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Can't sleep this is horrible:(

For the past two nights something makes me wake up and I feel very nervous. I feel like my heart is going to stop and I get scared:( I know this isn't good but I have to have my right hand under my left Breast so I can LITERALLY feel my heart beat I get so scared and think my heart is going to stop I have been burning sensation all throughout my chest area that will not go away & I can't even eat:( I'm so scared

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Hi :) surprised that there is someone out there with the same anxiety as me i feel my chest every 5-10minutes and i monitor my heartbeat everytime even when i just wakeup.. i get the vburning sensations throughout mty body it takes turns my scalp ears chest arms legs back stomach.. ive just about had enough of it already been suffering with this anxiety for a few months now.. so you not alone im just gonna keep drinking my vitamin B12 meds or injection is also best every 3months.. how you feeling now?

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Hi Angelpie, I still feel the same it does come & go.. All I want to do is sleep but I can't cause I wake up thinkng something is wrong. I feel so nauseous and worried I'm just scared:(


Hi there

I do checkings as well..

Check my heartbeat...feel my chest...always looking for clues and then I get even more agitated..I should stop doing that!


Hi Terry

I had this for the last two weeks (checking my heartbeat,worrying I m going to have an heart attack etc).every morning till afternoon..on and off ...I know I won't die but it's really annoying feeling and it s not nice..Hope you re feeling better :-)


Hi train80, I'm sorry you felt this way it's an awful feeling:( I wish I felt better and no one had to feel this way.. I hope you're doing well.. Thank you.


Try the meditation processes on this page x


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