Is this acid reflux?

Hi everyone.. . So my anxiety symptoms have been doing pretty good. Up until about a week ago. .. Where my throat meets my chest I feel like there's something there. .. its there all day every day no matter what I eat. When i do eat it feels like my food won't go down and I then stop eating :-( I do burp more the usual lately. Someone please tell me how to stop this.. . I've tried tums.. Rolaids. . Zantac... nothing helps!


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  • do u have issue of Gerd? or heartburn? Last month I have that feeling, Anxiety can cause of acid reflux. Better lay down with two pilow in ure head to keep the acid at stomache, or visit ure gp to give u some med. Hope ure fine later!!

  • may i ask you if you consume: meat, alcohol. do you drink coffee, milk.?

  • I find Wilkinson's own brand of indigestion remedy helps most. It's also chearP1

  • I used to get that a lot, but it seems to have been replaced by other things now. (I don't know why my anxiety moves on over time, but it does.) It's a very common symptom of anxiety, to the point where it's one of the criteria for diagnosing GAD. See item 18 in the list...

    I never found a good way to make it go away, but I thought you might be reassured to know that it's common and (if there are no other symptoms) not a sign that there is anything serious wrong with your throat.

  • I suffered with this for many years until discovering 'Remegel'.

    They're about £3.00 from pharmacies & supermarkets (pack of 24) and so, so effective. xx

  • Do you have any sternum pain ? Or a burning sensation in your sternum ?

  • I get a pain underneath my sternum too and then hunger pains in my gut.... think it is acid reflux and I notice since Im dealing with a big stressor in my life it has gotten worse.

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