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Complaining about my Surgery


On Good Friday 18th April I ordered my repeat medication on line (and stated that I was going away the following weekend for a week as my Husband and Myself were going away the following Saturday with our caravan). I went to our Surgery on the following Wednesday to pick up my prescription and was told very loudly so everyone could hear that 2 items of Diazapam and Longtec which is morphine and a controlled drug had been referred to a Doctor and she would phone me on Thursday morning about these items as they were not due). I waited in all day Thursday for the Doctor to ring but nothing happened. I telephoned the Surgery first thing on Friday morning and was told that the Duty Doctor was going to phone me and once again I heard nothing. We had to postpone going away and I phoned the Surgery again on the Monday morning. I was told that the Duty Doctor would phone before 2.00pm which she did. I was in pieces when I was talking to her and she told me to go to the Chemist next door and my medication would be there. I wrote a letter of complaint and have received a letter stating that my complaint was being looked into. We also have another Surgery which is closer to us so I will be using that one from now on. We are now going away this Sunday for a week and will need more medication so I hope this repeat will be organised properly for me. I did have an appointment last week with my Mental Health Consultant but had a massive panic attack so I have a new one for the 6th May

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I think you did the right thing complaining. It is not acceptable for people to say they will ring and not ring. There is also something called confidentiality so it was not acceptable to have your medication shouted out so that others could hear. Hope you managed to get away this Sunday and had a positive time.


Hi sundayschild, agree with MR, that's totally unacceptable patient's medical info should be confidential, in our surgery there's a sign saying if you need to discuss anything there's a private room available, and you shouldn't be left waiting so long to hear back about important prescriptions either, hope the other surgery is a lot better :) xx

We are going to Devon this Sunday for 2 weeks of a well earned rest for the two of us. I have submitted another prescription to the other Surgery and hopefully this time it will be okay. I was in the Chemist last week when an Assistant came over to me and said very loudly "the manufacturers have stopped making your anti depressants I will see what the Pharmacist is going to do about it". I looked at the prescription and it did not belong to me it was for another lady with the same surname as mine so everyone knew who was taking antidepressants. Personal details seem to have gone out of the window !!!!!!!


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