Acid reflux or GERD..& anxiety


I know I hate burping like 24/7. I also hate those chest pains I get from the gas . I went to a clinic based on that alone . My health anxiety was kicking my butt. Well, nowadays , I try to get over it. What are ways you all relieve your acid reflux , aside from burping everywhere lol & how does it affect your anxiety overall ? Let's share & give advice 😊 I'm bored lol & anxious ( but you all knew that lol)


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  • I've have anxiety. I'm really pushing myself with the anxiety and following professional help and meds. For years I took strong meds For reflux but have found acupuncture really really helps. Just one suggestion x

  • Oh ok ..I'll try that

  • It takes a few sessions. Plus cutting out bread. It's also helped me to relax too. X best wishes xx

  • Hi Acid reflux is a common side effect of stress and anxiety - I used to get it really bad but a change in diet and environment has really helped. Speak to your GP that is essential, but regular exercise and an understanding of the effects of the food you are eating helps greatly too. Try keeping a food diary and mark off at the end of each day how you have been- it works and its useful info for your GP and if you see a Dietician you have a basis for them to work from. All the best :)

  • Taken every day I have found that Peppermint Oil capsules from any health food shop work really well - they break up the wind so the burping decreases and the burning feeling of reflux does become less.

  • Cause of my Gerd and burping continuously is Anxiety and depression as doctor diagnosed it . I am having SSRI , which helps me lot .

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