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Scared Sick, Please Help!!!


Hi everyone,

So I have bad derealization and depersonalization with anxiety. I have been having alot of stress due to school for the past week. I have been going to sleep at around 5am and getting barely any sleep whatsoever. I feel physically and mentally drained. I am dizzy, off balance, nauseous, exhausted, and have been having constant panic attacks.

Last night, something really strange happened. I had been working on my laptop until 5 am. Once I was finally finished and able to go to sleep, I had a terrifying experience. I was having a nightmare that was repetitive, realistic, and impossible to escape. I tried to wake up from it and was unable to. It felt eerire and scary and I finally woke up, in tears and shaking. I was unable to speak or wake up from this dream and this really frightened me. All day today, I have been questioning wherher I am still dreaming or if this is real. It makes me feel like I'm going crazy, my worst fear. Now I am scared to go to sleep in fear of this weird thing happening again. I am exhausted but fighting it. I am so nervous over it that I am having panic attacks one after another. I dont know whats real or whats not anymore and my derealization is getting really bad. I am desperate and in need of immediate help. I cant go to sleep because Im scared I wont be able to wake up. This is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. Please, please help.

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It is frightening but it won't harm you and the more you feed the fear the more you will be afraid

You say you are still at School so not sure how old you are but I am presuming you may still be at home ?

Can you speak to your parents about this ? Maybe a teacher in School or even your Doctor ?

They will support & reassure you and get you any help you may need

Maybe if you have a night light you could leave this on in the background it can help rather than been in total darkness as the fear can feel worse when it is dark in the room

I hope you get some sleep and remember these feelings are anxiety , not pleasant but it won't harm you and talk to someone that you can trust so you get some support

Take Care x


So sorry to hear that. Sometimes we look for the quick fix but it may take a while to get over this. Try little things like relaxation exercises, deep breathing, and practice controlling your thoughts. In time you may be able to cope. When i cant sleep and im anxious i try to be as still as possible and force myself not to over react


Hi. I am sorry to read of your situation - it sounds absolutely ghastly. It seems to me that you are stuck in a cycle of anxiety, despair and fear. You begin with anxiety, which leads to sleep deprivation, which leads to the the two 'd's' you mentioned, which leads to further anxiety, and so round and round you go - getting more tired and more anxious and more dissociated from reality. It might help if you could find some distraction and relaxation techniques to use. But if your situation is so extreme it might be that you need some medical intervention in terms of a short course of medication that will allow you the space to relax while the anxiety issues are being addressed. Its not clear how old you are as you mention school - could be you are a teacher of course. If you are a pupil then of course you need to involve those legally responsible for you. But in any case, I think that you need to see your doctor and explain to him/her the things you have written here. I wish you well.

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I am a student. I have tried medication in the past and have suffered from bad side effects. I am definetely considering medication again as my anxiety is so bad it's hard to function. I agree with what you said about it being a cycle. Thank you for your detailed response.

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You are welcome my friend. If you had side effects before then probably it was the wrong medication for you. Remember to mention this to your doctor. I dont think that medication is a cure for something like anxiety, but it does allow you to have some calm periods in order to function and to perhaps pursue what will be a cure for many people - therapy.

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Think about what KDavid said

Hi there, so sorry your going through this love, how are you feeling at present? Please if you can talk to someone you trust or a doctor As you need so much support! Please let me know how you are. We all care on here and can understand what your experiencing. Your in my thoughts xx

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I am feeling a little better. I finally got a good sleep last night. Thank you so much.

Evelynarnold in reply to Tat122

So glad. Sleep and rest is so important. Take care and remember you may feel alone, but we are all here for you. X

Hi Tat,

I am so sorry about what you are going through. Sometimes its hard to believe anything will get better...but will. Honest. Hang on to that...

I think one of the best helps for any kind of derealization or personalization is for your to try to enroll in a Yoga (or other) Meditation class... where the emphasis is on: BE HERE NOW... never mind your surroundings...inside you is your sanctuary (which we lose touch with at times) ...

Would you consider checking it out? I truly believe that this would help you. Give it a chance.

My best wishes to you.

Tat122 in reply to BettyA

I have been looking into trying some kind of yoga or meditation. I agree that it will be beneficial. Thank you.

BettyA in reply to BettyA

I sense in you a really wonderful person who is going through something that later will make sense... You ARE strong, Tat, I can just sense that. Good! Glad you are looking into meditation (and Yoga)...Proud of you! :)

Hey I was reading g your post ease don't ever feel alone although as we are going through that's what it feelsike as if we are the only ones going through it trust me you are not I get terrified as well and I been going through this for some no thsbi am still a beginner and still try to find ways to cope with this..I have your exact symptoms on a daily basis...the off balance n dizziness really gets to me and last 24/7 ...I am 25 year old with a 6 year old...what always helps me when I feel so I'll to my feet is always trying to think of something positive which is my daughter....u need to think of something to want to make u fight this n keep going u are so young you have a whole life ahead of you we can do this please always feel free to talk to me I feel your pain I'm going through it at this moment I'm here for you although I don't know you just knowing someone is going through exactly these rare symptoms we are having makes us feel somewhat better dont u think..hope to hear from you soon ..Happy New Year

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Thank you :)

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