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Please can someone help please

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I had a pain like a stick in my left side below my ribs since yesterday keeps coming and going and now tonight my chest is hurting like pains and now am panicking thinking it's my heart 😢

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Have you started taking your sertraline?

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Saz12345 in reply to Anella

No because of this pain I had in my side don't know what it can be it's scaring me right below my left rib with belly pain 😢

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Along with contacting your GP, you may want to take your sertraline as prescribed. Anxiety can cause physical pains. The pain may actually be resulting from your anxiety.

Sorry you're experiencing this pain and worry.

This may be medical. Have you called your GP or nurse practitioners to see if one can take a look at you? May be a wise thing to do.

I get this all the time its usually heartburn hunni try not to worry if you are hun call 111 for advice xx

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Hi, I am curious. What does calling 111 connect to? Thanks. :)

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When I dial 111 its not an operable number in the US....unless I am really slow.....and 111 is actually a "message" or something....duh....:)

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111 is a medical helpline in the UK Hidden

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OHHHHHHH! Thank you for letting me know. 911 in the states is the emergency number.

Thank you very much for the education for me and the rest of us in the US who did not know. Does it go into a central police line and then connect to a crisis number if the caller needs to talk to a counselor and not need medical emergency care of paramedics?

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Ok, need some more education because the healthcare system in the UK is vastly different than in the US....we are usually able to get in to our family of GP if something is wrong with us physically for a "look over" within several days if needed. But that's not appropriate to tell someone asking for help in UK, is it? Because you can't get an appointment that easily, right?

I appreciated your help in advising me as I don't want to advise anything that can't be done.

Thanks so much. :)

I get this pain also, don't know what the hell it is, it's under my left side near my ribs if I breath or lay the wrong way I get a sharp pain that stops me dead in my tracks so sick of it!!

Thankyou all spoke to doctor he mad appointment for next week he said could be wind or pulled muscle but now tonight my mouth is so dry when will this all stop

you're giving yourself stress,making matters worse.

.if it carries on make an appointment to see a G.P.

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