Panic attack ! Please help

Hi there im 17 years old atm and I attending college and lately I been having really bad panic attacks . Is really scary when I get them It starts off by me thinking about my heart and it starts beating really hard and fast then it just make me feel really weird I cant really explain how. And also it that happens before I go to sleep n I get worried I will get a heart attack or something. I really dont want this anymore because is a realky scary experience please someone help me out with what I can do to stop it.


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  • HI next x It sounds as if you have maybe developed a touch of health anxiety, maybe due to the stress of college or sometimes just generally due to being a nervous type of person x Have you seen your G.p about these attacks, that usually the best place to start as there are meds to take or a referral to counselling to get to the root of the problem. It can be scary when we panic but the best thing to do is try to remain in control, it is hard to do but the more we let the feelings and thoughts run away with us the more we let panic grab hold. Try to stop when it happens take deep breaths and tell yourself theres nothing to fear its only the fight or flight as we are anxious x It will subside x Maybe it happens at night as you are going to bed with it on your mind, keep a diary and leave your problems in that for the night x Hope this helps Donver x

  • Yes I gone to the gp and he referred me to counciling I been to the first sesion and im just waiting for the next one and I really dont wana take no pills for it because is easy to get addicted to them and I try my best to fight with panics as much as I can but is really hard especially lately because before I had them they wouldnt be at bad but in the last maybe 3 weeks is been really bad an offten but thanks for advice I try my best to fight with the panic attacks

  • your just like me, awwww, no pills; I wanted to do it naturally. Stick with it, people have gotten past this, its only a phase in your life. Please dont ever ever think of doing anything stupid, you will be ok, I cant tell you that enough!

  • I know but to be honest when you tell people anout how you feel it makes it better like I told my mum and dad and it made me feel better knowing that they are supporting me and even my mu said that is just in your mind and that I jut got to think about something else while is happening and telling her helped alot because she knows how I feel atleast

  • Does counseling help? I'm considering it.

  • Hi next

    Oh it does sound like you are suffering with anxiety

    Is there anything that is worrying you other than the anxiety you are feeling

    Can you remember how this started ?

    In college you will have some kind of counselors would be a good idea to make an appointment & go & talk things through with them , everything is private & confidential that you speak to them about

    You could go & see your GP again its all confidential

    Just wondered if you have a good relationship with your Mum or Dad , any other relative or friend that could support you as the more support you can get you can work through this easier than trying to deal with it on your own

    I know the panic attacks are very frightening but as unpleasant as they feel they will not harm you & nothing bad will happen

    When they come on try & remember it is anxiety causing this & the less fear we can give these feelings the less power they have over us , I know it isn't easy to think this way but if you keep trying it will get better

    Keep talking on here & as members log on & see your posts you will get support :-)




  • Well everything in college is really good and same with my family but this started around 4 months ago I got my first attack n around 1 year ago I been attacked in my own house n nearly died this man run up in my house and strangled me but luckily his girlfriend got him away ( his girlfriend was my neighbour) the guy was drunk n I havent done anything to him his just an aggresive type when his drunk after 1 hour him and his brother attacked my dad so me and my mu try to stop it and jis brother beat me up and hit my with a cricket bat on the head I been in hospital for 4 days n than one of them is still nit found and the guy who run up in my house got out as not guilty because it was my word against him and his girlfriend so I lost the case but I mibed houses and that the weird thing my ppanic attacks have nothing to do with it ? When I get my panic attack I dont even tjink about what happen my heart just start beating really hard and fast n I panic that Iwill get a heart attack or a stroke so I dont really know how can that be related ?

  • Hi

    How awful & what a horrible experience you had to go through

    I know you are saying you are over that , but something like that can be very traumatic & result in anxiety

    I would ask to see the counselling they have in college I really think it would help :-)


  • Yes im going to counciling which I was referred by the gp too so yh I hope it goes well

  • Hi,

    Just to let you know, your going to be OK. Be strong, its happened so many times to you know and nothing has 'actually' happened. So next time it happens, just think, 'oh not this again!' and try not to worry. Faster you accept that there is nothing wrong with you the faster you'll recover. I've been in the same boat as you, funny enough I had one last night. I couldn't breathe through my mouth but I could through my nose. I was lying there like WTH?! Just accept it and I promise you that you'll be ok.

    One more thing, get an x-ray done and ECG from the doctor, it will confirm that there is nothing wrong with your heart and you will help you feel a million times better.


  • Yh thats a good thing to do but what should I say to my doctor to get a xrey ?

  • In all honesty you can say the truth, say that you think there is something wrong and a X-ray will help you feel a lot better. I had a sharp pain in upper back/shoulder blade every time I breathed. I pissed off the doctor long enough until he gave me a X-ray. They found not a thing wrong, it was an annoying 'i told you so' moment, but it helped to clear my mind.

  • Yh true I will do that hopefully he will get me an x-ray first time go :) thanks for your help

  • Aye one more thing, your 17, probably still doing your A levels or equivalent, please don't let this effect your life. Work round this and stay strong, get your exams and stuff done. If you go uni, there should be a lot of support available for student with anxiety. Have you talked to your doctor about CBT- cognitive behavioral therapy - basically get a shrink that you can talk to you. They taught me some quick stress relief/ relaxing techniques which have helped me quiet a lot.

  • Hi,I felt the same as u,wen I had my 1st panic attack I went to hospital,I thought I was having a heart attack so they did an ECG and n X-ray and everything was fine xx

  • I know its very very scary and trust me no one wants this horrible thing, thats is just what happens to me my heart starts beating very fast and it gets me to thinking i dying but i have been put thriugh the ringer with test and no problems so i guess its all me and my nerves ive always had bad nerves so i guess this is the outcome...never even heard of a panic attack or anxiety until 2009, just find a happy thought that seems to work for me ..i know its hard when youre going through this the last thing you want to do is think about anything..they say to pay attention to your breathing but this doesnt help me but may help you and i PRAY PRAY PRAY the Lord always helps me through this and i know he will heal me one day and you just have to keep the Faith in HIM, i really hope you can conquer this thing or it will try to consume you do not let it its your body you have to take control of it dont let it control you, be well and good luck sweetie!!! God Bless you

  • I have the same problem! Before I sleep I feel it or when I start to fall asleep. I think we should learn how to meditate before sleeping.

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