is this still anxiety?

hi,i just want to ask anyone for having this sudden pain on the right side of my chest that goes through my right arm.and it makes me very anxious that my lungs are not tired of going to the dr.anymore coz they always say im fine.does anyone have this same symptoms as not having a hard time to breath thoug.what is this.advice pls.thanks.

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  • if this is happening now please call 111 for advice or 999 for an ambulance. only you know what it feels like.

    it is always advisable to get any new or worrying symptoms checked out medically.

    let us know how you get on.



  • thanks hamble,but its gone now.i feel a little better,do you think this is serious or just part of anxiety?

  • I have no idea Jasper, maybe you could check it out with your gp on monday.

    Thanks for letting me know.


  • I've been feeling the same. I went to the ER twice in one day had like 4 chest X rays in a week and loads of ekgs and blood work they say everything is fine.....I can't say if it's anxiety...maybe

  • You would be surprised at the amount of physical effects that anxiety can do to your body. It can cause everything from numbness in your arms & legs, random pins & needles, tight chests.. the list goes on.. forever.. until your mind is almost convinced it's more than anxiety. If your doctor has told you numerous times that your fine, your 95% probably fine. Anxiety plays tricks with your body & adrenalin. Very strange.

    The fact you're on this forum is kind of a.. sub-conscious way of telling yourself.. that it's Anxiety.

    Hope this has helped!


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