Anxiety you did not kill me

I woke and thought anxiety we are going out.

you will make me feel weak

you will make me feel ill

you will give me a dizzy head

you will make me feel faint

you will give me palpitations

you will give me pain

you will make me shake

you will make me feel like I am going to do die

BUT you can not KILL me.

So off we went to the shop first and you did all your tricks, then we went to sainsburys to get flowers for my mums grave, here you really made me think you was going to put me on the floor, but you didn't, then we went to the grave and put the flowers down, and now we have come home, i should be feeling proud, but feel very bad now.





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10 Replies

  • Well you did it Well done breath relax smile at it because you won not the anxiety it's are feelings we shall overcome and when we win and feel better we will help others x

  • Yes we will, thank you for your reply, and well done you. you went and also won didn't you.



  • :-)

  • Morning Bonnie

    Well done & even if you are not proud of you , I am ;)

    And yes as bad as you were feeling you did it :)

    Any dreams to report , please dont say we were all in those swimming hats again :o




  • yes I maybe proud later when I feel a bit better, but I have sent it a message, anxiety you are made of stern stuff but not as much as me. I feel awful , but will just relax . No dreams will let you no when I do. lol . whywhy thank you for your reply and I hope you are better today with your head.




  • Thanks Bonnie the head is improving , just need the kitchen done , two more days I feel , so will be back locked in the room later :o

    Then I think I will calm down

    Next dream , can we have me & Will-i-am in it do you think , but make sure I am not in a flowery swimming hat , I dont think that will be a good look :o

    I hope when you calm down , you start to feel good about what you have done to :)


  • Morning Bonnie, well done, you were very brave.

    You managed to do what you set out to do, I'm proud of you. Xxx

  • oh Bonnie just came across this post and so feel for you.. I know what you mean been there a million times and good for you to be able to feel the thoughts and yet distance yourself from them.. your on the right path good luck to you x

  • This was amazing to read. Happy that you hot through the day and sending lots of positive energy your way

  • Love this. Even when you've accomplished something the anxiety still makes you feel like crap when you want to feel proud. But you did it! You're awesome!

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