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Help please

Hi can someone tell me

If they have random pain all over their body, sometimes like muscle spasms and others like elctricity. It's driving me insane thinking that I might have Fibro but I went to two doctors and they say I don't meet the criteria, and that it should be my GAD. I want to be live them but I can't. Last night I felt like I was burning but not sweating at all. I wanted to go to the ER. I started taking Prozac three days ago, I hope it works and I can go back to be me. Thanks for the help

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Hi, sorry you are not feeling well. I had similar problems and am happy to say most physical complaints stopped after I started taking antidepressants. Prosac was the first one I took and it work well for me for years. I now am on lithium and viibyrd and am doing better than ever. I wish you well.


Hi Pamela23, I also have had this and found the electricity thing the worse. I had pain shooting down the back of my had as if brain stem was having a current passed through, frightening AND painful The good news is it gradually passed (VERY gradually passed) I found taking painkillers with codeine in helped a lot .. Of course one has to be careful of codeine but I think used carefully and short term o. k. Anything to stop the pain and esp. the fear. Good luck and hope things get better


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