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Heart phobia

Im not sure if anyone has had an issue like this. I am 20 years old and have had anxiety a couple of years now. I have a pretty bad phobia of my heart beat not beating right, or even stopping. I suffer from heart papltations, I have gone to the doctor and a cardiologist and all is supposedly fine except I have extra heart beats. Some of my family does too but aren't so conscious about it. I always pay attention to my heart beat and get scared something is wrong, and then start having trouble breathing and always jump to checking my pulse. It does not completely interfere with my day to day things, but some days it can be bad and I am just growing tired of it. Is there anything I should do? I never considered therapy but maybe it could be an option. Thanks for any advice its greatly appreciated and is nice to know some people suffer from similar things even if its not a fear of the heart.

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You have what are called PVCs or PACs. I know this because I have them and like you was in constant fear of a heart problem. I was told by many, many doctors that these are normal but I never believed them and continued to worry about them. It took years to accept them and get on with my life. I got them when I was 23. I just turned 58 yesterday and guess what? I STILL have them and I'm still alive! That should tell you something. Feel better!!! :-)


Ljsmit, My mother has heart pulpitations too and it starts when she drinks tea.

My mother now drinks lots of plain warm water and it helps alot. You should try it.

Do not take cold water, coffee, Coke and fried stuff. ( this is what my mother advised )

Heart palpitation also can be due to dehydration and you need to have ample sleep and rest.

Lack of sleep can also cause heart palpations.

Maintain a peaceful lifestyle, no hatred nor anger.

Sometime its too much housework , sometimes it can start when she has a nightmare.

She is 60 years old now and still alive and well.

She still has heart pulpitations once in a while.

The doctors tell her that her heart is fine.

Maybe you should watch your diet as well.

Ps: my mother was beside me telling me what i should say to you.

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I have the same thing and I cope by trying to relax and pretend it's not happening.. I keep telling myself there is nothing wrong with my heart. It has taken a while but it has helped to an's certainly not quite as bad. Not sure if this will be much help but it maybe worth a try xx


Focusing on my heart was one of the biggest symptoms of anxiety for me. Any slight twinge and I'd panic. I found it helped when I filled my time with as many activities as possible, and the less I focused on it, the less it became a factor in my life. Cutting down on caffeine, good diet, and steady exercise was also a great help.


I had that a few years ago, but then my anxiety moved on to other things. (I seem to worry about all kinds of different things, not just health.)

Because of this I read quite a bit about it, and it seems that occasional extra beats are common and don't indicate any heart problem. You've had your heart checked so I imagine you have the same thing as me: extra beats without any underlying heart disease.

I found that I got extra beats much more often if my heart was beating quickly. Perhaps you're getting anxious, which raises your heart rate, and then you notice extra beats.

I hope you manage to stop worrying about it!


I have had them from 28 because the doctor sent me for tests, i am 67 now and still get them, there is nothing wrong with my heart but its just a case of trying to accept them. My son gets them too so does my grandaughter.

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Thank you everyone for sharing experiences and any advice, it means alot to know people are willing to help others and I will certainly utilize the advice given.


Anxiety can bring on a number of physical symptoms. Counselling may uncover your anxieties or another option to consider is group talking sessions at MIND



Trust your doctors,they are trained to identify heart defects!

If they dont find anything serious, except it!

I Dont want to sound too sturn, but I have experienced similar to you 30 years ago, I kept asking my consultant to double check everything!

Iv got over my fears, im leading a full life playing tennis, sking, etc. Still going strong!

Relax and enjoy your life to the full, trust your doctors! Be positive! Stay busy! Enjoy the countyside and all those type of things.

Best wishes Bob D.


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