I believe In You All!

I believe In You All!

Fear is what we've learned by being on this planet. Many of us are on the upper halves as far as intelligence goes, as far as drives and dreams for ourselves go. What we've learned which is to fear symptoms, people, places and things can also be unlearned. Believe it. Fear is an illusion, one that cripples us, and me for many years. I'm here on Valentines day to tell you all not to quit striving for something better in your lives! Don't 'settle' for what you have and who you currently are. I fell into that trap and it nearly cost me my life. I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and want to do everything in my power to help you. Again, DON'T SETTLE, take your first baby step today, out of your comfort zone, build confidence in yourself and your ability to handle fear. Happy V day to you all, big hugs.

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15 Replies

  • Lovely positive words.


    Laura x

  • Thank You Laura.

  • Thank you! This is a great post and much appreciated!

  • Straight from the heart. Be well Steph.

  • Thanks for your nice message! Best wishes to you x

  • Great post happy vday!

  • Hi and thank you for your post. Beautiful picture ☺

    Your original post from some months ago was very good too. I would urge people to go and read it.

    It's really great to read a success story like yours. It inspires people and gives them hope that yes, anxiety CAN be beaten and managed. It's not easy and it takes hard and sometimes painful work BUT the end result is worth it.


  • So true Lizbett. I started my recovery because I basically started following others in my situation who recovered. For me at least, listening to the 'professionals' who are supposed to have all the answers didn't work so well for me.

  • Exactly right! ☺

    So VERY pleased to know that you've recovered. Am also really happy that you've taken the time to post. Forums such as this one can only benefit from hearing about success stories such as yours.

    Cheers ✌☺

  • Thanks for the lovely peice and taking the time to write it. You are right about fear, mine is the fear of letting people down I am having trouble with coping with everyday life, even when being positive.

    I have nerve damage in my right leg which is chronic pain and will never go but I have taken the steps to take the medication advised and then with less pain I've been able to exercise which in turn makes me feel better.

    However there is a big BUT, now the tablets I take amitriptyline make me tired, upset stomach here and there, but forgetful, I am more chilled out than I have ever been, but I've totally changed personality! No longer highly focused, highly organised with high anxiety - but now feel like a hippy! How can I work like this and then without the tablets I'm in awful pain.

    Does anyone else have this conundrum? My partner just keeps saying 'that's not like you' and he's right!

  • Hi Susie, I'll do a little research and ask others in my community about what they think and get back to you with some help.

  • Thank you , I am trying really hard to beat this anxiety and the horrible symptoms that it is currently making me feel. You words and experience really help .

  • Alex the key is to become disinterested in the symptoms, or what the root of your anxiety is. Only then can you turn a monster into a fly that you give no attention to.

  • This is so positive. Thank you.

  • Anytime.

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