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i know iv posted this alot, but does anyone else get heart flutters? sometimes it will flutter like 10 times in a row before it even goes back to its normal beat? does anyone else get this. like it jumps a beat and skips a beat, i get them 24/7 all day long. its like a big weird beat feeling in my chest and stomac when it happens ive been put on sertraline to calm me down but its making me feel light headed like im not in the world, kinda feels like im gonna faint, which worries me more because i think its to do with my heart. i just want this to end ):


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  • I got like that to once anxiety is terrible it will be ok

  • when? what did it feel like

  • i do get that once in a while when i have a really bad anxiety attack. i do breathing exercises. maybe you should get a second opinion with a different doctor if your feeling faint.

  • Yes. The ones that I get are called PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) and some PACs (premature atrial contractions). They are such a pain and they feel so scary. Sometimes they make me feel like I have to cough just to get my heart back into a normal rhythm. Have you had testing done? If not, that would be the first line--a Holter monitor that you wear (usually it starts with 24 hours), an echocardiogram which is an ultrasound of the heart, and sometimes a stress test if the doctor feels it's warranted. I have upwards of 20,000 of these 'off' beats every single day. After a little while, your body starts getting used to them I think, but at night, which is when my anxiety is worse anyway, I usually have a hard time and have to take something to help me sleep. If you are having symptoms of feeling faint, be sure to tell your doctor, because even though the PVCs and PACs are mostly harmless in a healthy heart, if they are symptomatic, they can try starting you on beta blocker medication and if that isn't helpful, they can perform an ablation to destroy the electrical channels that are causing the arrythmia.

  • im just really fucking scared, ive only started feeliing faint ever since i started my meds which are sertraline 2 days ago, my doctor said he wants a copt of my ecg before she gives me the heart monitor. she said its most likely my enxity but im conviced its something bad. my breathing goes weird aswell sometimes. im starting to give up tbh

  • Oh honey, bless your heart. That's totally a side effect of the sertraline, I'm willing to bet. Your body just has to get used to it.

  • my breathing feels funny sometimes tho, also did these horrible things ever take ur breathe away sometimes when they happened bad? also as if u had to take a deep breath

  • Yep. I feel tons of pressure. Sometimes it feels like I can't take a deep breath at all and when I do it seems like it makes my heartbeat even weirder. The only way I can ever get them to stop is by getting my heart rate up with walking or exercising but then when I stop and my heart rate goes back down they come back worse for a while. Sometimes I get several in a row and feel like I have to cough like I'm choking almost

  • thats the exact same with me everything u just said i get. only thing is when i do excerise they happen quite bad idk if thats because im thinking to myself they're going to happen

  • I think that's just it. I know if I focus on them, they almost always get worse or if I'm stressed or already feeling anxious, they get worse. The only time I don't feel them or don't pay attention to them is when I'm doing something I enjoy too occupy my mind. Do you have anything you really enjoy? Painting, music, concerts, hanging out with friends? Even when I'm just sitting watching TV, I find things to keep my mind busy like crossword puzzles

  • i literlly cant do anything that will take my mind off it, and if i do ill just send up thinking about it again. when u said they sometimes flutter in a row, do u mean like every 5 beats or literlly every beat because when mine are bad they will do it every beat untill i calm down

  • Yep, I average between 12 and 15 per minute. Sometimes they're every 2nd or 3rd beat or sometimes they'll come up to 5 or 6 in a row. Those are the ones that make me feel faint and dizzy. Now that my anxiety about them has mostly calmed down they don't happen very often anymore. The best advice I can offer is when your doctor does the testing and tells you they're harmless, try your absolute hardest to believe them

  • what and u can feel them happening every single time? ive had an ECG blood test, and a chest ex ray and it all came back fine, but i havent had anything else yet thats why im scared

  • Unless I'm focused on something else, yep, I feel each and every one. My cardiologist didn't believe me until she had me wear the 24 hour monitor and I had a button to press every time I felt one. I felt every single one except when I was sleeping.

  • arent these really dangrous like i dont get how they can happen to ur heart and nothing be wrong? so when i get that monitor i will literlly be pressing it every fucking second

  • It's basically a misfire in your heart's electrical system. I've been assured by more than half a dozen doctors and tons of research that unless you have underlying heart disease, they are not dangerous. Even then they're not really dangerous, but a side effect of the disease in most cases. Ask to see an electrophysiologist. They specialize in that electrical system

  • my docter doesnt wanna do anything yet till i next go see her and till she gets a copy of my ECG, im worried i have heart disese, but wouldnt that show up on the tests ive had. i cant stop thinking anf worrying about it

  • Bro I'm in the same ugly world your in.. I've been having this since January. I've been to the ER-primary Dr-Cardiologist and they all said it's anxiety... but how can it be this feeling is so horrible and it feels all kind of diffrent ways. I get the fast heart beat out of nowhere- hard this in the chest where it make me cough-flutters- if I move a certain way, bend over yawn jump out of my truck and if I'm pushing something and making pressure it triggers it.. I have full on anxiety and depression over this and I can be just sitting there relaxed and BAM there it goes again.. I can't pin point it oh also after I eat. It's so frustrating I just want my life back I miss my life so much. My kids are suffering so much since I don't want to do anything because I don't want to feel this in public... I go to sleep thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it.. every morning I tell myself " I hope this isn't the last time I see my kids 😔... are you also in USA?

  • im sorry to hear that bro its so horrible i agree, im still convinced something bad is wrong. do u ever find it hard to breathe? or a tight chest, also does it ever flutter for like 10 seconds in a row and youll have to cough or something for it to go away? and no im from england

  • do they take ur breathe away when they happen also bro?

  • You've posted loads of times about this. Why don't you just fork out $100 and buy and Alivecor to monitor your ecg. You'll have it within a week and then will have clear evidence that this is not serious

  • ive just been feeling faint aswell though also my breathings been abit weird, when i focus on my breathhing motsly. and im getting pains everywhere also. idk if its because of the meds im on they've seemed to of made things worse

  • I work in a hospital and I've heard of these kind of things before . I myself was worried to the point where I was obsessed over my heart. I had two ekg blood work and other tests. It's hard to believe but it's just the anxiety usually . If you ever need to talk message me

  • Unfortunately sertraline does have a risk of making things worse before it gets better. It's got nothing to do with your heart or any physical problem, it's just your body realizing that you've got an increase in serotonin, and it's freaking out about it because it wants more.

    Are you drinking enough water? I had heart palpitations and dizziness recently as well-- ended up going to the emergency room for what I thought was a heart attack and they discovered I was just very dehydrated. That might be what your problem is too-- I don't know where you live, but where I'm from the summer has been brutally hot lately. Drink a lot of water and take deep breaths, and most importantly keep on taking your medication. You'll be okay.

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