please someone help me

For the longest i've been thinking I've got a brain tumour and honestly thinking you have any type of cancer or anything serious is so draining and depressing. I actually feel so depressed. I just want to know do people get headaches that last for 3 days? i would get a few days where i would be free from headaches then get a headache that will last for 3-4 days. I've went to the doctors and asked for a neurological exam and had a eye test but i just feel like its not enough but the doctors don't think its needed for me to have a head scan, I feel like I'm dying and no one can help me.

The pain is mostly at the back of my head and my temples.


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  • hello there, i have had this same type of anxiety before too. i know how you feel, its really fucking scary not knowing if you have cancer or not and the anxiety makes you believe that you do. i am here to tell you the only truth i know, which is that anxiety manifests itself is so many ways that creates strong physical sensations in the body. i know its hard to comprehend.

    i am here to talk.

  • It's got to the point of the doctor does a brain scan on me I would be shocked that I don't have a tumour because I'm so convinced I've got one. last night I started crying so much that I was so close to being sick. Do you also get headaches the way I do and last several days?

  • Yes I have worried myself sick and had every day headaches. it's an awful cycle. When you're in constant state of anxiousness, that's how your body reacts.

  • Wow you had everyday cycles too? I'm sorry to hear that but it convince me a bit more it could be anxiety if someone has had the same thing as me. Did you have a brain scan or anything? The thing is I don't even feel that anxious anymore that's why I'm confused, I guess I am scared of brain tumours so when I had a headache I got myself into a anxious state so the headache didn't go away. It's really sad we always have to think the worst thing, my boyfriend mentioned to me that because I have a headache there should be stages of different things you may expect it to be but brain tumour is the last thing I should think of and that is the case with us anxiety sufferers we always expect the worst first. Also I couldn't reply to your post but yes I feel anxious and very low during a week before my period. I use a period app called "Flo" where i can put down how I feel that particular day so I can see a pattern. Hope this helps

  • Yeah I would feel strange and sick all the time. One time I thought had breast cancer because I thought I felt a lump on my breast. I stayed up all night crying. I asked my mom to feel it and she said there's nothing there. I felt kinda silly. Since I was already in a an anxious state, the sensations made me more anxious.

    Also weeks before my period, I'm at my worst. Unfortunately, pms increases anxiety.

  • ohh yeah i remember i had a lump too and i went straight to the doctors who referred me to breast cancer specialists. I was a mess that week i was thinking all sorts of things i literally had a mental breakdown. how old are you btw?

    yeah pms does all kinds of things to me, especially really vivid dreams and feeling very hot. do you also get a little depressed as well?

  • im 22. how about you?

    yes i get depressed around that time, i hate it

  • yes i just turned 22 last week! I felt like you were around the same age as me and i was right. are you from the UK?

  • oh cool i turned 22 two weeks ago actually. i am not, im from the US. California!

  • I think I might be going thru this but my symptoms are so real and I been to the Dr and had brain exam everything but I still think I have something bad because my vision is out of focus and I feel dizzy all day and the more I think the worst it gets but it's been none stop for a week so I don't know if it's anxiety or what I'm scared

  • Read my past posts. This is an extremely common symptom of anxiety

  • Yeah I read your Post you also get the tight feeling right. Does it last for several days too?

  • Yes, I get it quite often. I notice it leaves when I'm not focused on it or when I'm not anxious. You sometimes tense your muscles without even realizing it, so stretch and try to release any tension. Do things to take your mind off of your anxiety, and remember that one of the most common symptoms is that if a tight feeling band around your head. Mine settles in my forehead now, whereas I used to feel it all over

  • yes sometimes i feel like i can think myself into a headache.. how crazy is that? how can our minds be so powerful even now while typing this i relaxed my shoulders i didn't even realise how high up they were so you're right we need to relax. what do you do to help take your mind off anxiety?

  • Depends on how bad it is a time the moment. I write or draw, or color. Cook, watch a good movie, or play mind games that I have on my phone. You have to distract yourself

  • What kind of brain exam did you have? I had a neurological one but not a CAT scan or MRI. And what are your symptoms? Do you get headaches?

  • They did diagnosed me with migraines because I had two very small lessons on my brain but I have never had a migraine and I've almost ever even had a regular headache and they sent me home and I still have this symptoms and the medicine it's not doing anything

  • I really really don't think it's migraines. I was hospitalized once before cause I sweated I was dying and they told me I had nothing the only difference was I didn't have vision problems. They game me some anxiety pills and if went away the next day but I'm confused cause this has been going on for a week and it doesn't get better

  • You know Candyy, sometimes taking an anxiety pill is a good test that it was anxiety especially when it goes away. At one time, I was in an extremely fast HR. Went to the ER where they watched me for a couple hours and it didn't slow down. I told them if I could have a small dose of Xanax, I felt it would go away.

    They tried it, within 15 min. I was back in a normal heart rhythm. The doctors were surprised. I wasn't because I knew how anxious I was. You may be suffering from Muscular Contraction Headaches (tension headaches) quite common when in the throws of anxiety. They can last for days and give you weird vision as well as weird pain like symptoms.

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