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Please anyone idk what to do :(

It'd mean so much if anyone with expericence could take some time to read this :(

Okay so, I've anxiety yeah, but thing is that, I don't believe it's anxiety thats doing this to me and causing all of my symptoms!

I've been scare of pretty much everything for as long as I can remember and every little change or pain makes me wanna freak out.

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD while I had an ongoing depression.

I've also had anxiety and panic attacks since the age 11.

But this time, I just can't believe it's anxiety. My symptoms are so bad I feel like giving up and dying. I don't know what to do no more.

I quit school cos of depression and just tired of everything in general.

Ive been seeing a psychiatrist for about a year now but when I first started I was free from anxiety and I hadn't had it for 1 year.

I've been playing pc games since I was 11 and it's always been a subconscious stress. I spent over 11 hours a day at my pc and talking to random people I've met over the internet.

When, half a year ago I quit and started going out more, my depression came. I noticed I have 'social anxiety' and felt like I didn't belong in the real world.

My mum thinks this could be the reason of my depression but i don't know.

Today, I've been suffering from anxiety for about 1 month.

It all started with upper abdomen pain, hunger pain, which most likely is gastritis.

Then one night I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating with a awful stomach ache.

I was scared of dying from it.

And it came back about 5 days in a row before it went away.

I was so scared I had stomach cancer but my mums a nurse and she said I don't. But I wouldn't believe it.

Symptoms Ive had the past 3 weeks:

Pressure in head, no ache just some weird pressure. ( I woke up yesterday in the middle of the night by my head twitching and eyes flicking. I could stop it, so I thought it could be some for of stress. Following with a panic attack.)

Heating in my head

Chest pain

Constant pressure in my chest that only goes away when I lay down

Stabs in my side(only had it twice but I had a horrible panic attack when I first felt it.)

Feels like I'm gonna faint.


Ok so, my therapist gave me antidepressants and I'm on my 5th day, I don't feel any difference but I've heard it takes about 2-4 weeks for them to help.

BUT, thing is that, my biggest problem right now: When I wake up in the morning, I feel really ill and hunger pains. I think the hunger pains are my gastritis but I can't stand it!!

I think the nausea has gotten worse since I stared taking the pills. (Sertraline 25 mg)

I can't handle the pain and the nausea is so bad I've thrown up and I have no appetite.

And of course I'm soo scared I'm gonna die from this!!

Doctors and therapists says I have no signs of physical illness but I just can't believe it!! I keep thinking I have a brain tumor and stomach cancer..

(No diseases run in the family)

I really want to quit taking these pills if there's any possibility it could be them causing my nausea. But my parents and therapists think I should continue. Do they even understand how much pain I'm going through?? Could this really be anxiety?? IM SO SCARED OF DYING.

ive read about people with anxiety and their symptoms but I've never heard anyone with symptoms like mine:( I feel like if my symptoms would go away I would be fine.

I also have a cousin which have had it worse than me. I use to talk to him and for a start it helped, but nowadays, no one can calm me:(

I had tests before it got worse, about 5 months ago when having chest pressure but the results came back negative. And now I want to have more tests but doctors and my parents don't think it's nessecary.

I also have really bad hypochondria and my fear of dying is stupid.

For the past 2 days I've felt better in the evening, even all good, like I've never had anxiety before.

But then I take my pill at night and then when I wake up the next morning I feel awful.

(I'm 17.)

Please anyone?:(

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Bless you sounds like health anxiety to me.

I have health anxiety and have recently started cbt.

My symptoms are head pressure muscle tension in neck and chest dizzy or off balance and jelly legs also a tightness in throat . It only takes one of these to feel slightly different to start me off into a full blown panic attack and then nothing and no one is stopping me heading for doctors or hospital for reassurance.

I don't take any medication as the ones I have tried didn't seam to make any difference.

Anxiety sucks.

Take care I am sure as the day goes on more people will come on line with better help and advice.


Why dn't.y yu go b


Thanks for ur reply..

Yh anxiety sucks :/

I'm starting cbt soon, how's it? I know it's not a quick fix but does it seem to help??


My cbt has been a bit stop start with bank holidays and my therapist having annual leave I have only been six times in the last three months. So I have plenty more sessions to get in . I do get something out of the sessions but I can't say at this time if I am actually making any progress.


I'm 19, I've always had anxiety but when I got pregnant with my son that's when it became constant, at first it was just anxiety about the panic but for the last year its been HORRIBLE health anxiety. I know how you feel, our mind creates what we worry about, because we focus on it and put it in our minds as a threat so our bodys react.. I have so many symptoms and its scary, its even worse now that I just had my daughter two months ago, and have horrible depression with it, your stomach sounds like IBS from anxiety (I have it too) try a teaspoon or two of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water for the gas and pains. And I have a constant pressure in my head too, probably from all my muscles being so tight. I hope you feel better.

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Thank u, I'll try he apple cider thing :(



You're not stupid for being scared, it sounds like you suffer from health anxiety (as do I). The unfortunate thing about health anxiety is that the symptoms are limitless. For me, I have: headaches, head pressure, dizziness, nausea, choking feeling in my throat, hard to swallow, difficulty breathing, trembling, chest pain, cold sweats, twitching, insomnia, lack of appetite, etc.

You're not wrong for feeling like you live in a different world from everyone else. whenever I am at work I look around at everyone and they just seem to be in a whole other universe compared to me. I feel excluded and like I have to hide what's really going on inside me. Anxiety is terrifying, there is no doubt about it. I hope you start feeling better.


Thanks fo ur reply, rly anxiety sucks but I get more and more sure that it's anxiety and nothing fatal which is progress!:-)


Hi Zayde, just being on Sertraline for 5 days is not long enough for the medication to take effect. Actually, it could take somewhere between 4-6 weeks to reach full efficacy. Sometimes when we just start on a new med it can actually give us bursts of anxiety even though it's a med for anxiety. This happens until there is enough of the medication in you and then it will stabilize. It sounds like what you are feeling now is the morning anxiety which many including myself get. The fact that you feel better in the evening like I do, is a sign that it is anxiety based. Hang in there, tell your doctor if the symptoms get too distressing for you. He may be able to give you a mild dose of a quick acting drug to take until the Sertraline kicks in. Good Luck. Mums know best :)


I know I know... But actually, yesterday, I decided to instead take my med in the morning and 1 hour later I felt great, no anxiety, no symptoms, all good!!

Till this morning I woke up with rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and chest tightness. I took Sertraline and I'm still waiting for the same effect as yesterday but I'm so scared it won't work!! And then again I think I'm having a deadly disease for waking up with these symptoms ;(


Zayde, I'm sorry you are struggling with the morning symptoms while waiting for the medication to work. Please notify your doctor, he may want to switch you to a morning dose instead of evening. This is all about finding what works for you best. Your mom being a nurse as well as a mother, I'm sure wants what's best for you. I hope you will have a better day. x


Hello Zadie I know where your coming from X I've read all through your message and I've been suffering from anxiety for about 3 months now and doctor gave me lansoprazole tablets I took them for 9 days and I felt worse than I did before I took them X I had a massive panic attach and ended up in A&E they could find anything wrong with me X so I went back to doctors and he gave me another kind of tablet called omeprazole and that done the same thing gave me worse anxiety attacks X so I told doctor I wasn't taking any more tablets and try to over come this myself X he put me in touch with a well being clinic for anxiety and I am going there once a week and ut it does help to speak to them and also there are groups that attend and you can listen to others what they are going through and it dies make you feel better knowing your not the only one suffering with this X better than taking all these tablets they have so many side affects you have to deal with X speak to your doctor about attending anxiety clinic X it's worth a try X good luck x


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