Idk whats going on with me in the past month.I have a non-functiong pituitary tumor but I doubt that has to do with this.

The past first few months it just started off with brain fog, and being confused, being in a daze, everything look weird, something off.But then it got worser, idk if it was one of the problems where if I look up some symptoms and then I tend to think I have that.But I looked up depersonalization and kept thinking about it and how people felt like they were in a dream.So I kept thinking about it and it started feeling like that for me.But then I was getting out of body experiences when waking up during sleeping.

I also been feeling detatched from myself, i woke up some nights panicking because my body didnt feel mine.Whenever I do something or say something It felt like I wasnt doing that.

I went to see my psyhciatrist on tuesday and she said it could be ocd because I told her I would think alot and about everything.She also said it could make my anxiety worse if I havent been getting enough sleep.

My sleep schedule has been really bad since february 14, I have been going to bed late, it wasnt all the time. it used be around 4:00 a.m, but then I started doing it everyday and going to bed at 6:00 a.m and waking up at 2:00 in the afternoon.I also wake up during sleeping, move around alot.

Today I woke up and tasted a wierd taste in my mouth and it smelt weird, then I started to feel wierd, disoriented, idk it was hard to explain but my mouth felt heavy and my face felt numb, I started touching my face because it felt fake, not mine.Idk how to explain it, I feel really detatched right now.I only got 3 hours of sleep today.

Idk what this is, I dont know if its because I dont enough sleep, which I do, sometimeS sleep for more than 10 hours when I got to bed early, but i always feel tired,I feel like I am going crazy, i keep thinking these wierd thoughts and I my anxiety just got worse, someone please help.


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  • Hey, so sorry you're feeling this way. Its imperative that you get enough sleep in order to feel better. I know its hard to do overnight, but if youre in the position to. Just go to bed an you earlier each night and don't oversleep. Its hard, but well worth it. I really hope you feel better. Talk with your Dr about the weird taste and smell in mouth and nose. Praying for youre

  • Thank you!

  • No problem :) How are you feeling today?

  • I am feeling pretty okay today

  • Great to hear!!

  • I feel the exact same thing. Since the past three days I feel so detached from myself. I went to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror and felt like I was staring at someone else. I feel like I'm not in my body all the time and secluded somewhere in the head and the rest is foreign. The world seems hazy and weird. I get super scared easily and when I get up after sitting for just a few minutes I feel I'll pass out. I feel I'll pass out when I stand or do aanything. And my body feels so heavy and so numb all the time. It sucks really bad. Irk what it even is. I hope we both do okay. And I have exactly the same sleeping cycle. I sleep at 6 am and before that if I lie down I keep having anxiety. It's got so bad I can't alter it now. It sucksss😔😔

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