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Anxiety is back


My anxiety has been quite okay recently but I’ve been more depressed than usual. Everyday i am pretty much exhausted, even if i have enough sleep.

Yesterday i got some chest pains and a faster heart rate. Then throughout the night i kept waking up to a faster heart rate then it would calm down, then go back up so im trying to not think about it.

I have diazepam which im considering taking but it makes me rather sleepy and im doing things today so I don’t need to be sleepy for that.

I really want to go back to the doctors and see if i can have different medication that would probably help both depression and anxiety or more just anxiety , as the propranolol i was given affected my breathing.

Im on a waiting list for in person cbt which is going to be a 2 month or more wait, but online cbt i did, didn’t really help.

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I know how you feel I have been there . The days will get better . I took have had days like that . Sometimes I felt so low and sad . I have heart palps too even in good days so I don't know . I have tried different medications but they didn't seem to help . But stay positive

Aozora___3 in reply to Ollie33

Thanks for replying! I get palpitations everyday even if im not anxious or anything. I just enjoyed being anxiety free for like 2-3 weeks and now its back.

I dont know if to try different medications. What have you tried?

Ollie33 in reply to Aozora___3

It's so scary . I have this about 3 years . I only took meds the first year which was mainly anti depressants . I went to see a therapist for over a year which helped me cope with anxiety x

Ollie33 in reply to Ollie33

They didn't work tho

Aozora___3 in reply to Ollie33

Oh thats sad to here! 3 years is quite a while! My anxiety has only been bad for about 5 months now x

What dosage of propranolol are you on?

Aozora___3 in reply to kris23

10mg three times a day. But I’ve only taken like 5 and was given them 4-5 weeks ago

kris23 in reply to Aozora___3

Got it, I’m on 10mg 2x a day and it’s the perfect dosage for me. I had really bad health anxiety with daily panic attacks and the propranolol has really helped me get my life back on track. I’ve started exercising and getting things back together. Propranolol is an old drug that has been extremely tested and is considered one of the safest drugs. It took a few weeks for the side effects to go and now I haven’t looked back. I’ve been on it for snout 18 months and plan to continue on it while I work on my anxiety.

Sorry to hear your having a bad time

I think you should talk to your GP re Propranolol, as far as my anxiety it really helps me now i'm on the correct dosage but it took nearly 3mths to get it right

I also did CBT which in my case helped me deal with the PTSD but not the anxiety

I am now seeing a "mindfulness therapist" but have only had 1 session so far so can't really say yet if it will help

Try and see your GP, it's a positive step to take and means you are taking care of yourself and not letting things get worse

Good luck, i hope you soon find the help you need

Thank you for responding , i think I definitely will talk to my GP about it and hopefully they can understand and help me!

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