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Soo for some reason i get up from bed my heart wanna beat really hard its goes slow but beats hard then it started to speed up i already went to heart docter did stress test on trim mill and 7 day monitor on my chest seems to be fine and normal said my heart is strong but idk should i double check again idk for some reason it feel wierd because why for ever my hearts goes fast if its not that it beats hard .


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  • I'm not dismissing you or your feelings but we have to accept the fact that this our anxiety i just got done thinking i was having a heart attack but i wasn't and I'm fine. It's in our head we're fine we're still here.

  • So you think am fine is just my heart is worrying me the most right now

  • Same for me too. But does this happen often?

  • Yeah thats what am trying to tell you and the pain is like shooting pain on my chest

  • You have been cleared by the doctor of any heart problem. You are having Health Anxiety, not heart problems. The term Health Anxiety came about because of people exactly like you. You have too much anxiety and you are paying too much attention to your heart responding to the adrenaline your anxiety causes to release which increases your heartbeats. Look up adrenaline and you will see that your body is responding exactly as any body would to the presence of adrenaline.

    You need to see a doctor about your anxiety problem not your heart problem. You need to learn how to calm yourself and to slow your breathing down. Your doctor can prescribe an antidepressant to keep your anxiety down. You can get a counselor to guide you regarding this problem and teach you how to handle this excelerated heartbeat, and how to handle this anxiety problem. You have a lot to learn.

  • Yeah i doo and you think am going to need meds didnt really want to get on meds thats why .

  • Then you'll have to accept that your heart will be jumping in your chest and beating really hard and this is your new normal. It's not fair to sound the alarm with other people and to post questions about your heart when it's just the same old anxiety that you choose to do nothing about. You need to remain silent every time your heart acts up like it has, no posting for help, no describing it and making people think you're having a heart attack, nothing.

    Because you know what it is and it's not the emergency you're saying it is. If an ambulance is called, I and others will make sure you are billed for the total cost. No fooling anybody like that. Be honest now.

  • Yeah your right

  • Wow! You're really honest in the blink of an eye! Good for you!

  • Yeah am just worried about everything thats happening to me and its like i cant ever have fun again and go out with my friends.

  • Of course you can. Why wouldn't you?

  • i cant my heartvis always racing and always getting chest pains or when am out just want to go home fast because anything i feel i start panicking

  • True, but if you get treated like I told you about you can live a normal life.

  • what with meds?

  • An antidepressant can keep the anxiety under control and with some education you can do the rest.

  • soo in order to get i have to tell my docter

  • Yup!

  • You won't be the 1st.

  • meds right?

  • Yes, that's what an antidepressant is. 1 med.

  • i have something called paxil i never drank it before doe thats anxiety pills

  • It;s an antidepressant that will probably work for the anxiety.

  • Yeah the only thing i dont want to happen is to continue taking it i was trying to get rid of it with out taking meds

  • Yes, we all would like to get by without the meds but think about your symptoms and think if you can live a normal life with them.

  • yeah and can i ask you something what is schizophrenia?

  • It's when a person hears voices that tell him to kill himself or something else.

  • There's more to schizophrenia than that there's different levels and I am not trying to be rude and it's cool to take meds I don't I tried and I can't so there's other choices as well short term it's not all ways something U will have to be on for the rest of your life . And I feel like if U have anxiety about meds then yes it's going to be hard for u just to take something and be ok with it... no a lot of us have have anxiety bout meds. And I have went to the Dr .E.R and called an ambulance it was all my anxiety but at the time U could not tell me that i was ok I had to have the test and the Dr to tell me. So if u need to go get checked go

  • Yeah so you think i should just take the meds not for long

  • First you have to accept it is anxiety. Then believe that it is not going to kill you. You will have to continue accepting and believing until you get on some meds to help you relieve some of your anxiety. This is not going to go away without a good deal of help from therapy and medication.

    The weed that you smoked didn't really cause this. You were obviously pre-disposed to anxiety and smoking just pushed it over the edge. You have to stop giving in to your anxiety and try to start living your life again. You have to get your mind on other things. Right now, it sounds like this is a 24/7 thing for you.

  • yeah it is i feel like it would never end

  • It might be going fast because you keep checking it and you make yourself anxious. If the doctor said it is good and strong then stop worrying and checking it. You are your own worst enemy, try to go do something to keep yourself busy and stop worrying!!!

  • No i dont check nothing is idk i guess always nervous or something for no reason or probably thinking to much and my heart startes to race for anything even for going outside

  • Right jimtom Well I am not in your head so I am not going to tell u to take it or not I did try it more than one kind it dident work for me non of it but I am just one person there's There's it worked great for. Now the only thing I was able to take but did it only when I was so bad I couldn't deal with it was xanax 0.5 I would take half of that or a half of a half so I believe u need to talk to your Dr and see what options you have available. Choose and let me know how it go's. If u do decide meds don't get discouraged if the first one dosent work u made need to try several different ones

  • Yeah Ama do that

  • Hi Bluswife, I also have Xanax. It's works really well.😌😌

  • Yea I took them for a month and they got me thru the worst part of mine it's still bad but I can get up and function do daily things

  • Good luck to u and it's ok if your anxiety get the best of u sometimes it dos all of us and we end up at the Dr or E.R or where ever to get check out that's one thing that's so bad about anxiety is it makes u think there's something wrong then u feel bad and end up being checked out

  • Yeah thats why i dont even bother going to ER because they see me all the time then they will think am going crazy

  • Hi Johnnie, I am the same way. Everyone has a response to all that adrenaline. I most always feel my heart beating. Especially when I'm driving. It's like everyone is coming at me! If my mind is occupied, i forget about it. Try to keep busy doing something you like. You will find you will forget about it for a while. Bonniesue summed it up brilliantly for you. Ruby🌷🌷

  • Yeha idk ever sense i smoke weed it got me like this for 3months always feeling my head wierd like numb or heavy or dizzy sometimes

  • Weed increases your heartrate. Bet you didn't know that! Of course, your heads going to feel funny! Silly boy 😌 weed makes your head feel funny.🌼🌼🌼

  • Yeah but i been stop for three months and i still have all these sypthoms but i felt like it probably effected my brain or soemthing because my heart goes fast sometimes and head feel funny after what happen to me if you read my story on my page about me being in a car you would know what am talking about .

  • If Ecg and pulse monitor is ok during palpitations episodes .it is possible you are having anxiety attack or pheocromocytoma or mitral valve problem. You may check your 24 hours urine vma level or metanephrine level and heart echo.

  • did heart echo they said it was fine everything was fine but was is that ? pheocromocytoma or mitral valve problem my i ask ?🤔

  • Did you tell the doctors that you used to smoke weed?

  • Yeah i did

  • If echo is ok then it rules out mitral valve prolapse. Urine vma or metanephrine if come normal then most likely you have anxiety attacks. You must share all of your investigations and history of illness and physical exam

  • Yeah the thing that worries me is my back i feel like i cant be relax or calm and pressue sometimes in chest then it goes away right away

  • I wake up with bad anxiety every morning and feel it in my heart. I want to curl back to sleep because of it, which does not work anyway...anxiety just becomes bigger and I get depressed. I have had heart tests done and they show normal.

  • Hi Helen101, mornings are the worse for most of us due to the higher levels of cortisol. You are correct in saying that trying to go back to sleep or stay in bed makes it worse. It is much better to get up and move to use that extra adrenaline coursing through our body. x

  • I feel so anxious already in the morning, not able to concentrate and feeling exhausted, the last thing I feel doing is exercise, it is like I have been exercising already to exhaustion but I am not relaxed or uplifted what exercise normally does afterwards.

  • Sorry you miss understood. I don't mean exercise Helen, I meant just get up for the day and not linger in bed. Shower, get dressed, have breakfast will help the mood.

  • Microwave ovens caused this to happen to me. When I hit the start button I run out of the kitchen. Try that next.

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