Can anyone confirm if this is 100% Anxiety please?

So i've been having these symptoms im guessing Anxiety i just need to be sure :

- I barely eat, like once a day... and even then i don't feel hungry i just eat to eat

- feels like a lump in my throat, but it is not hard to swallow

-Seems i have like some digestion problem as i am always belching even when i do not have food eaten ( in the morning ) and sometimes i feel like a burning sensation on my throat or chest

- Bowel movement seems to be strange and in small quantity everytime

- I sometimes have small stomache but not much

- Feels like there is a pressure on my chest and always in need to deep breathe from time to time

- Always hot and warm even when AC is on

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  • These defiantly sound like anxiety symptoms. Anxiety can affect your body in so many ways it's outrageous. Your not eating because you feel anxious even though you don't think your anxious, at least that's how it is for me. Oh man. The burping. I completely understand. The stress that anxiety puts on our stomach and digestive symptom can cause all sorts of problems. Acid reflux, burping, change in bowel habits. I recently just started taking a probiotic and that has done wonders for me. Check with your doctor or your pharmacist if that's something you could take.

    I hope you feel better!! this too shall pass

  • That is exactly what i am feeling! thank you for your reply feels better knowing this is familiar not some kind of unique symptoms.. lol.

    But we should probably try and eat so it is better for us, i don't think staying with no feed is good for Anxiety right?

  • You should defiantly eat. I force myself to eat at least 3 times a day and maybe a snack or two. I feel like it eventually just makes that feeling go away.

  • I have suffered with all these. It is surprising what anxiety can do

  • Don't worry it is totally anxiety I have it to I'm only 11 and I have this also your anxiety is perfectly fine for me I feel and think I dying all the time even when I'm just sick with a fever i think I dying when I learn about a new deadly condition I think I have it but that is just anxiety you may think it is just in your head but it is also in your gut so that acid feeling in your throut is just heart burn or acid reflex which can be a symptom of anxiety so here are some tips don't ever Google symptoms of anything ever when having an anxiety attack breath in your nose and out your mouth drink little sips of water and talk to someone to calm you down hope you feel better soon

  • Wow PancakeLover1229 how did you get so knowledgeable about anxiety at only 11 years old? Everything you said is right on. I'm glad you don't Google. We are here if you ever need support. Hope you enjoy your day. x

  • Thank you very much for your reply :) It's hard not to google when having a symptom because you just want to make sure that it is alright and it happens... So i guess asking here would be the best option

  • Dear friend, if you are finding difficult to eat due to nausea, chew on a piece of ginger, it will help get rid of the lump in the throat feeling. All your symptoms are classic anxiety issue. However, you need to eat throughout the day. Even small portion. For example : Buy some kefir, it is very rich in protein, b vitamin, it is a probiotic and have a glass with an apple. Avoid refine sugar, no sugary drinks, even juices unless you have made them from fresh fruit and/or veggies. No caffeine and no alcohol. Even avoid chocolate during high level of anxiety. Exception green tea which actually has a component that calm your down. I would suggest camomile but if you have gut issue, it can induce loose stools and/or slight abdominal cramps. Try as well magnesium calm at night, it will help you calm down. However, if you are in any kind of medication, don't have magnesium at the same time, leave few hours gap in between. Take care.

  • I've heard a lot about probiotic that it helps but any idea how those supplements help with Anxiety scientifically?

  • B complex help with anxiety! That is a given but the point of the probiotic was to make you eat again easy food since you said you were having problem eating. Lack of nutrient will symptoms of anxiety.

  • So Probiotic will make me eat any food i want without problems?

  • That's not what I am implying. Sorry if I am confusing you. I drink plain kefir when I find it difficult to eat because of anxiety. It is easy to swallow, it is nutritious and it is also good for your digestive system. I also use it with fruit and flaxseed and hemp seeds to add some nutritious fat, if you have a blender, you can also add some almond butter or coconut oil. Take care

  • Capucine1, ginger does work. I was able to find it in the form of gum at the drug store.

  • Thank you for the feedback, ginger gum or drink too

  • Avoid the ginger drink as they have added sugar.

  • Thanks for the information :)

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