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Worst panic attack

I woke up yesterday with tight breathing I worried about it and decided to go to the doctors. On my way their I got pins and needils in my hands and as I got their all he'll broke loose. I couldn't breath I went numb my heart was goin a million miles a hour. I thought I was going to die! She gave me a bag but all I could think about was the intense wave after wave of panic and adrenalin shooting in my chest. She said your having a severe panic attack but that oversaly didn't help matters. It took me 45 mins to finally calm down abit. I felt on edge all day and I've just had 3 more mini attacks in the night. I'm worried and upset that it's getting worse. Especially at night :( has anyone else had this? X

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Sorry to read of your anxiety.

I can sympathise as I too have been a shaking mess unable to think straight due to it on a good few occasions.

Nights are the worst for me too. I'd love to go to bed, have a deep uninterrupted sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning but it's been many years since that happened.


Yeh I feel the same. A few months ago I looked forward to sleep as it was the only time I could relax but now it's like it's shifted the opposite. Luckily I get full blown panic attacks every so often. It's just the waves of nervous energy all day it's like I'm on the edge all of the time.

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I'm sorry about that horrible panic attack you suffered how are you feeling today? X


Feeling better than. Yesterday. Woke up a few times in the night with panic and feel tired but I practised deep breathing when I felt bad and it seems to help. :) it's just hard to accept I'm having them every day and not knowing why x


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