Hi .you name is Chris im 21 years old and I've been dealing with health anxiety for a few years now I've had almost every symptom known to man from sharp chest pains dull chest pains to skipped heart beats in a row. I've been to the doctor and I've had multiple EKGs blood test chest x-rays and my doctor has even listen to my heart and said that it sounds beautiful but he sent me for an echo which was great also but he had me do an 30 day event monitor which was normal. So here recently I've been trying to get back into exercising again like I used to but everytime I try and do some light working out and I stop my heart rate shoots up like I'm having an panic attack but I don't. Only thing is my heart rate shoots up like an adrenaline surge it last for about 30 seconds to 1 minute... anyone every have this problem or advice I really won't to feel normal again.... any help would appreciated


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  • 😣😣😣

  • Hi Kingchris, sorry you are still experiencing that feeling whenever you exercise. Since you have been cleared by the doctor, I would say it's your health anxiety following you to the gym. What I mean is that your mind is always tuned into your heart and what it is doing. So when you do some light exercise, of course the heart rate will shoot up. When it shoots up, it is not from an adrenaline surge until you get scared, then the adrenaline starts to go throughout your body making it feel like you are going to have a panic attack. What you need to do is accept the fact that your heart will beat a little faster when you work out at the gym, or walk or go up steps. It's normal. Don't be afraid of it doing that and you will see the adrenaline won't spike and you will not feel an anxiety attack coming on. And most of all, when you are finished at the gym, hydrate as well as deep breathe. Of course you know to slow down before you are ready to stop. Hope this helps some.

  • Yes I want to start running but I'm afraid to now

  • This happened to me too!!! I tried running on the tredmill and my heart was racing so fast and all I was thinkin the whole time was what if I pass out. Or die. I hate health anxiety

  • Yes it sucks so much it makes me stop everytime

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