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Worried about my heart

Hi, after my aunt passed away of blocked heart arteries 6 months ago, I have worried pretty much non-stop about my heart. She was more than twice my age and had high blood pressure, high cholesterol + diabetes. None of which I have. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression in the past.

My mind just keeps saying what if I have something wrong and it is being missed as I get a lot of chest pain for which I take co-codamol, I get breathlessness and indigestion or acid reflux, jaw pain, arm pain and I'm overweight. I've had numerous blood tests and ECGs, a stress test and 2 chest x-Rays but done too much Google and apparently the best test for the heart and arteries would be an echocardiogram but my doctors seem against sending me for it. They say it is anxiety and possibly a case of fibromyalgia in regards to my chest and other pain.

My aunt had indigestion issues I think for about 4-6 months before she died. Honestly this not only has been an incredibly sad time since but it's ruining my life in the process. I feel like if I had this echocardiogram then maybe I'd be more secure in the thought that my heart is ok but my doctors are not putting me forward. After my stress test the cardiologist nurse said she had shown the cardiologist all my results and that what I have does not sound like cardiac pain, results were good and its either my anxiety or indigestion causing chest pain and to exercise more and try to lose weight. But all I do is worry. I'm on 60 mg paroxetine and 450 pregabalin per day.

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Hi there. I can completely relate. I've had anxiety off and on most of my adult life (I'm 37) but it was made worse after my Dad passed away of heart disease. I'm convinced the same is going to happen to me. My aunt also passed away of a heart attack years later so it freaks me out. I've been to the doctors many times for palpitations and chest pains and all the tests come back normal and they say it's just anxiety. I just have a hard time believing that chest pain isn't cardiac related but it really can be. I tell myself that that if it was something major, I'd know by now. The doctors know more than we do so we should believe them and stop googling :) I know it's easier said than done. I've started acupuncture to get some relief with my anxiety and it seems to help. I agree that exercise also helps but when you have heart related anxiety, it's not always the easiest thing. Nighttime is the worst. I don't sleep that great (we also just got a puppy and he's a bed hog...lol) which I don't think helps my wandering mind. Do you have any techniques for getting your mind off things? I've read from others that's their solution, but it hasn't quite worked for me yet. It's funny because when I'm distracted, I'm find and there are no pains, which should be my first indication that it's anxiety. Real heart disease doesn't go away when you're not thinking about it :)

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Hi Tma621

I was temping but I lost my job as I just couldn't work to the same speed after all this started happening. Otherwise I would say work was my biggest distraction. I can get engrossed in tv/computer or swimming. My doctor says its costochondritis and acid reflux causing me all the chest discomfort. Not just anxiety. I have been hoping I can get it to go away before starting a new job as how can you concentrate and learn in worry and pain- I just keep thinking I'm going to have a heart attack, I'm just almost waiting for it to happen...

Thank you for responding.

I hope you can get some peace xx


I can't know how you are feeling right now but when my husband had a heart attack 10 years ago, I got lots of physical symptoms, chest ache, nausea, shaking and just feeling really ill. It was worse in the night and mostly I could get up and function although feeling rubbish. My GP did an ECG to reassure me and although I still get horrible symptoms from time to time as Tma621 says if it was my heart causing this I'd be far worse by now. Hope you are able to find a way of relaxing . Some of the you tube relaxation vids are good if you can find one you like.

Best wishes Wendy


Hi Wendy, Thank you for your reply. Do you think I would know after 6 months if this was a heart issue? I wish you peace xx


I really don't know but myGP said I had inter costal pain at one point? Same as costo chondritis and its linked to stress but no reason given. I miss him he's retired and I had great faith in him.

Best wishes W


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