Today, I give it to you God. I'm am GOING to have a great day!!!

I am up this morning. I have a football championship to attend and do work for my business there I will be recording and doing interviews. And as I wake up this morning I can tell the devil of anxiety is peeking around the corner to get me to make me start worrying about every little thing already this morning . My thoughts are on idol waiting to possibly be negative and fearful. But I say to myslef right now and I pray to God crying this morning as I say, "I will have a great day today. I have something positive and productive to do. I am going to be alright. I chose faith over fear. In Jesus name I will not fear, I will not worry. I give my anxiety to you today God. Father instead of getting ahead of myself with this, I am going to take it one day at a time. So I will say, I give my worries and fears of any symptoms or sadness to you today God. Amen." I will go to this football game and do what I need to. it's gonna be a long day but I'm going to get out there, show the people what I got, smile and do my interviews with my beautiful self. Despite I feel the enemy is really trying to make me dwell and think about every single symptom and ache and cramp I feel soon as I got up this morning. As I cry and get ready for my day, I will take today one minute at a time and say, I can do this. The devil is trying to trick me.


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  • You are doing the right thing by not letting your anxiety dictate your life but don't approach the day through gritted teeth. Relax to the best of your ability and float through your day with as much acceptance as you can manage and just go with the flow. Allow yourself to think and feel anything and everything with as little resistance possible so that you are not adding more fear to the thoughts and feelings (change the "what ifs" to "so what"). If you have a good day then great but if your day is not so good, then so what? I understand that you are determined to have a good day but you may also be putting yourself under more pressure which won't help the cause. Accept the good and bad days in equal measure and dont be too disheartened about the bad days.

    Fear becomes the default setting (habit) and will take time to reverse but it will happen so long as you don't put up a fight every day because this is what keeps the anxiety alive. Do the opposite and take the path of least (no) resistance. The less you resist the symptoms of anxiety and accept them the quicker they will disappear. As I have said previously, don't go searching for recovery because it will continually elude you. You have to let recovery find you, which it will, in time, if you accept what is happening to you.

  • I understand you. I see exactly what you mean. So basically even if I still go about my day doing what I was gonna do anyway just learn to accept the good and bad days as equal and let it be?. So even if yesterday would have still turned out to be filled with anxiety and it's symptoms just allow it to happen and still just do whatever I was gonna do anyway and I still get to have whatever thoughts about it I was gonna have? So if my mind is racing with negative thoughts about my symptoms or questions then it's ok?

  • Absolutely yes! Just take whatever comes and learn to let it all happen. It is not about trying to force it away or trying to push it to the back of your mind, it is about thinking and feeling anything and doing absolutely nothing about it. In other words, change your attitude to "oh well, it's only anxiety, I'm going to carry on what I'm doing even if I feel like rubbish."

    You don't question or worry about the good days so why question or worry about the bad days? If your mind races, let it race. Observe your raving thoughts like you are listening to another conversation and just let the thoughts come and go without interference (what ifs, I'll never get better etc). This is how all the negative energy that has built up release itself so you just have to stop getting in the way of this release. If you fight the thoughts and feelings, you are acting as a cork in a bottle of champagne that has been shaken up by anxiety. Pop that cork and let the champagne flow 🍾🍾🍾 for as long as it wants. Over time, the fizz will start to go flat (your nerves will desensitise) so that they do not react with such force and return to normal.

  • Thank you beevee so well said. ok I think I got it now this time. I feel like the more you break it down to me I understand it better. So even if I have several bad days back to back then just accept it an allow it to happen, allow my thoughts to go wherever they go but keep on going about my day regardless? Because that's where I am messing up at, I think. see I'll have a decent or some what good day and then bam the very next day or even by that night I'm having it rough again like I can never seem to have enough consecutive good days back to back and that's where I have a hard time accepting it and just still trying to go about my life and doing what I normally would be doing. But I got you now. And I'm sure I may still get it wrong again because it's going to take time to retrain or reverse but I get it now

  • Your understanding is correct and Youre right, it will take time but don't count the days. Recovery will come to you and don't worry about getting it wrong. Recovery isn't a technique so really, there isn't anything to get wrong. There will be bad days and there will be good days but the more you accept the bad days, the good days will follow, more so than ever. You know the old saying...practice makes perfect so just keep practising acceptance in the knowledge that all the symptoms are just anxiety playing tricks and will disappear as time goes by, probably without you even noticing!

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