of course each and every one of your participation is profoundly appreciated and will hopefully give us answers once and for all.

    For more information or to offer any suggestions you may contact

    Please look out during the coming weeks for additional news. Remember, we were not always subjected to these horrible symptoms, we were once able to LIVE life, and together we will find our way back there. Do not ever give up the fight or accept defeat as absolute. We will find an Answer.

    With all of my Sincerest Best Wishes,


  • Love it Sabra..... I feel so passionate about this! And it surprises me that so many people (professionals) just have no answer or solution!

  • I have had some similar symptoms. I was referred to a neurotologist and found out I have a vestibular disorder. There are many kinds of inner ear disorders (sometimes you get them from flying in airplanes), that can cause symptoms as you are describing.

    Also check out It was very helpful to me.

    Good luck.

  • are you in the US?

  • This is what is my similar story. I am currently in japan and word to word of your problem mat hes my state. I wonder if this is not related to work pressure or living in japan.

    please reply and let me know how you feel now.

  • Hey it has been good to read your replies and see that some of you are coping. I was put in a chokehold 6 months ago and afterward suffered lightheadedness. Anyway after this I went home and woke up next morning light headed still panicking. Since then I've had my Mri scan ct scan and various tests Which have all come out clear. I have been diagnosed with anxiety. This has been hard to accept but with time to think it has made a lot of sense. I have had persistent brain fog, dizziness, tiredness, headaches, insomnia, pulsating beat in my right ear and other distressing symptoms. This has affected my life in a big way and would like some advice if anyone could help?

  • Hello everyone. I just created an account because this thread hit so close to home. I've had panic attacks since I was 6 but never knew what they were. I've had them all of my life due to my home environment and always got through them but this last month has been anxiety 24/7 and I don't know how to fight it anymore. I don't want to give up though. The dizziness and depersonalization scare me the most. I haven't really driven in 2 weeks because I'm so scared of having those sensations. I have a 3 yr old also, single mom, and don't want to be a shut in. I did go to the dr and he gave me Xanax but since I haven't really had anything to distract me I stay at home and worry which I know isn't good. my bf is in the military and after 3 months will finally be back in 2 weeks and I just want to feel better and be my old self for him and my son. Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself and with how I've been feeling and I just cry because I don't know what to do. I do go to therapy but my therapist and I have had to cancel and reschedule our appointments for a month so this weekend I'll finally see her. Hopefully that helps because any relatives or friends I talk to about my anxiety tell me either to breathe through it or just basically get over it. I'm so glad I found this site though, knowing I'm not alone in this does make me feel better. Sorry for the rant lol I just hate these feelings. Has anyone tried anything else that helps?

  • I have all the symptoms that you have! 😣 its so scary. . Ive stopped going out if I really dont have too.. its a daily struggle and honestly im scared to death. .. I

  • I have these symptoms too since 2 weeks ago. But I don't think I have anxiety...

    The scariest thing is that I live in Japan too, as the original poster and others have commented.

  • it was reassuring to read this. I've just had a daughter. I'm a deep thinker and constantly worry about what would happen if i died. I was the victom of an armed robbery a couple of years ago the day before my mum had a brain tumor removed. But since my little girl Ive had weird feeling all over my head and dizzyness. I've been thinking i too have a brain tumor or something weird. Was nice to see this though my anxiety is always there.

  • I also constantly worry about dying and leaving my kids behind. I think about it every day. I was also the victim of an armed robbery a long time ago and know that bad things can happen. I feel very dizzy most of the time and suffer with constant anxiety. I hate it. Let me know if you find out how to cope.

  • Hey i have the exact same symptoms as you so can you please tell ne if you found out what it is

  • Hello all,

    This is my first time here. I have slightly different symptoms I suppose.

    I recently moved thousands of miles away from my original home of my entire life to take a job in the West of the United States. During the trip I was trapped in a city due to panic attacks and an inability to sleep due to those attacks.

    I would suffer heart palpitations, and a feeling of being unable to breath properly whenever I would try to sleep. Whenever I tried to leave that city I would suffer a panic attack and be forced to turn around. I was forced to stay in a hotel for two days trying to sleep and control myself.

    I was prescribed Trazedone by a doctor to help me sleep and take the edge off, just enough for two weeks. I was able to sleep somewhat, though the heart palpitations and feeling of being unable to breath properly persisted.

    I was able to overcome the drive and now am in my new home. I had been fine for perhaps a week or two, but now I am having a feeling lightness, and occasional lesser versions of the previous problem.

    It is twenty days until I start my new job, and there is much to do to get ready. I am a teacher, and will be the only English teacher at the secondary level in the school I will be working in.

    I am able to sleep, but I always feel palpitations that scare me sometimes, like even right now, there is a feeling of lightness in my chest.

    I know I likely have health anxiety, and generalized anxiety as well. The down side, is that my wife and I have no insurance, and every time I wish to go to a doctor or emergency room, she mentions that we truly can't afford it.

  • I had the same symptoms, it was anxiety, andTyphoid fever.. Dr gave me medication forTyphoid fever and all those symptoms went away so fast.. I was so surprised

  • Hello, I am 27, female and have the same stuff going on for the past 2 1/2 years. I am very active, very healthy, and happy aside this happening. I have had every text, scan, MRI, lumbar puncture, Ec. All turning up normal. I have 24/7 head pressure, fog, dizziness, and pain. I get shooting and stabbing pains randomly in head. My ears feel full on and off. I get pressure behind eyes and ears. My sinuses and ears are in perfect condition according to multiple ENTs. Whenever I stand up I get dizzy, lightheaded, headrushes and almost blurred vision. This is all worse when I wake up and stand up but it is constant. Sometimes it's not as strong as other times but it is always there. I feel hungover every day with no alcohol consumption. I get tingling sensations on my head too. And sometimes it will just be a dull pain. Sometimes there is no pain and just pressure. Today has been a bad day. Constant head pressure at a level 10. Really strong dizzyness when standing. I'm sitting in a chair still and feel like my brain is floating in my head. There is a fuzzy almost styrofoam feeling in my head. Well enough about me. I am happy to have found a recent message board. Hopefully together we can find some answers. Please keep posting anything and everything. I have a few doctor appointments next week. I will keep yall updated. Best wishes.

  • I saw your post on webmd as well. I just had my neck MRI done today and no report yet. I am having this heavy head feeling for more than two months now and feel like it is getting worse everyday. I did all kinds of Gbloodwork,ear testing,MRI on brain, neurologist. Nothing yet. I have no appetite just force myself to eat so I have some energy to fight with this dizziness. We will keep each other update on new findings. Good luck!

  • Hello, So sorry to hear you are dealing with this stuff too. Let me know the MRI results when they come in. Hope it's nothing to serious. what are your symptoms exactly? And when did this start happening? Do you recall something triggering it? Has anything helped lessen your symptoms? and what makes them worse? Any health problems prior to this? I apologize for the interrogation, I am just determined to figure out what is going on with all of us. I am so happy to have found others trying to solve this too. However heartbreaking it is that others are suffering, it's also a relief to know we are not alone. Have the doctors guessed at anything? Or any theories of your own? I look forward to hearing back from you. Hope your not feeling to bad. Hang in there we will figure this out.


  • I had some professions read my MRI yesterday before get back from the doctors. Everything is normal again which is a good thing. Then I don't know what will be my next step now. I am looking for functional medicine. I started this whole dizziness when I was in hot car and went to air conditioning room. It seems getting worse day by day. I feel my head is so heavy and tight, no spinning or rocking or out of balance. I can't hardly walk or stand because I feel like I am going to pass out anytime. I don't have appetite, my tongue get white and thick. I force myself eat anyway. Only few times I feel tired and have tingling on my arms. To get in the sun really make me worse. But my symptom is all days nonstop. I feel better while I am sleeping because I don't think. I dream a lot and can be waken up by any noise. I can't sleep during the day. My head feels better if I lay down but I start to get nervous and my whole body is not comfortable. Every morning I wake up, I feel my arm and my legs are tighten up by something. I hope we can help each other find solutions.

  • I would just like to jump in and tell a bit of my story. Ive suffered from depression for a few years now however only about 2 years ago, something happened in my life that 'jolted' my emotions. I was really upset for a few days, then I started noticing a sort of 'fogginess' or real detachment. I felt dizzy, faint, spaced out, couldn't remember anything or string a sentence together. I felt like Id drunk a bottle of vodka. Im a high performer, and achiever. I have a uni degree, run my own business (well try) and just got the job of my dreams. So at this stage, I didn't know what was wrong, I was so embarrassed to tell anyone and terrified thinking the only way out was death. I had just begun seeing a psychiatrist for the first time and told her my symptoms. They were so bad I nearly had to quit my job at the time. Theres a lot that I want to say but will just explain the main points. I have spent thousands of dollars on my health. When it initially happened, I was experiencing debilitating symptoms every day that eventually turned into excrutiating pain throughout my entire body. I experienced the oddest of symptoms similar to what some people have described here. Pressure in my head, tingling sensations, fogginess, burning in my head, pins & needles, popping strange noises in my brain. I was also tested for MS, tumors, fibromyalgia and many other things. I also have random compulsing vomiting attacks in which Ive been hospitalized several times over it. Ive had every expensive test under the sun and aparently im completely physically healthy!! I don't mean to make this all about my symptoms however trying to explain the severity and impact it had on my life. Things got so bad I felt like i was stuck behind a glass wall and not myself anymore. The psychiatrists claimed it to be partly dissociative, as I became so detached & almost couldn't remember who I was. Two psychiatrists came to the conclusion it was anxiety. I was in complete denial, thinking how could something like anxiety cause all these feelings? I had had no issues with anxiety or anything similar when I was young. I used to be a very calm and relaxed person, and I still am when it comes to outer circumstances in my life. Yet when it comes to the inside, its as if my body almost shuts down because it can't handle it. I have recently come to learn that every sensation is emotional as anti-depressants fixed it COMPLETELY. I went from crippling debilitating pain, complete loss of memory and feeling of identity and all sorts of physical symptoms to being 100% when starting them. Only experiencing this will enable you to see how powerful the mind and emotions are.... that emotions were able to cause what felt like every bone, every cell in my body was on fire, like I was physically draped in heavy chains and like i had a rock in my head. If anyone is unsure about their symptoms and had physical reasons ruled out, I am a true believer that yes ANXIETY and emotions can cause debilitating physical and mental symptoms. Ive begun research on the subconcious mind and come across some amazing AUDIO RECORDINGS free on youtube which have helped to put my mind at ease. To name a few, Joseph Murphy, Lissa Rankin...... Im so passionate about this, it has changed my life in a way that by only experiencing it you would understand.

    I hope you have found this enlightening / helpful..... so good to chat about it :)

  • What anti-depressants worked for you. I am at the point to explore anything as a possible cause to this.

  • hey, hopefully you have been feeling better sad to say im having the same problems, im 17 years old I have been tired of it it has caused horrible damage to my life and im sick and tired no one believes me I try to have fun like a normal kid but I cant. I need help I have been to the hospital more than once with this problem but they said it will go away I have been dealing with this 2 months now. my parents don't seem to belive me I stay up every night tryingto figure out whats wrong with me its 3 am right now and it has come to the point im done with it I just want this to end I live in fear now because of this...

  • Hey, I'm sacha I've been suffering from what it seems to be, server anxiety, depression and I consider my self a hypercondriac as also when I was 17 i experienced this problem started after smoking weed i felt werid in the back of the head and it never went away i thought i hd a beain tumor and freaked out i had blood tests, MRIs scans and all. Everything came back negaitve and i was fine im now turning 20 in 1 month and i still suffer from all these even though i had mri i still think i suffer from something deadly i know i have the sympatoms of a hyperchondriac which are, eye blobs floating around, dry mouth, clousy in my head, sharp pains throughout my brain, pressure mainly at the back of my head, and tinkling feelings and tensed mucles from everything all 3 different doctors have told me i have anxiety and i just never accept it i know if i had a serouis issue i would have extreme head aches, lack of motor skills, fits, paralyzed muscles or facial muscles but i have none of these i just have to accept the fact as a hyperchondriac that i overthink and react to these issues DO NOT GOOGLE SYPTOMS they make you start feeling them because you trick your brain thinking you have them i have now gotten a 10 time to see a psychologist to help me overcome my anxiety as i have not booked yet ever since i was 17 i was scared it will never go away and wanted to kill myself every day because i wasnt myself i explained it as i woke up in hell everyday inside my own head. After reading this bog seeing all the suffering and syptoms everyone has i truely believe i have 100% anxiety which helps me be abit relifed also i have never drunk alochol or got off my head since it happend because im scared if i drink i will feel like i will be drunk for ever because the anxiety. I recommend seeing a psychologist and meditation and relaxing to try relieve it thats what I've heard im going to try do it soon and see how i go i hope it helps me just let you know you are not alone!!!!

  • Sacha, what are your symptoms?

  • My symptoms are: brain fog, feel disconnected from world, dry mouth, constant moving like moving my leg already, sharp brain pains, pressure at back of head some times at front my right leg has been playing up on me, muscle tention, eyelid twitches sometimes, sometimes dizziness alot of the hypercondriac syptoms ontop of anxiety and stress also i seem to freak out about things easy like im gonna die got lots of other symptoms too i cant think of them off top of my head and so you know i haven't lived with parents since i was 16 i live with my girlfriend in our own place so paying rent living independent puts some stress on me too

  • Wow sounds a lot like mine. I have no history of anxiety or depression. I am trying some depression medication because I'm open to it being anything causing this. I have more doctor appointments coming up will keep you posted. Let me know how you feel over the next few days. Take care.

  • Lyme disease?

  • Hello, I am sorry to hear you or so young and having to deal with this. I understand your parents not believing you. I am 27 and doctors and friends and some family think I'm just stressing myself out to much about this. truth is, this is the only stress I have. Life is pretty normal. This started when I was 24. I feel like I've lost a lot of my youth to this as well. I cannot enjoy activities I used to, or hang out with friends. My life revolves around working to pay my doctor bills. I am never giving up on this. I will be on these message boards until I find out what cures this. I am currently exploring Nortriptyline an anti-depressant and also exploring chiropractic care and physical therapy on my neck to see if either thing helps. I am waiting on a couple appointments in the next few weeks. I think I overwhelm doctors with my symptoms and what I have already explored. They are quick to say it's "Daily Persistent Headache Syndrome" I know what a headache is and this is something else. Keep strong there are a lot of people out there trying to solve this. I have come across a lot of suffers. Someone will find an answer, some releif, a cure. Just try to do as much as you can in your life. I put mine on hold for the past three years and am regretting it. I am starting school again this fall. I'm going to do everything I wanted to before this started. It's hard but we have to keep going. We can beat this.

  • I feel the exact same. I was just thinking today, maybe a neurologist could help...idk what to do! It's making me depressed and I'm obsessed with thinking I'm going crazy. It's how I feel though! My brain doesn't feel like it communicates like it's supposed to!

  • Look into Lyme disease and all co-infections, mold, heavy metals, parasites, craniocervical misalignment, POTS and Dysautonomia.

  • I am a 26 yr old male.I have the exact same symptoms. They started february 21 2015. I was going through a stressfull period in my life and for weeks was having daily anxiety attacks. On the 21st of february i started a new job and that morning while standing i was hit with a sudden wave of dizzy/off balance type feeling. Almost as if the floor under me had done a wave. I began having tingling in my left cheek under my eye. The feeling of ants crawling on my scalp. My muscles twitched all over and i get a pulsing vibration in the fingers of my left hand. Ive started having one side headaches that seem to move all over. Sometime it feels like somthing crawling around in my brain. The wave sensations have subsided and are less frequent but ive been left with a head fog spaced out feeling. I also get very tired come afternoon.

  • Please look into Lyme disease and all co-infections, mold (possibly where you work), heavy metals, and POTS syndrome, as well as Dysautonomia.

  • More than a hundred replies and still no solution. People just write how dizzy they are.

    Did Anyone actually got better? Do anti depressants help?


  • Possibly many things including - Lyme disease and co-infections, mold, heavy metals, parasites, craniocervical misalignment.

  • Hi all, I'm new to this site so just want to firstly introduce myself. I'm a 33 year old female who starting having panic attacks 4 days after having my 3rd child. I was having chest pain, tingling sensations in hands and face. What i have realised though is tgat i tense my muscles a lot and this can cayse hyperventilation. In addition my head tension then causes dizziness as can hyperventilation. So I researched why my muscles wouldn't relax so much and obviously there are lots to think about one thing which caught my eye was lack of magnesium. To cut this short I started applying a magnesium sulphate paste to my back and around my head and it honestly relieves it. This has helped my anxiety dramatically and I now take multi vitamins with minerals to boost it. I'm hoping to go for CBT to help with panic attacks as I think the magnesium probably won't be a cure but before taking it I was almost depressed. Give it read up anyway, there are many studies out there on the effects of deficiency and diseases.

  • So stress/anxiety = symptoms and symptoms can cause more worry and attacks. Most people are deficient in magnesium and the tests are inaccurate as only 1% is situated in the blood. Has anyone else tried magnesium?

  • Great tip. From google I found out that magnesium calms your nerves = less anxiety.

    Also wanted to add about antidepressants. Im on Escilopram for 18 days so far, and honestly it helps with my offbalance and lightheadedness. After two months I ll be able to tell for sure if it works or not.

  • I started taking it to help with leg pain and it's not helping.

  • vitamin b12 difficiency cause it.take injection of vitamine b12.sure

  • vitamine b12 diffiency

  • Dear all, I haven't read every single post in this thread but most of them and there are two extremely important factors that seem to be missing from the conversation (forgive me if they have been mentioned somewhere) 1) the flight or flight response 2) the role of emotions. I've also suffered from the symptoms described here (or variations of them) but have come to see them not as some dsyfunction but as my bodies way (and when I say my body I probably mean my body-mind - the non-brain intelligence of my body) of warning me of 'danger' - that's what the fight or flight response does. But, and this is important, the 'danger' isn't some overt threat (like a tiger!) - it can be subtle, very subtle and isn't necessarily easy to pick up on . . . which is perhaps where emotions come in; if we can get in touch with and experience how we really feel about our lives then the body-mind will not feel the need to send such strong messages . . . isn't it interesting to note that several people mentioned being introverted? i.e. probably struggle to express their emotions (like me). I so empathise with everyone here who's experiencing the physical symptoms of anxiety! They're horrible, wide-ranging, strong and as several people have pointed out make us more anxious! Vicious cycle! The flight or flight response is the driving force behind it and as you can easily read online is basically hard-wired to overrule much of the bodies mechanisms in times of 'danger' - basically able to take over key symptoms. I understand that people are looking for a 'cure' but I don't believe there's a pill or single treatment for this . . . but I do believe the key lies in convincing yourself that you're safe and there's not need for the body to act like it's in danger - how to do that may depend on the cause of the underlying distress . . . this is my experience and understanding of anxiety and I hope it's useful to someone :) or lots of people, take care of yourselves!

  • Hi. I have been having very similar symptoms for a little over a year now. Can anyone share how they have overcome these problems, whether by medication, relaxation exercises, etc? The dizziness is debilitating and I feel incapacitated for days because of it. Has anyone gotten help that's working for you?

  • Look into Lyme disease. And co-infections, especially babesia and bartonella.

  • I have felt this way for months also. I've been light headed and stabbing sensation in my head bad headaches. My vision feels weird and the Dr day  I have anxiety but I feel like it's something different. I'm only 30 and I'm scared shitless to die. I'm waiting to do an MRI because my head always is hurting.

  • Look into Lyme disease. And co-infections, especially babesia and bartonella.

  • Have you been checked for Lyme disease and all co-infections including Babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia? Lyme can cause dizziness and that tingling in your head feeling - or like ants are crawling all over you.  Babesia can make you feel short of breath and bartonella causes many things including head pressure.  Have you been checked for POTS syndrome? Does your heart rate increase more than 30 beats when you stand up? 

  • Hi i have just seen this thred and i have exactly the same thing, constant dizziness, head pressure, headaches, feeling tired 24/7 i cant cope, i hate going out in public because im scared of being dizzy and that i might faint, never feel like going out with friends drinking etc... Its really ruining my life and i have had this for over a year. I know i definatley have health anxiety but what can i do to ease this, someone help?

    Thanks Alice age 19

  • Alice, you may want to test for and look into mold, Lyme disease, parasites and heavy metals.

  • I'm suffering the EXACT same symptoms as the original poster. My symptoms have eased and changed over the past 4 months. It started after a heavy night of drinking, woke up still drunk. Then I went to the bathroom and found a lot of blood after a bowel movement, and that freaked me out. I stood up and felt really dizziness and my bowels were making loud noises. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland shrinking... Rang the ambulance, they took me to A&E, and whilst in the ambulance they gave me gas and air which made me worse! I then sat waiting for sometime in the hospital and I started getting the boat sensation. After I got examined the sensation went away and I got home and later that night I was falling asleep and got these 'hynic jerks' as they call them (sensation that I was dropping). I felt sick and detached then during the night thinking something was wrong. Then the shooting pains started, along with dropping sensations. That continued throughout the day, everyday for 2 weeks. The pains subsided after taking ibuprofen, but the dizziness continued. That was 4 months ago.

  • You may want to look into parasites.

  • i m loosing my weight from 132 pound to 112 pound with all stated symptoms is this realy anxiety


  • Oh my god

    it has been exactly a year for me the worst year in my life I have all those bad physical symptoms from dizziness, heart pulpetation, numbness, fatigue and a lot more and on to of that throat tightness which bothers me the most. I'm currently taking medication to control my pulpetation which I hate to take and thinking to stop every day because it's not a solution for my axiaty! I'm considering going to naturopathic Doctor since they deal with physical symptoms in a different way I hope it works as I can't imagine that I'm going to have those symptoms for the rest of my life.

    All this happened since giving birth to the second child and staying home

    I know for a fact that I need something to help me get better and go back to work because my mind should be busy with something other than myself and my symptoms this is could be the only solution in my case

    I have axiaty medication that I'm hesitant to take I would prefer to give a natrupath a try first and see how it goes

    Hope we all get over this hard time

  • I had head pain, tinitus flashing lights dizziness and it was anxiety. It is surprising what our brains can do. I was told my brain was over sensitised so I was getting loads of problems. I am sure with all the tests something would have shown up. Have you thought that while you relax and not rushing around you start to focus more. It's like going on a roundabout but unable to get off. Also I no it is hard but try not to google it only makes things worse, I know I have been there

  • Suffered anxiety/depression/panic attacks since I was 16 - now 29. Been in a hard relationship for years (too complicated to explain). About 2/3 months ago it all started with vision issues - one day woke up and my vision just wasn't right. Very hard to explain. Glasses making me dizzy/uncomfortable/unable to focus/uneasy. Wearing contact lenses has helped, but still brain fog/dizziness. Went to eye doc and was told eyes are good, and prescription fine. Vision issues are accompanied by dizziness/brain fog/ massive head pressure/feeling of overheating during exercise/ feeling no desire strength/energy to participate in any activities. These feelings also create a feeling of panic as of course like everyone here I self diagnose.... Apparently I have everything on the Internet.. Joking aside, I am going to the doc next week to get checked out - MRI and general tests/exams. Completed yearly physical a few months back and all came back good (ekg/blood tests). Some days I just try and get on with it, other days are quite frankly unbearable. Will wait to see results from doc before looking into taking any meds (have been able to cope until the issues of late). I will post at a later date if there is anything to add.... Feel better people. God bless.

  • sounds like depersonalization. Had the same happen to me, now i think i just have leftover symptoms of GAD since the experience was so awful to begin with. but trust me, thats what you have. its an anxiety disorder.

  • please let us know if you find any answers or relief!

  • Look up Lyme and POTS syndrome. Also look into mold, parasites and heavy metals.

  • You poor souls. You all sound exactly like me 6 years ago. I had all of these symptoms, just suddenly one day out of the blue. And ever since then, I haven't been back to my normal self. I saw so many specialists, made so many ER trips. Nothing ever came of it. I was told repeatedly it was all anxiety, every symptom I was having. I couldn't buy that, I know my body and I knew that although I was indeed having panic and anxiety attacks, they were not causing the dizziness, spacey feeling, blurred vision. Admittedly after many years of doctor after doctor all telling me it was in my head (no pun intended) I just gave up and accepted that maybe I was crazy. Incidentally the next few years went by and I just suffered through it. Last year I had an MRI done and it revealed many lesions on my brain. There it was, I got a diagnosis of MS. I spent the next year accepting THAT, however I never agreed with the diagnosis. It just didn't seem like the symptoms of MS really fit to what I was experiencing. After another year of research I am convinced it's Lyme. Each and every one of you should look up a documentary online called "under our skin" you can watch it for free on the net. And look more into bartonella, Lyme and other Co infections. Don't ever let another person, regardless of how long they went to school, tell you that what you're feeling isn't real. You know your own bodies, you know what is right and what isn't. Believe me, if I could have found this golden information sooner, I could have saved myself a few years of suffering and irreparable damage from having gone untreated for so long. Be your own advocate, you have to be.

  • It does indeed sound like Lyme. Have you found a good LLMD?

  • Hello there, i dont know if anyone is still reading this but i have been struggling with the same symptoms for 12 weeks, head pressure. tinnitus, brain fog, spaced out feeling, photosensitivty, DIZZINESS and vertigo ive had so many MRIS and blood tests done ive tried chiropractors and acupuncture. Until one day my chiropractor referred me to an audiologist which imeediately diagnosed me with VESTIBULAR MIGRAINES. I am not a doctor yet i am in training still but i would seriously recommend if you are struggling with these symmptoms to go and see an audiologist! Wish you all the best and hang in there <3

  • Look into Lyme - that is not what is causing all of this, I promise. I have been to an audiologist, amongst dozens of other specialists. They'll put a name on anything to get you out their door and on some sort of meds.

  • I agree with looking into Lyme - join a Lyme disease group on Facebook, post your location and symptoms and people will respond with recommendations for Lyme Literate doctors (LLMDs). In the mean time, order a testing kit from Typical tests are inadequate- you need to be tested by a specialty Lyme lab. Cut out as much gluten, dairy and sugar as you can to reduce inflammation.

  • I know it was 3 yrs ago you wrote this hope all is well with you now.

    I have been suffering from extremely heavy head , pressure in ears and feel very giddy when walking only. Anxiety also . Started 18 month ago doctors don't know what causes head problem didyou get to the bottom of it all. First time I have found another person with same problem. Although sorry for you, it's good to know I am not alone. Any advise would be appreciated.


  • Did you get sorted?

  • Hello,

    I am feeling the exact same way, and it's even worse because i have had a few relatives who have had a brain aneurysm. They haven't been lucky enough to survive, which makes my anxiety much worse everytime i get a migraine or an anxiety attack my first thoughts are that i have one and it's going to rupture. With those feelings i also have sensations of my brain swelling and numbness if that makes sense or even throbbing. It's especially worse when I'm about to go to bed, i can't seem to go to sleep because of the pressure I'm feeling when i lie down! I have an appointment tomorrow and i just pray that it's nothing serious and that I'll be ok!

  • Zaps, tingling, anxiety, head pressure - all could be from Lyme disease and/ or co-infections. I don't know if you're still searching for answers but you would need to find an LLMD (Lyme literate doctor) to test you through a specialty Lyme lab such as IGeneX.

  • Hi guys,

    I just joined this forum recently and am experiencing many of the symptoms that you guys have posted about, and lemme tell you its been a massive relief knowing that I'm not alone. Fall is just starting now and it seems my symptoms are amplified this time of year especially since school has started, its midterm season, and an endless amount of homework has piled on my lap. I'm in my last year of business school and suffer from crippling anxiety over my grades which subsequently causes a multitude of other scary issues, like health anxiety, that cause me to panic even more. As many of you mentioned, a lot of the time I'm lightheaded and somewhat dizzy and feel like I might faint at any second, even though it's very unlikely. I've also noticed that when I'm not dizzy or lightheaded I still feel like I'm walking on clouds and everything around me isn't real, its the strangest thing; perceiving your environment as a non-reality. My anxiety has caused so many unpleasant physical symptoms that its extremely hard to believe its all because of stress/anxiety. I have an hour commute to campus from home and it can be very frightening driving those distances everyday when you're not only anxious, nauseous, and stressed about school, but also worrying about your health. I worry I'll pass out behind the wheel and end up in a ditch somewhere which causes me to have a panic attack even though the scenario is relatively absurd. I believe my anxiety is mainly caused by school and the complexity of my classes but then when I experience symptoms such as: dizziness, nausea, pressure headache, weird vision, feeling I'm going crazy, I start to panic that I'm having a heart attack or have a brain tumor or something terminal. It's an endless cycle that is basically destroying my life. Recently I've been feeling like I'm losing control of every aspect of my life and spiraling into some sort of uncontrollable mental illness. It's hard to describe but it feels like I'm genuinely going crazy and losing touch with reality, which usually leads to an existential crisis. Also, I'm not sure about you guys, but I tend to catastrophize every little thing, for example if I get a headache, even a minor one, my mind directly goes to the darkest thoughts and I start convincing myself I have a brain tumor or am having a stroke which leads to a panic attack and endless hours of worrying. I'm mentally and physically exhausted from all this as it's caused me to lose a huge amount of weight in recent years, lowered my immune system as I get a cold multiple times a year, and has made me start questioning everything I do in life. My grades have suffered in return as my constant worrying and overthinking is taking time away from studying and even from attending lectures. Some ways I try to cope are: taking deep long breaths, telling myself everything is alright and trying to think positively, drinking lots of water, and trying to distract myself. Some of these work, but usually just provide temporary relief.

    I'd love to hear what you guys do to cope with such paralyzing situations, I've heard about meditation, yoga, lifestyle changes, etc.

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Hi i know this was 4yrs ago can i ask how u have been getting on as im goin thru the same thing! Head pressure thanks

  • Hi I don't know if you can see this because it was a long time ago but I'm currently have the same symptoms for about 4 months now and it's really worrying me and getting me down. I'm just wondering did you ever find out what was causing it?

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