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Anxiety & acid reflux

My top of the stomach feels like there's a ballon and it stings. Like needle are stitching through I went to urgent care doctor gave me GI cocktail, and prescribed omeprazole twice a day with a stomach relaxer but if I didn't feel better to go to er

I got a little relief and then I got the pains again 7 hrs latr and the stinging is new.

Is my anxiety causing me to be tense and a magnify the symptoms everyone around me telling me to calm down I can't because I am afraid I should be going to the hospital. What do u think??

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I suffer pretty bad with acid reflux. I'm on lanzoprazol. You have to let it work as omeprozol takes a day or so to kick in as it stops the production of acid not mask it like gaviscon. X try sleeping more upright and watch what you eat and drink ect to. I'd say if it hasn't made much of a effect after a bout 3 days go back


Before this I was on omeprazole 40mg it was working till I had a night out and drank a few.

After that it just went down hill till I went to the doc put me seperated the dosage for day and at night. Plus levsin relaxing the esophugus but I feel like that will kill me since it says not for acid reflux users. :(

Right not I woke up to a burning chest and tummy :(

Thinking about just going in to the Hosptial


Do u get the stinging pain?


yes i would say watch what you eat.. dont eat alota food that's acidic


Everyone gets acid reflux from time to time Yaz. My wife has it a lot and can only eat certain foods. Can't eat onions and drink milk etc etc.

I'm not saying you haven't got a bad case of it (that's for your doctor to decide) but health anxiety will magnify pains and feelings to an enormous extent.

And most importantly (for me anyway) severe anxiety gives me an acid stomach.

So I know this only too well myself.

Try and distract yourself with TV or a book, or even better some physical exercise in some way.

It's not easy I know as I suffer badly with HA too.


I know everyone gets this, But with my anxiety going strong right now and nothing calms me down, as of late none of my usual techniques work.

I'm just getting it nonstop now.

Acid calmed down and so did the burning but the stinging/ tearing pain is still there when i get full

Trust me im tired of my self constantly coming on here

Thank you for your time



Try Mindfulness Techniques

I had similar problems, I tried breathing exercises, visualisation... etc... nothing worked.

Check-out a diagram outlining Wise mind- the act of finding a balance between your emotions and rational thinking.

or google 'emotional mind vs rational mind' and check out the images and sources. Wise mind helps you reduce/manage stress and helps you manage your emotions.

My psychologist said that basically when you get too stressed you have the fight or flight mode, and you body starts to shut down in parts if you don't reduce your stress or control your emotions.

She advised me to either do more exercise which releases happy endorphins and reduces stress & tension or try these mindfulness techniques when I get too consumed by heavy emotions or stress.

Below is a copy of the sheet she gave me


Taking hold of Your mind: "What Skills"


-JUST NOTICE THE EXPERIENCE. Notice without getting caught in the experience. Experience without reacting to your experience.

-Have a 'TEFLON MIND', letting experiences, feelings, and thoughts come into your mind and slip right out.

-CONTROL your attention, but not what you see. Push away nothing. Cling to nothing.

-Be like a guard at the palace gate, ALERT to every thought, feeling, and action that comes through the gate of your mind.

-Step inside yourself and observe. WATCH your thoughts coming and going, like clouds in the sky. Notice each feeling, rising and falling, like waves in the ocean. Notice exactly what you are doing.

-Notice what comes through your SENSES- you eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue. See others' actions and expression. "Smell the roses."


-PUT WORDS ON THE EXPERIENCE. When a feeling or thought arises, or you do something, acknowledge it. For example, say in your mind, "Sadness has just enveloped me." ... or ... "Stomach muscles tightening"... or ... "A though 'I can't do this' has come into my mind." ... or ... "walking, step, step, step..."

-PUT EXPERIENCES INTO WORDS. Describe to yourself what is happening. Put a name on your feelings. Call a thought just a thought, a feeling just a feeling. Don't get caught in content.


- Enter into your experiences. Let yourself get involved in the moment, letting go of ruminating. BECOME ONE WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE, COMPLETELY FORGETTING YOURSELF.

-ACT INTUITIVELY from wise mind. Do just what is needed in each situation- a skilful dancer on the dance floor, one with the music and your partner, neither wilful nor sitting on your hands.

-Actively PRACTICE your skills as you learn them until they become part of you, where you use them without self-consciousness. PRACTICE:

1. Changing harmful situations

2. Changing your harmful reactions to situations

3. Accepting yourself and the situation as they are.


I hope this helps :) Good luck!


I truthfully got this when my anxiety was at it's worst. It was horrible, I got pain behind my breastbone and acid came into the back of my throat. I was buying Gaviscon, Tums and got Lansoprazole. Now I don't take anything and seldom get heartburn, I think if you believe all it is is heartburn it will definitely calm down, I thought I was having a heart attack and all sorts, now I know it was simply heartburn, made worse by worry.

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Hi pinkjumper,

I am going through nbad anxiety and stress nd This did pop up because of This i know for sure, but my health anxiety thinks the worse or magnifies the symptoms that make me feel like I'm dying :(

I'm glad that you seldom get it now that you put it in perspective :)

I'm to gar gone for that now

Thank you for responding



distraction is the only way, but when we are unwell it seems to me that's like saying...pull yourself is so hard to deal with.


I know right?!! :(

Just chug along :(

Find something that works which it did today. But stuff happens gets you down again.


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