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Anxiety do not let it take over,,


Hi ever one ,,I have read so many post on hear from people with Anxiety and how ill they feel ,,let me tell you my story ,i have anxiety to ,lived with it for over 20 years, i have had tablets ever one you can think of and yes they have help so much ,,untill one day i was looking on goolgle for any help about anxiety,and yes i did find something ,,it was from a man that has all so had anxiety,,he had just done a book so i though i wood give it a try,,,and my god it is the best thing i have read ,,it tells you the way forward with your anxiety and it is us thats makes it worse because we are so scared of our feelings we are not ill we just tell ourself we are ,,,just let them feelings come don't fight them and tell yourself (so What) if i feel sick so what if i am dizzy so what if i can not do this ,,but you know what ,,if you go with the flow ,,the feelings will start to leave you because ,,you did not die ,or go to A/E so its all obout makeing your self ill trust me when i say ,,once you can except your feelings things do get better,,,just saying ,,,,from some one like me who has been to hell and back from anxiety,

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Hi there, thanks for your message, how do you feel these days?

swanshurst in reply to Hidden

some good some not so good ,,but i tell myself just keep doing what i do to get a good day,,, Anxiety i say do one !!!!!!

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Good way to think, some days I feel kinda ok but have struggled bad yesterday and today!

I have had anxiety for the last two years I have really been through it palpitations ibs depression for the first time I feel so much better because I am now so fed up with it that I am ignoring the symptoms and they are going away by thinking about it and worrying about it I was making it worse try it

hi again karry u are doing the right thing ,,its fear that keep fear going ,one day it was a really bad dad ,i though ok come on do your worse ,,so i let it and then when it built up again ,i said the same to my self,do your worse and ever time it got less ,,i am not saying its all gone ,but i know they are just body sensations ,,,and no i aint going to die or i aint cancer or something else,,,most doc's will tell u your not ill ,,i thought i was ,but you know what i aint ,,,thank god ,!!!!!!!!oh sorry i ment bad day lol,any way any one who wants help to try and help your self ,,the book is on Amazon called DARE by Barry Mcdonagh,,hpoe it helps,,

hi all I also just brought a book as I was struggling its amazing its called dare by barry mcdonagh honestly it has helped me threw alot and really makes u think about how ur feeling and how to deal with it im also on sertraline 50 mg and after 7 weeks Im starting to feel a bit better than I did but the book has helped me its well worth the money to get your life back xx

swanshurst in reply to helly1

like I said ,it really is a good book,like me I am so lpease you also have found this book ,

Yes I am reading dare too and it is helping you just have to keep sticking to the method!

swanshurst in reply to Aazz

keep at it we will get there ,,its a brill book ,if only more people would get it so they could help them self with the anxiety, best of luck mate,



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