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Someone Please Help!! I Do Not Know.What to Do!!

For the last two weeks, I have had a weird nausea thing above my stomach. It did not matter what I ate or if I ate, though eating did seem to help. Anyway, then my period hit and I felt awful on thag, as in, in bed until the late afternoon.

During that, I began to feel really sick. But I could still eat. I thought it was my period and it would pass but it did not.

For the last few nights, I would go to bed and would feel either hungry, or really nauseous with a churning stomach. So I would get up, and grab a piece of bread. I notice that when I get back into bed, I am shakimg really really bad. As in, I now understand the term, "knees knocking together."

So then, when I sat back in bed, I would notice that the nausea has gone mostly away.

Last night was the WORST. I had not eaten in awhile, and I finally felt really good. Ive been eating things slowly for over a week. Anyway, I ate this quickly. And then had some beans and then I started to get nauseous slowly and then about an hour later, it hit really hard and I was panicking and I ran around the house, took baking soda and water, and a zantac and ten minutes later, the nausea disappeared.

It came back while I was in bed, sitting up. First I felt really bloated, like I needed to burp. I took 2 tums. And then I started getting hungry, but decided not to eat because I did not feel like being nauseous again.

So I went to bed and sure enough, really really nauseous. I got my mom and I was so scared. Id been sitting in my room, thinking of my stomach while talking to a friend online for 4 hours.

So I wondered if walking around would help and it did. I ate some bread and felt better. Then I settled down, nausea hit AGAIN. It was not the kind that made eating feel impossible. More just like the urge to get sick or just feel really off. So I was pacing back and forth, and I noticed that the nausea went away when I focused on walking.

Lying in bed, I half-awake noticed that the nausea lessened when I was not focusing on it and was FINALLY able to sleep. This was at 3:30 in the morning after two previous nights of poor sleep.

And I slept in until 1:30 and this scares me a lkt because I have never done that! I mean, sure, that still leaves me with about 10 hours of sleep after two horrendous nights so is my body just making up for the sleep it lost and the adrenaline it bore?

Sorry for the long post, but my mom still does not think I need a doctor, as she is under stress too and says she will not take me because she knows how she feels and can relate to me.

But I cannot calm down! I have no idea what is wrong!

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It really just sounds like your nerves. Anxiety. Your body was just tired and catching up from no sleep. I know it's scary but it's normal and nothing to worry about! :)


But it just feels super churny and I have this slight sweet taste in my mouth and just feel like something is really really wrong.


It's anxiety,

And it's sounds like acid reflux

It heightens 1 week before during your period and If you are under a lot of stress it's more noticeable.

Try to take a bath and eat light, don't eat and lay down, give it at least three hours.


Is GERD and acid reflux the same thing? Or is GERD just when it becomes chronic? I do not have heartburn or anything. Or stomach pains. Or burning anywhere. And I can eat a piece of bread, lie down, and be fine. I eat very slowly which seems to help. But I do not have much of an appetite and often look longingly at foods and think, "man, I wish I did not feel so crappt so I could eat two big servings of that yummy food."

I have just never felt this way in my life. Or, maybe I have and it is just amplified now.

It started after I began fearing getting sick in public. And then I started worrying about leaving the house, then I would feel sick in public, race out of the store, get in the car and panic that the feeling was not going away and continued to think that I had no control. That is when I noticed the nausea above belly button (which I also notice is not really there when I think about it....I think) and then yeah, this just blew up and I cant eat much.


Dunno honestly

The difference if there is acud reflux and GERD.

But that discomfort above the belly button is usually do to acid reflux.

Especially since you said the tablets (tums) helped a bit.

Anxiety causes in increase in stomach acid so it could just be that.

You'll have nausea and lost of appetite even though you crave foods.

Find a way to ease you anxiety, you said that when you are distracted it's not there do more things around the house or read do whatever helps distract you


Yeah. But I am not sure it was the tums that helped, I think it was the walking around and DOING something. Acid reflux scares me.


There's nothing to be scared of .

I've dealt with your symptoms currently actually what's helped me was drinking a cup of ginger tea which helps the nausea. And just thinking positive for the anxiety. As soon as my mind starts drifting towards my symptoms I: tell myself "it's just anxiety " take a deep breath hold it for as long as I can and let it out slowly.

And I focus on something else preferably something funny :)

The more you've said its 100% anxiety, what you are going thru.


Thank you, that is reassuring. I think it will go as I get used to feeling this way and no longer think it a threat or something bad.


Oh, and I do not feel worse in the mornings.


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