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Is it anxiety? ?

Im 37 with a 8month old baby and 2 older children - 16 and 20

Ive suffered with anxiety for years but before having my last baby it had settled down

I had a few issues after having baby with my health but tests have been clear

Recently I have been having weird sensations like my tongue feeling hairy, facial twitches including one on my tongue, the feeling that food is stuck in my throat, rapid heart beat randomly and crawling type feeling on head.

Surely this cant be anxiety as I only feel anxious when the symptoms are there??

Happy New Year everyone

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It actually does sound like anxiety. I've had a lot of these same symptoms. They just come on out of nowhere. I keep telling myself to knock it off, it's anxiety. But it still happens. I'm 36 with a 17 and 10 year old. I think the stress over the last few years is really catching up. I hope it gets better for you soon!


Hi Lese

Happy NY to you.

I've sort of convinced myself that i must have a underlying serious illnesses due to all the neuro symtoms.

I had MRIs etc a couple of years ago and loads of other tests for MS and they came back normal

Just wish i could shake this, i dont want drugs but some days really struggle.

Since baby I have had very few days where i just feel normal


Yeah I had the MRI's done because I was convinced I had some sort of brain cancer. I was fine. But ever since then I'm always thinking the worst. Cancer is in my family. So it really scares me. I don't want to take meds either. I'm hoping getting back to a regular exercise regime will help. Happy NY to you too!


It's so awful im now worring about the crawling type feeling I've been having on my head the last few days, that with bits of food getting stuck when eating has convinced me ive defo got something wrong.

The facial twitches are worrysome as it use to be just in my eyelid, now i get them all over my face and sometimes elsewhere

Google is my enemy as I can't help but Google my symptoms which always says you have something awful.



Hi Sarahg77, I totally know what you mean I'm.36 wirh a 3 year old had a tough start last year due to thyroid & big anxiety issues , was doing grear by sept, off meds them kinda last week felt not quite right feeling almost dizzy weak fuzzy head ears popping ringing so dare I say quite anxious again x can't sleep gor dome reason tonight kinda feel breathless a little it's crazy xxx the wind is howling too binkynoo x

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Hi Binkynoo

How awful for you.

I really don't wanna try meds as I've been told they can intensify anxiety symptoms for the first few weeks and i don't think i could handle that.

Just lately it feels like one thing after another.

I dont feel anxious but have symptoms which make me anxious and when they go away something else starts.

I woke up last night feeling hot and sick and then the crawling on my head started and 'bam' started feeling anxious.

I'm on maternity till April and am dreading feeling like this and having to go back.

Part of me thinks going back to worl will be good cause my mind will be more occupied but other part makes me think what if i feel like this at work.

Hope you finally got some rest last night.




It all really does sound like anxiety/stress.

Have you been talked to about it being maybe anxiety induced by baby blues or your hormones getting back to normal after baby?

Your toung might be from breathing through your mouth? But along with the hard swallowing issues could be reflux? If ruled out , those are listed in anxiety symptoms lists.

I know having a baby you loose sleep and you also deal with a lot of "head" issues thinking you might have cancer but all you'll be needing is a good sleep for a couple of days. My doctor recommended I get a week off my kiddos just to "catch up" on sleep. She Got mad at my partner and insisted I get some me time :)

I know it's hard but put yourself first take care of you so you can be a better person for your lil one :)


Hi alwaysafraidaz

Thank you for your reply.

I've had loads of blood tests etc to rule out certain things and am very lucky that my 16 year old daughter helps with the baby alot.

My partner works 4 days on 4 days off so he takes over alot on his days off.

My 8 month old does sleep quite well at night but does wake 3-4 times for her soother.

last night was terrible as I woke up hot and then the head crawling feeling started so I panicked.

Boyfriend has got up with baby and told me to have lay in.

Its just all these symptoms make me think it can't be anxiety

Such a vicious circle.



Could be your subconsious and your body getting hit first before you start getting anxious.

You have been checked. It will rule out anything neuro.

I get some on these symptoms during PMS

Do you think it can be your hormones?


I'm only saying this because you are saying its your symptoms that cause you anxiety. :(

:) that's great you have help. During that time try to reflect on the positives in your life.


Hi alwaysafraidaz,

My thyroid was checked about 5 months ago came back normal.

I also had my b12, folate and ferritin tested and iron levels were 14.9 so my gp advised to take iron tabs, been on these for almost 3 months now.

I was thinking maybe its hormonal.

i saw a neuro about 2 years ago and was monitored for a while Mri's etc and they couldn't find anything sinister.

I am seeing my GP Monday as I also go to talking theapies and they have suggested I speak to GP. I hate going though as I've been about once a month since the birth of my baby.

I think the thing that's bothering most is food feeling like its getting stuck in lower throat when i eat, im not choking or anything but its just very uncomfortable after eating which makes me not want to. After eating for about an hour i belch alot.

im overweight so I suppose it helps with the weightloss plan but i think this is pushing my anxiety levels up.

Thanks for your reply xxxx


Your welcome :)

Belching after eating and the throat thing coukd very well be acid reflux or silent reflux.

I dealt with the food getting stuck or painfully going down the esophagus just last week, I started eating a bland diet :( and avoiding certain foods as if it were acid reflux, because the doctor had told me it was anxiety, and it has stopped but the moment I eat something bad it's back.

Also make sure to chew really really well.

Oh I know hun how you feel, try not to think of the out come of you diet plan just focus on each day eating right :)

I'm a bit over weight I lost 14 lbs just by not drinking sugary drinks. Water and unsweetened tea is all I'm drinking. As for food just a very typical acid reflux friendly just in case my throat thing is not anxiety induced :)


Its such a pain

Been taking 30mg lanzoprazole for ages now so dont really get many symptoms of acid but boy if i stop taking the meds after a few days its back

im really only a water drinker anyway and have not drank alcohol over the festive period because of anxiety.

its hard to know what to eat anything to dry like bread etc sets it off

Last night i had chicken casserole with mash and i tried to chew a little more but still had the stuck sensation.

It then gives you an eating anxiety.

I had an endoscopy in Aug 2013 but that showed nothing wrong with throat. It did show a superficial duodenal ulcer which was treated after my pregnancy.

I think i had swallowing issues in 2012 but put it down to my reflux as it was really bad then.

Well done on the weight loss


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