Skipped heart beats

Does anyone elce get a sensation like their heart is skipping a beat? I'm on propranolol and still get it throughout the day!

I've had 2 10second ecgs done and blood test which were all normal! My gp has listened to my heart and said all ok! And an emergency room dr have me an examination and listened to my heart and said normal! So why is this bugging me?!

Surely if there was an underlying cause for the ectopic heart beats they would have known and seen it right?? I mean they see these kind of things everyday!!

Oh god am I just panicking again?? I really need some advise off someone who has this!!


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  • Hi H2b32 - Yes, my heart seems to skip a beat sometimes, it also seems to race at times - i put it down to anxiety.

    I'm NOT a doctor, but if you have had all the tests you mention done, I think you need to believe the doctors that there IS nothing wrong with your heart. Anxiety can do really strange things to our bodies, and we can put ourselves through hell thinking of the worst possible scenario! :(

    Really, the only people who can tell you are the medical professionals; if they have all said that there is nothing wrong, then, as you say yourself, "they would have known and seen it right". I know it's easy said and not easy done, but try to relax and not worry about it. Worrying will only make it worse. If it continues to bother you, go back to your GP - s/he is the only person who can make a diagnose, and it sounds to me as if they've made it!

    Lots of love



  • Hi. H2. The erratic heartbeats are extra beats because the heart is making up for a 'missed' beat. Perfectly normal in nervous illness and something to be expected for a while until you recover. Here is a story and a true one. Over thirty years ago I was at work; perfectly happy when whooosh, Palpitations!!!! I panicked. Dashed home and laid down. (Sounds daft to me now). It precipitated me into an anxiety state. That and other things in my life started me off. There was no site like this one in those days so I really felt alone. Went to the doctors sure that I had heart trouble. To cut a long story short after thirty years and many worn out ECG machines I still get the occasional palpitations. Now I just accept them as an occasional blip in the electrical system from brain to heart. Nothing whatever to worry about. (Well, I am still here, I think!!). It is a fact that the more you WORRY about them the longer they will take to go. BELIEVE your medical advisors. They know what they are on about. After 5 years at medical school and 3 years post graduate training they should!! ACCEPTANCE is the answer and do it willingly. The heart is a very strong pump and it takes a lot to upset it. Yours is a healthy one. You have been told so by experts. Believe them. best wishes. jonathan.

  • Don't worry I get them sometimes like double / skip beats which is normal and I'm not worried because everyone get them. You don't die! Try stay calm and relax as they are professional doctors and they know the best, they won't send you home if there were something wrong with your heart. Believe them please xx

  • My father used to suffer terrible leg cramps, usually at night, and always woke my poor mother - who had 5 kids and a job :( The conversations used to go like this:-

    Dad: Liz! Liz!

    Mum: Eh? Wassup?

    Dad: My leg!! I'm in agony!!

    Mum: It's probably cramp. Try walking on it.

    Dad: Can't, hurts too much!

    Mum: I know it hurts, Tom, but walking on it is the only cure, if it's cramp.

    Dad: (with toes curling and calves in spasm) No, no, it's worse than that!

    Mum: Well, did you strain it at work?

    Dad: No, don't think so. It really hurts!

    Mum: Then it probably IS cramp. Walk on it, Tom, if it's cramp it will sort it.

    Dad: No, no Liz, don't think it's cramp.

    Mum: Well, what do YOU think it is, Tom?

    Dad: I dunno what the b***** hell it is!!!

    It was cramp.

    Oh, the agonies of the mind we put ourselves through!




  • Hi rose this reply reminded me of my mam and dad when he got cramp in the leg at night I used to laugh I wasn't a sympathetic sole then but these days now I'm a little older and getting cramp myself that I wouldn't Have enough stars to describe , I'm a bit more sympathetic all the best. Mel

  • Thanks all, I'm trying to think positive but it's really annoying!! ?? I know the drs are right! And the worry is prob making it worse! I hate this feeling I really do!!! I only started weening off the propranolol yesterday aswell .... Hope it gets better xx

  • I have been getting what i have been told is Ectopic heart beats terrible for last few weeks. As I suffer Health Anxiety and Panic Disorder these really terrified me. I went to my Gp who said I had a perfect heart rythm Not bad for a 61yr old. It difficult to work out what is happening when I get them as the sensations are sometimes different . They are very frightening I know. Might be worth seeing your Gp and asking for a referral to have a 24hr tape fitted to monitor your Heart Rate this will show Ectopic Beats. I try to do a fast 4 mile power walk 5 times a week. Strangely I can do this without chest pain or becomming breathless. But as soon as I get back in my car the Heart sensations start again. I go home and lay down and do my breathing exercise. My Gp said she would not prescribe Propanalol as my Heart rate was at the quite slow. I have had CBT for my Panic/Anxiety because my biggest fear was having an Heart Attack. The worry and Anxiety are the biggest cause of these Ectopic Beats.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi there, I had similar sensations which seemed to occur after a stressful/anxiety provoking event. I started on low dose propranolol which helped at first, especially if I took one before a stressful situation. However, I had a strange experience one day when I felt like I was in a bubble, this alarmed me to the point I felt I needed to go to A&E. The treatment I got in A&E was poor, they didnt feel it necessary to do an ECG and when they asked if I was on any medication, as soon as I said propranolol they diagnosed me with anxiety and sent me packing. Maybe if I could have got an appointment with my GP I would have had a thorough assessment. I think its good to question medical advise and if treatment is not working for you or the side-effects of medication are causing more issues than the original problem, go back to your GP or seek another opinion (not always easy I know).

    Take care

  • Thanks all.... I had a 24 hour monitor fitted after an operation in July 2012. I had a bad relation to drugs given to me and was monitored for 28 hours after because my heart rate went upto 180 beats a minute in recovery. I was told I was fine and returned home! This is what the think triggered my gad, as I had my 1st panic attack whilst on the machine, and I was told if I had a heart problem it would have definatly been picked up then and wouldn't have just appeared in a few months, my dr has booked me in for a 2nd just to reassure me xx

  • Hi ya the missed heartbeat all over the place feeling I was in hospital once hooked up to a heart monitor and I had nothing else to do so I watched the screen and I was having this heartbeat sensation I saw nothing unusual I mentioned it to the consultant he said they were nothing unusual and gave me a flea in my ear for watching the monitor I know it can be an unsettling feeling but you've been checked out so I wouldn't let them worry you too much I know how hard that is for people like us who jump on every sensation and let it run away with us iv had them for ages and iv learned to not jump to the wrong conclusions I hope you will be able to as well. All the best Mel

  • I have had this heart thingy for years (symptom that can come with anxiety disorders) I got checked out too, nothing wrong. My doc said he would only worry if it happened over 1,000 times a day! you just have to breathe through it. And remember nothings going to happen. just feels so strange. I dont have this for weeks on end then all of a sudden I have it constantly for a week. they will calm down with time, and panicking will only make it worse. Hope they calm down soon for you. x

  • Thanks All. I have noticed they come and go, and I definatly ain't havin over a thousand a day. Need to relax and believe the drs! Did not realise so many of you had this side effect with anxiety xx

  • Funny you mention that I had it the other month and saw the docs but nothing untoward. Just part of the condition.

  • Iv`e had this problem on & off since I was 15, & a few years back I started getting these extra beats more often. I had a 24 hour ECG test, & was told that I have !st degree heart block. I`m told that this is a harmless condition, but I can`t help but worry because it sounds very scary, but It doesn`t need treatment, & what Iv`e read on the internet says that it`s not dangerous.

  • I've had missed beats for years. I just get one where it feels like my heart has done a little flip in my chest then it's fine again. I get up to 10 a day and sometimes none for weeks. It's hard to accept but EVERY SINGL person gets them! But some people feel them and some don't. Try not to worry x

  • Yes ive had the same thing, they are panic attacks, i had my first one when i was going to sleep, and i felt like i couldnt breathe, i rushed down to tell my parent and they took me to the hospital, we had to wait 4 hours until a doctor could check me. He told me what had happen and i told him everything, and he said that it could be something called dyspnea, it cause shortness of breath and you feel scared, they took chest xrays and ecg test and i was fine, no heart failure or diseases. I was set and so i went back home, the next day i was feeling scared or like i was having another panic attack, i started feeling like i couldnt get air, so my parent to me to the hospital again, they told me i was fine, they give a pill to calm down. Ive been having panic attacks for 3 weeks already, and they are ruining my life, i need someone to talk to to not get nervous and think about my next panic attack, the symptons ive been getting are, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizzines, tingly, numb, and fear. The most sympton that i think to much about is the chest pain, i believe that its a heart attack or i will get one, the panic attacks do feel like your dying or having a heart attack, but luckily im having therapy, and i need to forget about the panic attacks, i believe so much that im going to having a heart attack but the hospital said i was fine

  • Ive also felt my heart skip beats or pump quietly, im afriad that its a heart attack but ive had chedt xray and ecg and they said i was fine, i also experience with the panic attack that i cant breathe well, i feel like a bump in my throat or someone choking me

  • Ive had the exact same thing happen to me. It lasted a while and it still happens every once in a while just nowhere near as bad as before. You have to let the panick attack happen. It comes to a point where if it was going to be a heart attack it would have already happened. Me personally I just sat through my panic attack and said to myself "if its going to kill me, then im just going to let it happen because I cant live like this anymore." Once I did that they became increasingly easier to deal with. And eventually went away altogether. I won't lie to you. It is INCREDIBLY hard to do. In your own mind its basically like accepting death even tho in reality panic attacks are harmless. Just breathe through it. It will go away.

  • How are you these days?

  • I hate this for you. I've been doing this since I was 13. So 20 years?? It's frustrating because I've been to the E.R so many times, been checked out by cardiologists. Normal ekgs, echos, Holters, blood gas, etc. It still scares the crap out of me. I've even had them go on all day. It miraculously stops when I take a sedative lol.

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