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My body hates me!!!!!!!!!!

Since Saturday afternoon my body has been hating me for going to zombie school and being pushed over. Every part of me is sore as hell, I am aching from head to toe! Nerves are on edge and I can't walk too fast, thighs are so sore and arms are the same. I've had baths, showers, pain killers, deep heat, tiger balm but my god this isn't good at all. I feel like a fool to be honest!

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Please don't feel like a fool you have done nothing wrong to feel this way , you went somewhere you were really looking forward to & unfortunately had the misfortune to come across someone that was the fool !!!

In a few days the aches & pains will get better , keep doing what you are & hold your head up high , especially with the way you dealt with the situation

Take Care





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