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Feel like im about to breakdown :(

So I have just called the Neurosurgeon to see if they have my results... they do! I told her I was worried her response was that she could give me an appointment on Monday so a week today as a follow up appointment.

What I am worried about is she went all quiet on the phone and I think Monday is pretty quick so see some one! Especially if its nothing... I honestly don't think I can cope will next Monday I am literally sat here feeling like going to A&E just to get these results... She said she couldn't give me anything over the phone.

I am beside myself and I really don't know what to do... I called my GP he said try not to worry and he will write to get them! By the time that happens it will be next week anyway!

I can't cope :(

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I do understand how you will be feeling I really do & i would feel just the same

Could you not ask your GP , to phone & ask for them , I am sure they can , if you explained what this is doing to you

I no you said she went quite & we read into everything , but I am sure they do go quite when they are reading or looking at the screen , imagine you doing that job you would go quite , I can talk for England but if I am on the phone & reading a message I go quite for a minute & the person on the other end will say what you doing ?

I still think they are going to be fine & they would have had you in ASP , if it was serious

Try & see if you can push your GP into phoning

Personally & I shouldnt say this maybe , but I can imagine me , just going straight up to the department & saying I wasnt moving till someone told me the results !

Keep talking on here & we will help the best we can





I just said to someone at work, I feel like going there and demanding them!! I might call again and ask if she can send it to my GP!! The last scan I had they cracked and the guy ended up calling me to say its nothing serious, that's all I want to know.... It's making me feel worse :(


Well push & see if you can get them to crack again I would

I am sure they could fax the results to your GP , in fact again I am sure your GP could ask them to

I understand 110% how you feel & I would want to just be told that to , so I am not going to say be brave as a week is a long time & its like an extra tortue once you no they are back & they can see them , yet this is about you & they expect you to wait a week , it really seems unfair & out of order

Let us no if you get any where with it



Hi Why Why,

Ok just called and asked her to fax she said there's no point as seeing them next Monday. I said I was really worrying and panicking about them. Her response 'don't worry, the surgeon will explain the results to you and send the doctor a letter explaining the results after his spoken to you' Now she did say don't worry... but if its nothing I don't know why they would have results to explain :( Im going insane :(


Now I no I would be the same as you if I was in your position , but from the outside I can stay calmer & look at what has been said

I would say as she has said dont worry there is nothing

When they say explain , they even have to explain to you there is nothing to worry about !

The other week , I thought I had a little lump on my neck

Went & had it scanned but consultant let me go straight back to him after , as my GP had wrote ahead explaining about me & what it would do to me if they didnt tell me straight away

And it was nothing , even the man that scanned it said there was nothing there , but I still had to go & have the consultant say it to me in person

I think its so they can tick of all the boxes to show they have done it & spoken to the patient & told them there is nothing to worry about , so there is no come backs on them , if this makes any sense



Hi Hun,

If your not having luck with neuro surgeon I would call your doctor and tell them. Surely to god the doctor could request them?! Hope you get an answer quick:) xx


Thanks... Will try calling the doctor again :) At the end of the day worrying about it won't change it, well I keep saying that to myself but its really not helping :(

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Tried the doctor again, they can't do anymore that write apparently... Ahhh I feel awful I really don't know what to do :( Its just worried me that she wants to discuss my results, it just makes it feel like there is something wrong!


Honestly , they are not allowed to discuss results , they really are not , even when everything is fine , they are the rules & they would loose their job if they did , even though they are silly rules !

I do believe though there is honestly nothing there , they would have told you to get in now if there was

Oh I wish I could help more & I do feel your worry , yet I no everything will be fine



Thanks Why Why, Im just throwing myself into work and will crack on!

Im getting a few treats tonight as the family have been to America which will keep my busy :)

I have been so preoccupied with this MRI rather than my symptoms that i've only have just had my first dizzy spell of today!

At the end of the day I need to remind myself that worrying about it will not change the results and if it was really urgent they would have me in... They obviously had the results end of last week and didn't do anything and its me chasing not them chasing me.. I will probably be having a few crap spells till I get these results but its not going to change them! I am hoping my ENT runs through things with me on Wednesday so after that I can put my mind to rest... ive also booked in for some therapy first thing Saturday morning so I am hoping that will put my back on the right path :)


O god I am strugiling tonight :( I'm hot, dizzy, have blurry eyes and feel literally like I'm about to die... My heads pounding and I feel awful :( I just don't know what to do... I can't handle this whilst I'm waiting for my results I feel crap. I can't eat and just want to sleep till Wednesday afternoon


Hi fedup

I do understand how you feel

I would be just as bad , even waiting for a blood test result I get like this

All what you are feeling is your anxiety , even though I no it can be hard to believe

Will soon be Wednesday , you are doing really well , you have been so brave & come this far , you can do this last little bit , i have every faith in you


Have you see your family , did you get anything nice :)



Thanks Why Why... Well I've actually pulled myself together pretty quickly!! Had some dinner, which is good as I hate eating when I'm anxious... I got some new gorgeous leather ugg boots so I'm chuffed and a nice Tommy Hilfiger scarf! I've been very spoilt... How are your sinus issues... I think there might be something going round as mine have been bad in the mornings! X


Good for you :)

Oh your presents do sound lovely & you deserve to be spoilt , its a lovely feeling as well :)

Well I can feel now they are improving , but I have been poorly with them this time , it upset me quite a bit & got me worried & I do worry she has told me to take antibiotics for 3 months & why I have been suffering like this , its been 10 years mostly on than of , but as I have been saying to you , even though its not nice , it cant be serious or after all this time well , things would be worse , as you no though easier said than done :)



I really feel for you. I understand what it's like to feel you are worrying yourself to death...I'm sending you a positive vibe, I hope it helps.

I think if it's worrying you so much it's worth saying its making your anxieties worse and could they please fax, or email the dr so you can know the results. I'm not sure it will work and understand they have to have a system and things in place but worth a try...

In the meantime with the above plan in place for tomorrow, try to relax this evening, it's hard I know,

Thinking of you...

Sue xxx


Hi Sue, thanks for your reply... I've been overwhelmed by the lovely responses on here. To be honest I think I'm going to leave chasing the doctors and wait till Wednesday when I see the ENT. I think I'm fearing not knowing more than actually have anything.... If I have something then I will have to deal with it. Lets hope not...


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