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Is it anxiety?

I have been having chest pains for about a year. I have hypertension which i take meds for. I am overweight. I have been to the E.R. many times and they always say im fine. Ekg, blood tests, chest xrays. They send me on my way like nothings wrong. I recently have been having what they think are panic attacks. I dont get to where i cant control my breathing (hyperventalating) i just get extremely fast and hard heartbeats and fear im going to die. I need help please.

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Hi Sg92, I know exactly how you feel. I experience the same. I can just be sitting here watching TV and my heart will start beating out of control, I get chest pains, left arm pain, I start clenching my teeth which causes a tension headache, I get dizzy, ears block, hot flushes and all of this is at the same time. I too have been in and out of the doctor and had scans etc and nothing. I started taking Anxiety medication which does help this, but in all honesty they can not be a long term thing. As i was coming off them, all the above started happening again which in turn started depression and from there my life started spiraling out of control as i would constantly sit and analyse every feeling I would experience in my body which would in turn make the vicious cycle start all over again, because the mind is very powerful. I needed to start looking at my life and do a lot of soul searching and basically its your body telling you its had enough. I too am overweight and Anxiety can play a big part in your diet. If you are consuming more energy than you are using Anxiety can come on quick and strong daily, weekly and monthly. Since I have started clean eating, and exercising with a personal trainer and walking every other day I hardly get it anymore. I have had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which you can get subsidized through Medicare if your in Australia, you can also try Rapid Eye Movement and Acupuncture also works very well for the mental side of thigs. But all in all, if I go for that piece of cake now, my Anxiety hits the roof because sugar, coffee, alcohol are all stimulants and anything that stimulates your blood sugar will assist with your Anxiety. I don't want to preach. I also feel you really need to speak with your GP (Doctor) and get in place a mental health plan, and if you are in Australia you can also have your personal training lessons subsidized through your health fund and you can see a dietitian through Medicare and also a therapist through Medicare. Since I have done all this, I lost 8kg and keep my diet clean I am coming out the other side of this in the sunshine. I really wish you well, because its not easy no. But all this really has made my life so much easier to live XX


It sounds like anxiety attacks . You need start exercising it will help I promise . You can go and see a doctor about it. They quite helpful .


It's anxiety. I have it too. You need to start exercising and do meditation or yoga. Get massages,drink chamomile tea to calm you. You will be fine I promise. God bless!


Hello are you still active


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