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Anxiety, I laugh in your face!


Anxiety, I laugh in your face because you are an imposter. You make us think we have cancer when it's nothing of the sort. You make us think we have heart failure when our hearts are good and strong. You make us think we are about to die when we've decades of good life ahead. And when doctors tell us that all is well you sow seeds of doubt in our minds.

Anxiety, for all your bluff and bluster and the bad feelings you give to me and my friends you are really a Big Nothing. You cannot kill us, you cannot cripple us and you can't make us lose our mind. I have nothing but contempt for you and your bullying ways. I laugh in your face.

I think of all the good times, good jobs, good relationships that you have soured with your mean and spiteful ways. But you have a weak spot - and I know your secret.

Anxiety, you may be my nemesis but I am yours. I know your Achilles Heel, I know how to destroy you and as time passes more and more of my friends here come to know it too. All we have to do is stop fighting you and show our contempt for your tricks and treachery by accepting for the time being all the bad feelings you hurl against us with less and less fear as each day goes by. Fear is food and drink to you, it provides you with the sustenance you need to attack us. When we deny you that fear you soon weaken and die.

Anxiety, you are really a Big Nothing. You don't show up on X-rays and scans; even with the most powerful microscopes in the world you are nowhere to be seen. Why then should we fear a Nothing?

Anxiety, you are a Nothing and a Nobody and I laugh in your face!

(Re-posted with revisions from June 2017).

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I love this! Thanks


Thank you Jeff, this is just what I needed today. I was struggling yesterday and have woken to read this. Thank you, it’s made me feel a little stronger for the day ahead 🙏🏻🙌🏻

We must always remember this makes life so much easier! Thank you Jeff1943. Xx


Thanks for all of your wisdom you share with us. It is greatly appreciated!!

And Jeff - I shake you hand! For always posting such helpful, thoughtful and hopeful posts. Thank you!☺ xxxx



This is frustrating me right now as I'm not ready to believe all you say. However it does make sense (yes I'm an annoying stubborn person) but I'm going to come back to this daily and I hope I get to a point where I can read this to myself and shout go away, leave me alone and walk away with a smile on my face. Thank you again for sharing.

Jeff1943 in reply to MiMiBiBi

MiMiBiBi, the main point is that we recover from anxiety by going through the storm not trying to avoid it knowing that utter acceptance of the symptoms for the moment will vanquish all the uncomfortable symptoms in due course. By choosing Acceptance over fear we deny anxiety the fuel that drives it. This is the only way to recovery I know.

Thank you!! Yes!!

I absolutely love this!


That is brilliant. Just brilliant!! Feel so much better for just reading it. Thank you :)

Thank you jeff struggling tonight with anxiety and this has helped so much 😀

Jeff1943 in reply to amanda19608

Sorry to hear you're struggling, is it problem specific or just anxiety that pays a visit for no particular reason? I remember you, amanda19608, some time ago you were reading the book written by my heroine Claire Weekes and you gave a link to one of her YouTube videos.

When I had setbacks I would always return to the wise words of the lady with the Ozzy accent. Reading and listening may bring understanding and reassurance but then we have to start practicing what she wrote. That's the difficult part but who said recovering from anxiety disorder was going to be easy?

I do hope this present phase passes before long.

Miss-P74 in reply to Jeff1943

🤗. Your back! 🤸🏻‍♀️

Jeff1943 in reply to Miss-P74

Yes Miss-P74 Darryl and I have an understanding so all is well, thanks so much for your support and kind words.

Minnie87 in reply to Jeff1943

Yay!!!thank goodness for that!!!

Everyone will be so relieved💜 x

Miss-P74 in reply to Jeff1943

Morning Jeff. Aww. No worries. Was just saying what a lot of us think of you and we need your support-myself included!

Glad you have decided to return.

Have a fab day.

Yes jeff still have my Claire weekes book safely in my bedside cabinet think it may be time to have a re read. Had a few restless nights lately and the fatigue through the day sets my anxiety levels so high just trying to accept the feelings as Claire advises and carry on as normal and not shut myself away from the world.

Thank you so much! I love this!!

Yay! ❤️💕💗🙏

brilliant post and so very true..

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