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A Prayer (if you pray, join me)

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Father God, I ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ for you to help all those who are suffering tonight from anxiety, panic and all the weird things that happen because of this. Lord I ask that you remind us who we are.. your children, we belong to you, you said you would never give us more than we can handle, you said you did not give us fear or anxiety....just strength and power. Power to rebuke the spirit of anxiety and fear, power to stomp on it and overcome it. Lord we all feel soo weak and tired and sad and just over it. Help us to restore our lives, the life that you died to give us. Help us to remember that none of this can hurt us, stay close Lord, give us peace, comfort and the ability to sleep and smile again. I know you love us and want us to be well. You said by your stripee we are healed . Let us feel it too father, we need your help. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Yes I was gonna do the same. I beleive we need to take the focus of of ourselve and set our eyes on Jesus. Then i beleive we will see breakthrough. THANKYOU JESUS!

So true Jesusfreak.. He is our refuge, we must go to Him when we are being attacked. Our fight isn't with man. It is against the spirtual things, the evil things. We must remain fixated on Jesus and His word in order to fight this. I know the breakthrough is coming, because I am def in a spirtual battle here. Good to know that I am not the only one who sees this for what it truly is. God be with you always ♡♥♡



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rosesRred34 Amen!! When I'm having an anxiety attack I pray to God.. I Thank him for all the things he has given me. I thank him for working behind my scenes. Know that he will never leave us know forsake us. If he is for us whom can be against us. Anxiety is such an AWEFUL feeling & all the things we feel is the devil trying to break us down.. My Dad has said look at things of good report which at times it's very hard for me. Hope you guys are all doing well.. Take care

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Yes Terri!!! God is always close to us, last night I had a panic attack out of nowhere, I started to feel scared.then I prayed and reached out to the Lord, it was gone as quick as it started and I slept great. Our Father God surely was responsible for that. He doesn't want this for us either. ♡♥♡

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If he doesn't want this for us why is it happening. I've been suffering for 5years. Where is he?

Nicely said, AMEN!

rosesRred34 Good to hear you're feeling better:) take care

Beautiful prayer! Amen.

I too like to thank God for all that I have. And I will pray sometimes when I'm anxious.

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Sterre, hi , yes prayyer does work, it can be hard sometimes to even remember what to say during an attack or particularly hard day..but there is even power in just His name . Sometimes I can only mutter Jesus, Jesus over and over until the worst part passes. :)

May God Bless you :) Thanks so much for the prayer, it made me feel so blessed when i saw it now

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God Bless you too Angelpie. Isn't He is just wonderful, and even when I feel soo crappy and got boogers and tears all in my face and I am just a mess, ii know he hears me and is right there to comfort me. I am glad you saw this ♡♥♡


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lovely thank you

Amen and thank you.

Amen. agreed.

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Thank you so much for that prayer. It was beautiful Amen

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Is it true klonopin can make you worse? Does anybody know.

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